Why does Lu pheasant treat Liu Bang’s concubine Bo Ji so kindly

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Bo Ji’s life experience

Seeing Bo Ji, Xu negative was immediately shocked and said, “why is it so common to get ahead in the little palace? She will give birth to the son of heaven in the future and become the most expensive woman in the world!”

Bo Ji, the concubine of Liubang, the emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty — a desperate woman and a happy mother

Bo Ji is a native of Suzhou. Her father Bo Sheng befriended Wei GUI, the daughter of the imperial clan of the former state of Wei, in the Qin Dynasty, and gave birth to her without marriage. (the book says “to communicate with Wei Wei”, but not to marry him.)—— Bo Sheng is a native of Suzhou. He is supposed to be an elegant young man. Wei Jia, who was born in the state of Wei, is from Shanxi. Their hometown is so far away that they have a long history. I don’t know how they met? It seems that young men and women have met for thousands of miles in the midst of the war and have developed feelings. Of course, there is nothing to talk about


? To make matters worse, before he could get married, Bo Sheng died in Shanyin at a young age and became a ghost of a foreign land.

Wei Wei pulls a pair of children to survive in troubled times.

Soon, the Qin dynasty fell into chaos. In this chaos, the remaining families of the feudal lords in the Warring States period were separated from each other and wanted to take advantage of this chaos to fish in troubled waters


To do so, we must restore our old country.

Wei Bao, the imperial clan of the state of Wei, established himself as king at this time.

At this time, Bo Ji has grown into a graceful young girl. Wei Jia cherishes her homeland and sees that Wei Bao is called the state of Wei again. She sends her beloved daughter to Wei Bao’s palace. Bo Ji becomes Wei Bao’s concubine.

At that time, there was a famous astrologer named Xu negative. Wei asked him to meet her daughter Bo Ji to see if she could make a difference in the Wei palace. Who knows, when Xu negative saw Bo Ji, he was shocked and said, “why is it so common to get ahead in the little palace? She will give birth to the son of heaven in the future and become the most expensive woman in the world!”

Mr. Xu negative’s physiognomy is as accurate as God, and is widely respected by the world. As soon as this was said, Wei Wei was in a state of elation. When Wei Bao heard that Bo Ji had such a great future, he was even more delighted. The abacus beads immediately hit the ground: Bo Ji’s son wanted to be the son of heaven, and she was my concubine. Of course, she could only give birth to my son. Well, if my son is the son of heaven, shouldn’t I also be the son of heaven? Or at least we can do our best to lay a foundation for our son?

Wei Bao did what he said. He immediately broke his covenant with Liu Bang, the king of the Han Dynasty, to attack Chu. Instead, he became neutral between Chu and Han. There was a vague intention to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, hoping to capture the benefits of fishermen and swallow up the world.

Wei Bao’s idea is good, but the problem is that it’s too good. It never occurred to her that Bo Ji, although “the mother of the son of heaven”, has no position as “the father of the son of heaven”.

Wei Bao broke the agreement, which made Liu Bang furious. He was so angry that even Xiangyu put it aside and hurried to send his confidants


Cao Shen led the soldiers and vowed to destroy the two faced Wei Bao first.

How could the strength of the state of Wei be an opponent of the Han army? As a result, the army was defeated like a mountain. In March of the second year of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, Wei Bao’s dream of the son of heaven was not realized, and the “state of Wei” he had fought hard became a county of Liu Bang, king of the Han Dynasty.

Wei Bao hated Xu’s “face forbidding” so much that he had to surrender.

Liu Bang was kind enough to make him a censor and let him guard the city. But his bad luck was booming. Soon the city was besieged by the Chu army. Zhou Jiao and Zong Gong, who guarded the city together with Wei Bao, believed that Wei Bao had been the king of the place and was an unreliable partner. So Wei Bao had to die.

After the defeat of Wei Bao, all the women in the Wei palace were captured. Because they were “guilty women”, Bo Ji and others were not qualified to serve as concubines of Liu Bang. They could only serve as maidservants in the palace, so they were sent to the “Weaving Room”.

At this point, Bo Ji could only sigh that she had no choice but to say “be the son of heaven”, which made her become the most humble servant woman in the imperial palace. Where would she go to have the son of heaven?

However, the world is always unexpected.

After Wei Bao’s death, Liu Bang accidentally thought of the Ji concubine of the Wei palace, so he went to the weaving room where they were imprisoned.

At this sight, liubangdun was relaxed and happy. He found that among the palace people of the dead ghost Wei Bao, there were many beautiful women. So she was so excited that she chose a group of beautiful female slaves to send to her



Bo Ji is among these women.

For a moment, Bo Ji thought that her fortune was about to turn. She couldn’t help thinking of Xu’s negative prediction of “giving birth to the son of heaven”, and her heart was very happy.

Who knows, God threw her into the abyss again. Liu Bang had a fierce wife, LV pheasant, who puzzled the ladies outside. Moreover, Bo Ji’s beauty was not outstanding among the women in the Wei palace. Therefore, Liu Bang never paid attention to this concubine at all.

After more than a year, Boji never saw Liu Bang again. Seeing her youth passing away, she could only lament her fate.

At this time, God once again showed a miracle.

At that time in the Wei palace, Bo Ji, a young woman, had two best girlfriends, one named Guan ma’am and the other named zhaozi’er. Bo Ji regarded them as sisters and made an oath with them: “if one of the three gets rich first, he will never forget the other two and share wealth and opportunities.”

When Bo Ji was in the Wei palace, he fulfilled his oath to the letter. However, when they arrived at the Han Palace, madam Guan and Zhao zi’er took Bo Ji’s oath as a joke. Perhaps they were still jealous of Bo Ji’s actual position in the Wei palace, and perhaps they just took the sister for granted.

In the fourth year of emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty, Liu Bang came to Chenggao Lingtai in Henan Province. At this time, his concubine was Mrs. Guan and zhaozi’er. The two women were very flattered and proud for a while. When chatting, they mentioned the oath they had made with Bo Ji. They thought that Bo Ji was very funny, so they laughed.

Liu Bang overheard something. Seeing that they were laughing for some reason, he asked.

Mrs. Guan and zhaozi’er had to tell the details in detail.

Liu Bang was very disgusted with the two women who had no conscience. Instead, he felt desolate and sympathized with Bo Ji.

Because of her friend’s betrayal, Bo Ji was summoned by Liu Bang. It was an unpredictable fate.

On the night before, Bo Ji had a strange dream, in which a Dragon flew over her. After waking up in surprise, he suddenly got the chance to sleep for Liu Bang, so he told Liu Bang about his dream.

Upon hearing this, Liu Bang was very happy. He thought it was fate and said to Bo Ji, “this is a sign that you are going to be rich. I will help you.”—— Shit, just fooling around, just because he is the emperor, there are so many people talking about it.

Bo Ji’s accidental pregnancy

By chance, Bo Ji became pregnant and gave birth to a son named Liuheng

However, Liu Bang didn’t like Bo Ji. When he called her to sleep, he was almost doing good deeds every day, so he soon threw her out of the sky. Especially after she was pregnant and gave birth, he didn’t even see her once. Although Bo Ji gave birth to a son for Liu Bang, she still kept a solitary lamp for a long time and was a mere widow.

For eight years, Bo Ji, who was lonely, lived in a secluded corner of yeting, raising Liu Heng. Because she was extremely unpopular, she had another son, who was envied by all the spoiled girls. It is conceivable that Bo Ji’s situation. Gradually, she developed a cautious and tolerant attitude. Even the palace maids sent to serve her according to the system, she dared not offend. In Liu Bang’s harem, Bo Ji’s mother and son almost became synonymous with “bullying”.

Such a situation, of course, is distressing, but the world is so unpredictable.

When Liu Heng was eight years old, it was the twelfth year of emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty. On the first day of April, his father Liu Bang, who was so lofty that he hardly looked at him more, died. Although the Empress Dowager LV pheasant, who holds the sole power, has brutally retaliated against Qi Yi, she has a very fair attitude towards Bo Ji. This is, of course, because Bo Ji is cautious. It is also because, like her, Bo Ji has not been treated well by her husband Liu Bang. Except for her life experience and identity title, Lu pheasant feels that she and Bo Ji are somewhat in the same boat.

As a result, Bo Ji received a special favor from LV pheasant: she was sent to the fief of her son Liuheng by LV pheasant, which not only reunited her mother and son, but also gave her the title of “acting queen mother”, making her the second only to LV pheasant in the Han Dynasty.

After all, is it true that Lu pheasant treated Bo Ji so well, but she was so cruel to Qi Yi? Does it also reflect that Qi Yi did many unforgivable acts when he was favored by Liu Bang? In a word, everything has its cause and effect. Although Qi Yi suffered a tragic experience, he would not be an innocent white lamb.

It is precisely because she not only takes her husband, but also repeatedly tries to take her husband’s wife and son’s life (which is equivalent to wanting the life of LV pheasant’s mother and son), especially after losing the battle, she has to be tough and sing a song of revenge for her son for no reason (this is especially unforgivable, it’s too incompetent, no wonder she failed to take her husband’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s wife’s. What really makes people feel sorry is that liuruyi, who was used by her to win her husband and pet, was really innocent. Only because she had such a biological mother who didn’t know the greatness of heaven and earth, and met a legitimate mother who could do so well, she had to die unexpectedly.

——In a word, neither LV pheasant nor Qi Yi is a qualified mother (don’t forget that from the perspective of patriarchal system, Liu Ying and Liu Ruyi are their common sons).

Leaving the palace of Chang’an

Bo Ji finally left Chang’an Imperial Palace, which was full of dark waves and swords, and came to Jinyang, now Shanxi, his son’s feudal land in front of and behind the guards of honor.

Since then, Bo Ji’s life has uncovered the paper thin past of her life, and the scenery and glory begin to surround her.

Bo Ji came to Dai state with her brother Bo Zhao and her mother Wei GUI.

Jinyang is a city with beautiful scenery near mountains and rivers. Bo Ji has been a widow for many years. She has long been used to living without a husband. Although she is still a widow, all her family members can finally reunite and enjoy wealth in her son’s enfeoffment. Bo Ji is overjoyed. Liu Heng was young. As acting queen mother, Bo Ji actually became the master of the country. Needless to say, everyone in the palace courted her. This was a good day that Bo Ji had never dared to think of in her life. She only cares about her son’s food and daily life every day. She is very comfortable in the kingdom.

While Bo Ji was enjoying her life in the Xanadu of Dai Guo, the other Liu kings’ mothers and sons were suffering in deep water.

To be fair, LV pheasant was an outstanding politician. During her time of actually governing the country, the Han Dynasty recuperated, the world was peaceful, there was no war, and the country was Yan Ran. However, in dealing with household chores, LV pheasant is a fierce woman with deep resentment. Her cruel means of dealing with Qi Yi and Liu Ruyi’s mother and son made the kings whose mother was imprisoned tremble with fear and tremble for the safety of themselves and their distant mother all the time.

(so I say that LV pheasant’s way of killing Qi Yi’s mother and son is not advisable. If she wants revenge, she can assassinate or something. She wants to do it so openly. As a result, other concubines have become enemies of herself and the LV family, leading to a series of tragedies later.)

However, LV pheasant has no intention of becoming an emperor herself. She just wants to vent her resentment, monopolize power, and make her own children and the LV family prosperous.

First of all, LV pheasant gave emperor Hui a “kiss on the side” and asked him to marry Zhang Yan, the daughter of her sister princess Lu Yuan. Zhang Yan may not be Lu Yuan’s biological daughter, but even if she is a concubine, she is also the niece of emperor Hui. Emperor Hui Liu Ying is very dissatisfied with the marriage. I don’t know if this is the reason. Zhang Yan has never given birth. The anxious LV pheasant did nothing but put Liu Ying’s two sons, Liugong and Liuhong, under Zhang Yan’s name. However, the two concubines who really took the responsibility of childbirth were killed.

Liuying, the emperor of Huidi, was frightened into illness by “human health”. After that, he was weak and indulged day and night. He died at the age of 24. The younger emperor who succeeded to the throne was only a few years old. Facing the officials who had worked with Liu Bang in the Manchu Dynasty, LV pheasant was more worried than sad. Therefore, when she cried for her son, although she cried, she did not cry.

This detail did not escape Zhang Bijiang’s eyes. As the son of Zhang Liang, he had a profound family and immediately understood the reason. So he told the Prime Minister Cao can secretly and told him how to keep the civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty safe.

Cao can acted in accordance with the plan and suggested that LV pheasant worship Zhu LV as a general, and that the LV family should control the military power. Lu pheasant immediately accepted it in its entirety. At the same time, in order to avoid the older sons of Liu Bang coming to the throne again, and to closely connect the Lu family with the Liu family, so as to ensure the long-term prosperity of the Lu family, she thought of marriage and put her ears and spirits in their beds. So she married the girls of the Lu family to their sons and grandchildren as much as possible. These Lu family members are all authentic broomsticks, which have caused their husbands suffering.

Liu Bang has eight sons in total. In addition to Liu Fei, the king of Qi, and Liu Ying, the emperor of Hui, Liu Ruyi, the king of Zhao, Liu Heng, the king of Liang, Liu Hui, the king of Huaiyang, Liu you, the king of Huainan, and Liu Jian, the king of Yan.

It can be seen from the ranking that all the other kings are younger than Liu Ying and Liu Heng, except that Liu Fei is older (he died only a year earlier than Liu Ying, his son was still learning to speak when Liu Ying died, but Liu Fei’s son is old enough to succeed as king and take a wife).

Now, this group of young people growing up in the Qi Luo are facing the daunting and unpredictable fate of their real mother.

After the 14-year-old liuruyi was poisoned to death, LV pheasant moved liuyou, the king of Huaiyang, to the state of Zhao as king of Zhao, and gave him a queen Lv. Liu you was awed at the sight of Queen Lu and kept her at a distance. The result provoked the rouge tiger into a rage. He immediately went back to his mother’s house and framed LV pheasant’s newly married husband with the intention of rebellion.

Lu pheasant immediately summoned Liu you to Chang’an, imprisoned him and cut off his diet. All officials who sympathized with Liu you’s stealing food were arrested and questioned. Liu you was killed by his fierce wife and evil mother, and finally starved to death. On his deathbed, he wrote a song and said, “Zhu Lu used things to threaten the Liu clan. He forced the Marquis Xi to give me the imperial concubine. My imperial concubine was jealous and slandered me for evil, and slandered my daughter to disrupt the country. Why did I abandon the country when I had no loyal ministers? I have no regrets. I would rather have fleas for my own money. I would pity anyone who starved to death for the king! Lu Jue Li asked Heaven for revenge.”

The innocent and tragic death of another young prince made the brothers of the Liu family and the Lu family form a deep hatred.

LV pheasant knew that the matter was irretrievable and simply went to the end.

Then, she moved Liu Hui, the king of Liang, to King of Zhao, married Lu Chan’s daughter to Liu Hui, and granted Lu Chan the title of king of Liang.

The queen Lu is not so good as to murder her husband. She is very satisfied with Liu Hui, who is very talented and beautiful. Liu Hui is gentle and gentle, and she is also good to Lu. But it never occurred to me that queen Lu’s fierce jealousy was higher than that of LV pheasant. Less than a year after her wedding, she tore off her bride’s veil and sent someone to poison Liu Hui’s love Ji. Depressed, Liu Hui wrote four elegies for Aiji, and recited them repeatedly every day. Just four months after her death, the heartbroken Liu Hui committed suicide and died in love. If Lu pheasant hadn’t forced Liu Hui to marry the Lu family daughter, the beloved Ji would have been the real queen. But there was a Lu pheasant in the world, so the lovers had to go to huangquan to fight for wings.

LV pheasant was so angry that Liu Hui dared to fight for his life and let his girl become a widow. She resolutely refused to adopt her son for him, so Liu Hui died here—— Shit, I think she is jealous of the affection between Liu Hui and Aiji. She must think so in her heart: how could that fickle Liu Bang have such a love? So the more I thought about it, the more hateful I felt. I vowed to put the dead old ghost’s account on Liu Hui’s head.

Next is Liu Jian, king of Yan. Liu Jian also married Lu as the queen. Although Lu was a little better than the first two, Liu Jian had no feelings for her. Instead, he fell in love with the beauty in the palace and gave birth to a son. Liu Jian soon died of depression. When LV pheasant heard that Liu Jian’s son didn’t shed the blood of the LV family, he dared to ignore Princess Lv. His anger flared again and he sent someone to kill the baby. Liu Jian had no successors, and Yan became the feudal state of Lu Tong.

Liu Fei, the king of Qi, was the oldest of his brothers and the earliest one who died peacefully. After his death, his eldest son Xiang succeeded to the throne and his second son Liu Zhang, aged 15, was granted the title of marquis Zhu Xu and married LV Lu’s daughter. Liu Zhang has a straightforward disposition, and he really has a husband wife relationship with Lu Shi. Therefore, he is deeply liked by Lu pheasant, and is almost regarded as his own son by this legitimate grandmother.

After the early deaths of the three princes of the Liu family, the men and women of the Manchu Dynasty were indignant but dared not speak up. Liu Zhang is brave and wants to fight for the injustice of his uncles.

So when he was a wine supervisor at a banquet with LV pheasant, Liu Zhang first asked to drink with military orders. Then he used the subject on the spot and said that the key to planting good land was to pull out all the seedlings that were not planted by himself.

After hearing this, Lu pheasant knew that he was taunting himself, and that he was alluding to the fact that Lu was not Liu’s seed. He had not come to a good end. Then he was silent.

At this time, a clansman surnamed Lu escaped drinking. Liu Zhang immediately chased him out of the temple, stabbed him in two on the spot, and then reported to LV pheasant: “there was a man who escaped drinking, and I executed him with military methods.” Hearing this, LV pheasant and Zhu LV were immediately shocked and scared of Liu Zhang.

As time went on, Liu Gong, the young emperor who grew up gradually, heard that he was not Zhang Yan’s biological mother and that LV pheasant had killed her. The child, who was less than ten years old, was ignorant of his interests and said with a childlike heart and full of resentment: “I must avenge my mother when I grow up!” When Lu pheasant learned the news, she was shocked and immediately cut the grass and root. She first declared that the little emperor was ill and could not go to court. She imprisoned the little emperor, and then secretly went to the killer, saying that he was ill. Although the ministers knew there was a ghost, there was nothing they could do.

After the emperor Shao was killed, LV pheasant made Liuhong, another son of emperor Hui, the emperor, and the daughter of his nephew LV Chan the queen. And the power is still firmly in LV pheasant’s own hands.

Unfortunately, Lu pheasant is actually repeating Liu Bang’s mistakes. No amount of her arrangements can protect the world after her death.

In 180 BC, LV pheasant died. Zhulu was afraid that the old minister and the surviving Liu kings would settle accounts in the autumn, so he plotted to seize the Liu kingdom.

However, Liu Zhang’s wife, Lu Shi, fell in love with her husband, fearing that he would die unexpectedly, and made a betrayal of the family: she entrusted Zhu Lu’s plan to Liu Zhang. Liu Zhang immediately reported the news to his brother Liu Xiang, king of Qi.

The Lu family was soon destroyed.

In order to eliminate the hidden danger, the ministers headed by Zhou Bo came up with a tough move comparable to LV pheasant: he said that the little emperor Liu Hong was not Liu Ying’s own son, and he was driven off the throne, while his real mother Zhang Yan was put in the cold. Before long, Liuhong and his little empress Lu, the baby couple, both died suddenly. At this point, the last blood line associated with the Lu family was cut off.

So who should be the emperor now?

Thanks to LV pheasant’s tireless work of “removing seedlings”, Liu Bang’s sons were left with Liu Heng, the acting king, and Liu Chang, the king of Huainan. Although Liu Xiang, the king of Qi, made the first contribution to the eradication of the Lu nationality, they are grandchildren after all, and they also have a fierce uncle – no one wants to serve a vicious family of relatives who change soup without medicine. The relatives of his mother’s mother’s family are no better than those of Liu Xiang’s family. Only the Bo family, the mother of King Liu Heng, is famous for self denial and prudence. By comparison, the ministers made up their minds at once.

In this way, the emperor’s Dragon Robe, like a big pie, smashed on the head of Liu Heng, the reigning king who was far away in Jinyang. In September 189 BC, the messenger who welcomed Liu Heng to Beijing as emperor came to the Dai state.

At this time, Liuheng had been a prince for 17 years, and he was 24 years old. He could hardly believe that there was such a good thing in the world. He and his subordinates (except song Chang) thought it was a conspiracy and could not believe it.

However, his mother, Bo Ji, thought it was Providence. To be on the safe side, Bo Ji asked Liu Heng to use the divination technique he believed in and decide by divining astrology.

The result of divination is good luck.

So Liu Heng was half hearted and asked his uncle Bo Zhao to go to Beijing with the messenger. He didn’t go to Chang’an until he got his uncle’s affirmative reply.

At this time, Liu Heng’s heart was not completely relieved. He came to the place 50 miles outside Chang’an city. He sent people to inquire about the news again. After he was sure of it, he went to Weiqiao to meet the minister.

When the crowd rushed him to Weiyang palace, he became the fifth emperor of the Han Dynasty.

After Liu Heng ascended the throne, he made his mother Bo Ji empress dowager.

Suppose Bo Ji joined the Wei Bao harem at the age of 16, became Liu Bang’s concubine for three years, and gave birth to a son in the same year. At this time, she was less than 45 years old.

Become the Empress Dowager of the Han Dynasty

Yingti and Yan are jealous in the harem. They cheat each other in the court. Finally, Bo Ji, an honest man who thinks he has a hard life, becomes the Empress Dowager of the Han Dynasty

Empress Dowager Bo became empress dowager Bo, and the Bo family was respected. However, it is a pity that Wei Wei died in daiguo on the day when she did not live to see her daughter realize her prophecy. She was buried in Liyang and failed to be buried with her husband.

Bo Zhao, the younger brother of Empress Dowager Bo, was granted the title of marquis Pang. Bo Sheng, her father who died early, was granted the title of Marquis Lingwen, and her mother was granted the title of madam Lingwen. They enjoyed sacrifices respectively. In addition, Liu Heng also rewarded everyone in the Wei family and granted a marquis to one of them.

In her married life, Empress Dowager Bo had a rough life and had no fun at all. However, she gave birth to one of the most filial sons in the world.

Yes, in the far-reaching twenty-four filial piety stories in Chinese history, Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty Liu Heng ranked second, second only to Emperor Shun Yao Chonghua.

It is said that after Bo became empress dowager, Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty was still filial to his mother. Empress Dowager Bo had been seriously ill for three years. As the saying goes, there is no filial son before a long illness. However, Liu Heng broke this sentence. In the past three years, he had to visit his mother every day. He often accompanied his mother without wearing clothes and clothes. Liu Heng had to taste all the soup medicine sent by the imperial doctor. After confirming that it was correct, he could feed it to his mother.

During his twenty-three years in office, Emperor Wen always treated his mother as a son.

In 157 BC, Emperor Wen died before empress dowager Bo. On his deathbed, he deeply regretted the “unfilial” of letting his mother “send black haired people to white haired people”, and repeatedly asked his wife empress Dou and children to be filial to empress dowager Bo. In order to make up for this shortcoming, Liu Heng requested that his mausoleum be located in the way of “carrying his wife and mother”.

Two years later, Empress Dowager Bo died. Empress dowager Dou, in accordance with her husband’s wishes, buried her mother-in-law in the south of Liu Heng’s mausoleum, as if Liu Heng were carrying his mother on his back.

Although for most people, LV pheasant is a vicious woman, for Bo Ji, LV pheasant is her benefactor.

Therefore, LV pheasant is always the one who can be buried with Liu Bang. Bo Ji not only did not remove LV pheasant’s coffin from Liu Bang’s Mausoleum after she was in power, but also did not squeeze herself into Liu Bang’s Mausoleum as the “biological mother of Emperor Wen”. She always believed that LV pheasant was her husband’s real wife. Bo Ji’s mausoleum, just like Bo Ji’s life, scrupulously abides by her identity as a concubine, guarding her son Liu Heng and looking across the river at the joint burial Mausoleum of her husband Liu Bang and LV pheasant.

Two thousand years of time have passed by.

Now looking back at Bo Ji’s life, it seems that she came to this world for the purpose of “giving birth to the son of heaven”. God has given her a life mission, just to be a mother.

But she is the happiest mother in the world.

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