Why does Luo Jin’s agent like stepping on Tang Yan? Who is Luo Jin’s agent

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Many star couples in the entertainment industry are actually communities of interests. Even for the common interests, many star couples will not divorce even if they have no feelings. But there are also some relationships between star couples that are quite unexpected, such as Luo Jin and Tang Yan. Why does Luo Jin’s agent like to step on Tang Yan? Who is Luo Jin’s agent? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Luo Jin’s agent likes to step on Tang Yan

Luo Jin and Tang Yan are very affectionate. However, the relationship between the two fans has always been poor. The reason is that Luo Jin’s agent Sao kept operating, which caused the dissatisfaction of Tang Yan’s fans. When Luo Jin and Tang Yan were rumoured about their affair, the two parties had not come out to say anything. On the contrary, Ning ran, Luo Jin’s agent, came out to speak first and responded with a secret reply “ Who hypes knows ”, Ning Ran is obviously accusing Tang Yan of hyping the scandal.

Ning ran also said something that makes people think about it: “ People are really different. If you know what kind of person they are, you also love them. You should protect them anyway;. Ning Ran’s words come out. Netizens naturally think that he in her mouth is Luo Jin. They think that Ning Ran is deeply in love with Luo Jin, so they can see Tang Yan’s various moments. Even if Ning ran wants to protect Luo Jin, he should not use the method of slandering another woman.

Who is Luo Jin’s agent

That’s why Tang Yan’s fans especially dislike Ning ran. They say that Ning ran, the drama manager, is like a wicked mother-in-law and can’t see Tang Yan and Luo Jin. Ning ran stepped on Tang Yan more than once, and Tang Yan’s fans naturally couldn’t like Luo Jin. Because Luo Jin has not contacted Ning ran for cooperation until now, Ning ran continues to act as Luo Jin’s agent. No wonder some netizens joked that Luo Jin must have something big to hold in his hand by Ning ran, otherwise he would have opened Ning ran long ago.

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