Why does red boy spray samadhi fire? Is it true that Hong Er is the illegitimate son of the Supreme Lord?

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Why does red boy spray samadhi fire? Is it true that Hong Er is the illegitimate son of the Supreme Lord? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Speaking of red boy, he lives on the 600 mile mountain and drives the mountain god and the land to be his servants. Since the Tang monk was tortured away by red boy, Sun Wukong called the earth God and asked about the origin of red boy. Honghai’er, a follower of this mountain land, has been telling the origin of honghai’er’s birth for many years. Speaking of him, perhaps the great sage also knows. He is the son of the ox demon king and raised by the Luocha woman. He had practiced in the Flaming Mountain for three hundred years, and refined into the true fire of samadhi, but he was also very powerful. The ox demon king sent him to guard mount Hao. His nickname was red child, and his nickname was holy Baby King.


Shanshen land mentioned three things about red boy:

First, red child is the child of the ox demon king and Luocha girl.

Some people on the Internet say that red boy is the illegitimate son of the Supreme Lord. They are simply people who do not read the original works and follow others.

Many people mistakenly believe that the samadhi true fire is the unique divine fire of the Supreme Lord. In fact, since ancient times, every immortal has the samadhi true fire. Cultivating the samadhi true fire in the body is a foundation for achieving the immortal way and refining the golden pill.

For example, in the romance of the gods, Jiang Ziya, who is in the realm of immortality, can spit out the true fire of samadhi and calcine the essence of pipa.

It is also clearly mentioned in the journey to the West that the monkey king used the samadhi fire to refine the gourd elixir of Laojun and forge his body into an indestructible body.

That is to say, not only red boy has samadhi fire, but also Sun Wukong. In the later text, Pipa essence is also called mouth nose fire, which also can be called samadhi true fire.


Second, where does red child’s samadhi true fire come from?

The land makes it clear that the true fire of samadhi of red child was forged after three hundred years of practice in Flaming Mountain. The Flaming Mountain was originally an immortal brick of the Eight Diagrams furnace of Laojun in the sky, which fell into a volcano of 800 Li. During this period, red boy practiced for 300 years and became a fire breathing magic. It can be said that the origin is clear and reasonable.

Third, No. Yamamoto is the territory of the ox demon king.

Niumo king is the largest demon king in Xiniu Hezhou. He has many territories under his command. In addition to the six hundred mile mountain, there are also the eight hundred mile Cuiping mountain and the Moyun cliff of the jade faced fox. Even the Ruyi immortal on the Jieyang mountain of the daughter country was sent by the ox demon king.

Why is red boy not like an ox?

As a matter of fact, there are three forms for a monster to become an immortal:

The first is pure demon state. For example, in the war between Sun Wukong and the ox demon king, the ox demon king once showed the original shape of a thousand Zhang white cattle. This prototype is a pure demon state. For example, pig Bajie once showed the original shape of a large black pig.

The second is the demon shaped human body, that is, the head and face are like monsters, and the body is a human body. Like Sun Wukong, ox demon king is generally in this form.

The third is pure human shape, without any monster like appearance. For example, Princess Iron Fan, golden nose white hair mouse spirit, Queen beauty of bhiku, and fake king of Wuji are all pure human shapes.

In other words, like the monkey king and the ox demon king, they can all be transformed into pure human shapes. However, these big demon kings are very confident about their own born demon clan, and are not ashamed of their demon like some banshees.

On the one hand, the reason why red child looks like a human doll is that his mother Princess Iron Fan has already become a human body (originally an evil ghost of Luosha), and that red child is the offspring of human beings and cattle. On the other hand, the third form that red child presents to outsiders, that is, the form after being a human body. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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