Why does the jade emperor only have daughters? Does it mean that the jade emperor doesn’t need a son

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Many people don’t know about the Jade Emperor’s daughter. Next, let’s enjoy it with the editor of China story network.

Many people have heard about the myth of the seven fairies many times, and there have been many film and television dramas with this theme, which are also deeply loved by people. Everyone likes to watch this content of breaking the rules and bravely pursuing what they want, and it must end in a happy ending, highlighting a theme that man can conquer nature. But in all kinds of myths, no matter how many fairies, the jade emperor always had only a daughter and never had a son. Why?


The legend of the seven fairies has a long history, and many film and television dramas have been remade. However, no matter how many fairies there are in the drama, three, seven or nine, they will be regarded as the daughters of the Jade Emperor and the queen mother. Take the most ordinary seven fairies for example, the youngest of them is the fairy who is in love with mortal Dong Yong in folklore. She is willing to give up her fairy identity because of love and would rather live an ordinary life, Experience ups and downs, but also do not want to use an unchanging attitude to live for thousands of years.

This view can not be said to be the supremacy of love, because in people’s understanding, heaven is a very serious place, there can be no love, no seven emotions and six desires, but these exist in the world, so these fairies born in heaven, after seeing the beauty of the world, will be very longing to come to the human life, and the love between fairies and mortals will be more different, Many people also like this setting very much, using a rare setting to interpret the story.


But they must encounter some suffering, because their parents, the Jade Emperor and the queen mother will stop them, but they have been fighting, in order to win their love, even demoted from immortals to mortals are willing. However, many such stories appear in the operas of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Before that, this myth was basically rare. It can be said to be a display of public demand, hoping to break through the cage and no longer be limited to what you see.

Although in Taoist mythology, the queen mother and the Jade Emperor are not husband and wife at all, and it is naturally impossible to have a daughter, this setting has been accepted by the masses, which is also a development. But they only have daughters. No matter how many fairies they are, they always have daughters but no sons. Why? In the eyes of the ancients, sons were a symbol of inheritance. If a family had only daughters but no sons, those who were able might marry concubines, for no other reason, just to want a son.


But why does the jade emperor have no son in the myth when he comes to a son so valued by the world? In fact, the reason is not difficult, because the jade emperor does not need an heir. In the eyes of the ancients, the son wanted to inherit the family property because he would eventually leave, so he needed an heir. But the Jade Emperor was an immortal, and he would not die, so he did not need an heir. On the other hand, immortals have a long life span, not only the Jade Emperor, but also other immortals. Therefore, to be a ruling group, we need stability.

The premise of stability is not to change the leader, so there will be no power struggle, and the heaven will be very stable, because everyone knows that there is only one Jade Emperor, and it is useless to form gangs to find successors, so the jade emperor does not need a son. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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