Why does the United States “fall when it meets China”?

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Author: Wang Tao source: pure science (id:chunkexue)

1? Summarize the four laws of China US relations

In previous articles, I have summarized the basic laws of China US relations into four laws:

First law: unitary moth law. That is, whenever the United States concentrates on dealing with China, it will inevitably produce a very strange moth, which will take away the energy of the United States and give China some time for development.

The second law: the law of frustration in every situation. That is, the United States often takes advantage of China in minor matters, but as long as it is a major event, it is bound to “fall in every situation”. In the past, I have fully developed other laws in my articles, but I have not fully discussed this law. This paper will focus on the full expansion and proof of this law, and discuss its logical reason.

The third law: the contrarian law of containment. That is, the result of US sanctions and containment against China must be to promote China’s development in the corresponding direction. The containment force is equal to the driving force, and the direction is opposite.

Fourth law: continuous toss law. That is to say, the United States is bound to have at least one or more tossing behavior towards China at any time, and it is impossible to stop. In recent decades, the United States has focused on the following areas: most favored nation treatment, human rights, social system and ideology, Tibet, Xinjiang, the South China Sea, Diaoyu Islands, the Taiwan Strait, biological warfare, trade war, etc. If you stop tossing on one gripper, it must mean that the tossing on the other gripper has begun. At present, there are fewer and fewer directions left for the United States to grasp, mainly the Taiwan Strait and Xinjiang issues. After the war between Russia and Ukraine began, the United States tried to increase its manipulation of the Taiwan Strait issue. However, the Taiwan issue was not handled smoothly, and they immediately began to manipulate the Xinjiang issue, completely banning the import of Xinjiang products. On the contrary, the United States has turned so quickly to manipulating the Xinjiang issue. According to the fourth law, it has also proved that its manipulation of the Taiwan Strait issue is not very smooth.

So why is there a second law? The fundamental reason why the United States often takes advantage of China in trivial matters, but in major matters, it must “fall in every middle”, is that there are huge differences in the basic ways of thinking between the two sides.

2? Talking about poison teaching materials

Recently, the drug teaching materials for primary schools have triggered a huge heated discussion on the whole network. Many netizens want me to talk about this issue. What does this mean? A very strange thing is: why such an obvious and serious problem, how did it happen, and how did it last so long? We have to be fully aware of the fact that the world public opinion led by the United States has an unimaginable ability to brainwash people. Even when I say this, many cents may jump out to refute: behind the excavated poison teaching materials are all Japan, and I have not found any relationship with the United States? As a matter of fact, Japan and Taiwan, China are the main Frontlines of public opinion warfare and infiltration against the Chinese Mainland.

How can Ukrainians choose a comedian to be president and make the country what it is today? Did no one see that this man was too unreliable? Of course, many people can see it. However, the idea widely propagated by American controlled public opinion is that we know that choosing a comedian as president is 90% likely to be a disaster, but if we choose someone else, 100% will be a disaster. Today, the comedian turned 90% possibility into 100% reality, and it is too late for Ukrainians to regret.

It is obvious that Europe is now helping the United States to cut its own leeks, but why is it still forced to find a more rational way out? It is not impossible to support Ukraine morally, but why is it so obvious that Ukraine is riding on its head and forcing them to provide weapons to Ukraine? There is no need to thank them for providing weapons. If they are a little slower, they are sarcastic and even abusive to the leaders of European countries. Why is it still difficult for Europe to express any independent views? Knowing that it was not Ukraine that was scolding them, but the United States that was ordering them to scold them. In this way, Europeans still followed the baton of the United States.


On May 26, 2022 local time, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andr é melynik posted a satirical “snail map” on his twitter account – German military aid is on its way.

Support is the morality of others. You should express your gratitude. Not supporting is the freedom of others. You have nothing to say. You don’t handle the international relations with your neighbors well. If you fight with your neighbors, how can it be as if the whole world owes you? During the war, China assisted Ukraine with a batch of humanitarian supplies. As a result, it did not have any words of thanks. Instead, it said, “what we need is not humanitarian supplies, but weapons.” it also picked up three and four. The United States can bring public opinion to this extent. Fortunately, at the Davos Forum on May 25, Ukrainian President Zelensky finally realized his problems to a certain extent and expressed his understanding and “satisfaction” with China’s neutral policy, although he still called on China to take the Ukrainian position.

Russia clearly found a batch of hard evidence in Ukraine that the United States was engaged in biological weapons in Ukraine, but the United States was able to satirize the evidence submitted by Russia in the United Nations without any support.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia basically inherited most of the heritage of the Soviet Union and remained the world’s hegemon. How could it accept the absurd “shock therapy” today and voluntarily be tossed to the point that the whole country was close to bankruptcy?

Once upon a time, our party’s united front was a magic weapon for success. But today, it seems that the United States has done a remarkable job in the international united front. Objectively speaking, it has done better than us, or at least not worse than us. In the war of public opinion against China, it often deceives a considerable number of Chinese people, so it often takes advantage of small things. However, in major events, the special way of thinking of the Chinese people often plays a special role, making the results change in a direction they can’t imagine. It not only frustrates its carefully arranged strategic deception, but also often in turn makes the United States suffer heavy losses.

3? A fictional story — how the “shock therapy” conspiracy against China failed

In order to better illustrate the great differences in the way of thinking between China and the United States and their great impact on the outcome of the American public opinion war, we can use a fictional story to illustrate that if it has any similarities with reality, it is pure coincidence. Let’s assume that the United States also engages in shock therapy specifically for China. How will the whole story develop.

Don’t think that China can resist the strategic deception or deception of the United States. If the United States mobilized famous economists in China decades ago to advocate shock therapy, China is likely to accept this proposal and immediately set up a central level “leading group to promote shock therapy” to carry out relevant work throughout the country. A corresponding office was set up for the group, and Dr. John, a famous economist studying in the United States, served as the director of the office. The Central Committee and the State Council officially issued the opinions on developing shock therapy throughout the country, and issued detailed rules for specific implementation measures. In general, each province and city is required to formulate corresponding shock measures according to their own specific conditions. According to the principle of crossing the river by feeling the stones, some provinces and cities can try first, sum up experience, and then promote them step by step. Tom, the CIA official in charge of this matter, was excited to report back to Washington and held a grand celebration dinner. The American media praised China’s new reform measures and gave them high praise. so what? All provinces and cities began to learn and implement them.

At the publicity and implementation meetings of universities and other academic research institutions, a large number of scholars discussed the following opinions:

Shock therapy is an advanced way to develop economy, and it does not contradict the principles of Marxist economics and conforms to the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. However, in the specific implementation process, it is necessary to analyze specific problems and formulate different implementation methods according to different regions and stages of economic development in China.

At the learning implementation meetings in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the following opinions were formed after discussion:

Shock therapy is a very correct way to develop the economy, and we fully support it. In terms of specific implementation issues, shock therapy is mainly aimed at state-owned enterprises, but the economic foundation of state-owned enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is relatively weak and the number is small. It is suggested that the experience should be summarized and vigorously promoted on the basis of the first trial in some cities.

At the learning implementation meeting in Shanghai, the following opinions were formed after discussion:

Shock therapy is a very correct way to develop the economy. It is the only way to move towards developed countries, which has been proved by the advanced economic theory of the United States. It is the pain that backward countries must experience to catch up with developed countries. We fully support and support it. However, although there are many state-owned enterprises in Shanghai, the tax revenue accounts for one seventh of the country. If it is shocked, it will have a great impact on the national tax revenue. Therefore, it is suggested that other regions should be shocked First, and Shanghai should be shocked later.

At the learning implementation meeting in Anhui, the following opinions were formed after discussion:

Shock therapy is a very correct way to develop the economy. We should firmly support it and act quickly. However, Anhui has a weak economic foundation. In order to better implement shock therapy, can we suggest that the central government set up a shock therapy support fund to give some financial support to economically underdeveloped areas such as Anhui.

At the Northeast learning implementation meeting, the following opinions were formed after discussion:

Shock therapy is a very correct way to develop the economy. The northeast is the eldest son of the Republic and has a heavy proportion of state-owned enterprises. It has the unshirkable responsibility and obligation to take the lead in implementing shock therapy. Only in the process of concrete implementation, the work should be detailed. The leaders of the health department pointed out that the health system has certain particularity. A hospital is a department that helps the dying and the wounded. People’s lives are vital. No, the patient is not in shock. The hospital is in shock first. Therefore, they should be treated differently. The leaders of the public security fire department put forward that fire safety is the Department responsible for social security, which needs to be on alert at all times and can not be shocked for a moment. Then the leaders of water, electricity, posts and telecommunications and other departments involved in the people’s livelihood put forward specific suggestions on the implementation of shock therapy. The consensus view is to shock orderly: let some people shock first, let some industries shock first, and let some cities shock step by step by region. First shock leads to shock, then shock, and finally shock and development.

Then I chose a city in Northeast China and selected the list of leading shock industries. After crossing the river like this for a period of time, the urban economy that was shocked First was really shocked, and the salaries of civil servants could not be paid. Then many internal references were sent to the central government. Immediately, the central government adjusted the action plan of shock therapy, narrowed the scope of first trial, and no longer made specific provisions on the development goals of shock therapy.

After another period of time, Tom, a CIA official who had held a round of celebration, returned to China, waiting to see the expected consequences of shock therapy, but was surprised to find that the shock therapy office had been merged with the “five stresses, four beauties and three loves office” because of the downsizing of the State Council. Dr. Jerry, deputy director of the office, is also responsible for shock therapy. Dr. John, the former director of the shock therapy office, has been transferred to a national policy research office. Jerry told Tom of the CIA that Chinese leaders still “attach great importance” to shock therapy (the exact meaning is that they don’t catch a cold) and will “further deepen” (the exact meaning is that they basically give up) shock therapy in the new era. Then, amid the support from all over the country and the constant attention of the country, there was less and less relevant information, and finally nothing came to an end. Tom was dismissed for cheating his boss. He felt very wronged, but he didn’t understand the problem until many years after he was dismissed. What is particularly strange is that the speeches made by local officials at the meeting are almost the same as those made at the meeting for the policies that have been successfully implemented in China and those that have not been successfully implemented. So how to distinguish? Many things that seem to have been fooled into success by the United States, or even really have been fooled into success by the United States, have changed fundamentally after a period of time. No one in the CIA can explain why or how to grasp it.

Why did “shock therapy” succeed in Russia? A famous Russian economist said that shock therapy was good, and then everyone believed it. Then the state announced a comprehensive shock therapy. Then everyone was shocked together, and then they all lay down. Until I lay down and had no food to eat, everyone still believed that shock therapy was correct.

That’s the difference. The Chinese have never considered any problem completely from the logical path of theoretical thinking, from the beginning to the end. They will constantly adjust their own judgments from practice, or from “actual measurement data” in a language that Westerners can understand. Therefore, even if the direction is wrong or even completely wrong at the beginning, it will often be adjusted to the roughly correct direction in the end because of continuous adjustment in the process of walking. This is the exact meaning of “seeking truth from facts” and “standards of practice”.

Westerners’ thinking is not like this. They are often one track minded. As long as a logic is set in theory and accepted by them, the result is that they often hit the south wall without turning back. Until he hit his head and blood, he began to turn to another logical direction.

This is also why the United States tends to be very successful in the war of public opinion at the beginning, but the final result is that “every opportunity will be defeated”.

4? Lack of self theory

Does that mean we are perfect? Of course not. The problem is:

Because our own theoretical level is insufficient, we are often easily fooled. Although the major events have been adjusted in the end, they are often cheated at the initial stage, and they will encounter unnecessary losses. Even for many things with very simple reasons, the actual measurement data can be more sufficient only after there are serious social losses, and then they can be adjusted. Practice is the ultimate standard for testing truth, but we can not wait for the huge cost of practice results to come out before we draw tests, judgments and conclusions.

As the practical problems we encounter become more and more complex, especially the technical details involved become deeper and deeper, it will be more and more difficult to find out if we are deceived. For example, in the recent epidemic, the United States has vigorously promoted antigen detection and reduced the accuracy of nucleic acid detection in various ways. The misleading technical level of this strategic deception is very deep, and it requires a very deep understanding of specific technologies. Once the delay is found, the actual losses will be very heavy.

The learning concept that we continuously established in the early stage of reform and opening up is of great positive significance. At the same time, it has also formed great problems today. A few decades ago, when we summarized the reasons why Japan’s Meiji restoration was successful, but China’s reform in the Qing Dynasty failed, we came to an important conclusion that Japan’s learning of the West was comprehensive and systematic, while China’s Qing Dynasty only learned some superficial things and only valued some practical things. “Learning from the middle school for the body and learning from the West for the use”. The success of reform and opening up is a comprehensive and systematic study of the world by China, and it is not only a concept – such as absorbing all the world’s excellent cultures for our own use, but also establishing a very systematic and in-depth learning social system. For example, various science and technology development plans are almost judged on the basis of whether there are reference projects in the West. Of course, while carrying out comprehensive and systematic learning, we have also established some basic principles so that this kind of reform and opening up is carried out on the basis of maintaining social security and stability. When we first discussed reform and opening up, many people did worry about the stability of China’s society. There are some political terms that we may not have paid attention to for a long time, such as “preventing spiritual pollution” and “adhering to the four cardinal principles” proposed at the same time of reform and opening up.

But in addition to these basic principles, in many specific affairs, while establishing a learning society, it has also established almost all systems based on the West. Especially in academic, educational and artistic fields, Western standards have become a very stubborn system. For example, higher education is based on the ranking of western universities, especially the QS World University ranking, which was first released in 2004. To a large extent, the establishment of this standard is specially tailored for China. And us The news world university ranking was first launched in 2014 and is almost customized for China. As long as Chinese universities follow these rankings, they will inevitably be misled by them. Nanjing University and Lanzhou University have gradually stopped taking the world university ranking as their work goal, and Renmin University of China withdrew from the world university ranking in May 2022. It is certainly a positive thing in principle to compare with international colleges and universities in some way, find their own gaps and improve the construction work. However, to complete this work according to some standards set by others, first, it is essentially a lazy behavior, and second, it is to pay others to deceive ourselves. We can not simply encourage such behavior with national sentiment, but to see what is the way out for China’s education to lead the world in essence.

What if we don’t act by Western standards? Of course, we can’t do anything without standards and rules. Therefore, the most important thing is that China should, as soon as possible, comprehensively and systematically establish its own evaluation standards for science and academia. Otherwise, the results without standards and rules will only make us fall to others and kneel before others with less confidence. There are different goals, missions and strategies in different periods and development stages. What China urgently needs today is to break the shell and turn into a butterfly.

5? From “crossing the river with Eagle sauce” to “crossing the river with Eagle sauce”

Cowhide and sanctions

cross the river

Because our learning system construction is so successful, we actually learned all the things that the United States can learn relatively easily. What’s more, the United States has boasted and even lied, and we have taken them seriously.

The United States once boasted that its F22 lift coefficient reached 2.0, and the Chinese military required Chengdu flight engineers to achieve all F22 technical indicators boasted by the United States. At first, Chinese engineers thought that there was a problem with the 2.0 lift coefficient, which was almost impossible to achieve. However, relevant Chinese departments thought that the words of the United States could not be wrong. Finally, the j-20 achieved a lift coefficient of 2.0, and it was found that the F22 was actually only 1.6.

The United States boasts that the aim-120 medium range air-to-air missile uses a dual pulse engine, which can change its orbit and speed flexibly during flight Oh, my God, that’s great. In accordance with the Convention, we developed thunderbolt-15 by adding a little bit to the technical indicators of aim-120 as the design goal. It was found that the original aim-120 did not have those functions at all.

The United States once declared that it would achieve “hypersonic, global one hour strike”, which made China feel very worried about the appearance of alien invasion. If the United States had mastered such weapons, it would be OK. As a result, we worked hard to develop df-17. Looking back, we found that hypersonic in the United States was still in experimental state, and it was impossible to develop df-17 such a system within 15 years.

During the Reagan era, the Star Wars Program of the United States had a “rod of God space-based weapon system”, which was even more an existence against the sky. God! More frightening than nuclear weapons. However, when China successfully experimented with its space-based weapon system, it was discovered that the “staff of God” of the United States was just saying that there was no movement at all.

Electromagnetic gun weapons have been shown in Hollywood blockbusters for a long time, but when China’s high-energy beam weapons such as laser and electromagnetic gun are almost ready to be installed, the relevant technologies in the United States are still in the experimental stage, wasting military expenses.

Fifteen years ago, the United States, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and even India all put forward their own moon landing plans. But now, only China is really doing it, and other countries said it casually at the beginning.

Musk wants to use vacuum capsule high-speed rail to surpass China’s high-speed rail. China is worried. If musk succeeds, China’s high-speed rail business card will be ruined. As a result, the capsule high-speed rail experiment in China has made continuous progress, while the appearance of the high-speed rail in the United States has disappeared. Of course, Musk’s new energy vehicles, SpaceX rockets and star chains are still making rapid progress. However, China has not yet figured out what musk is going to do on Mars. If you have the ability to turn Mars into another earth, why not first turn the desert areas on earth like Mars into oases? Isn’t it more realistic and feasible? After all the Martian landforms on the earth have been turned into the earth, we can develop the moon first. When the lunar base is almost established, we can develop Mars. Isn’t it fragrant? Therefore, China is seriously planning to build the Hongqi River project, solar energy and wind energy. First, make the northwest Martian landform of China look like the earth. At the same time, they are also building space stations and lunar bases. China’s new energy vehicles and recoverable rockets are also advancing by leaps and bounds.

When China has finished what the United States has done, it can only continue to do what they have tried but abandoned.

The United States first proposed UHV transmission. The main technical difficulty is that the insulator is too heavy to transport. The United States gave up. China is really serious about reducing the weight of insulators as much as possible. Even so, a transformer still weighs 500 tons. Then we developed overweight transportation tools and reconstructed roads, which really turned UHV into reality.



The United States once studied mobs (floating offshore base), but later gave it up. In 2015, Jidong development group received an order to be used as a deep-sea comprehensive support base, and formally put the truss type super large offshore floating platform into production and market promotion.

Not only did we continue with the technology that the United States tried to give up, but we also continued with the technology that the former Soviet Union tried and gave up – ground effect wing ship.


The above is mainly about feeling the cowhide blown by Eagle sauce and lying across the river. Trump’s sanctions on China’s science and technology war have pointed out the direction for China’s science and technology development plan during the 14th Five Year Plan Period: to solve the problems of neck technology, economic, scientific and technological security, and supply chain security. In the fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the people’s Republic of China and the outline of long-term goals for 2035, there is a place where the term “choke” is directly used to tackle key problems of seed source “choke” technology. It was long ago that someone raised the issue of agricultural safety in China, and also mentioned the issue of seed source safety. But it was not paid attention to. Trump has only sanctioned one major area of China – chips, but China has checked all areas that may be blocked. Science and Technology Daily has even summed up 35 areas that may be blocked. Here we list these 35 areas as follows:

Photolithography machine


operating system

Aeroengine nacelle

Tactile sensor

vacuum evaporator

Mobile RF device

Iclip Technology

Heavy duty gas turbine


Airworthiness standards

High end capacitance resistance

Core industrial software

ITO target

Core algorithm

Aviation steel

Milling cutter

High end bearing steel

High pressure plunger pump

Aeronautical design software


High pressure common rail system

Transmission electron microscope

Main bearing of roadheader


Underwater connector

Key fuel cell materials

High end welding power supply

Lithium battery diaphragm

Medical imaging equipment components

Ultra precision polishing process

epoxy resin

High strength stainless steel

Database management system

scanning electron microscope

6? I really sympathize with America

How do you feel after reading the list above? The vast majority of people may say that “China’s science and technology are still very backward, and we still have a long way to go”. Of course, we can’t be wrong if we think so. But if you ask me what I feel, I will tell you: “I really sympathize with the United States and Europe.”. Four years ago, when I said this to my wife, she was very angry: how can you say that? Are you not patriotic? You must have been scolded to death by netizens if you said so in the article. I said: good, good, good, I won’t say it. However, today, seeing that the United States is so hard to contain China and is still trying to make trouble, she said to me that she finally understood the reason why I said I sympathized with the United States a few years ago. Just over a hundred years ago, the Qing Dynasty in China was in the decline. No matter what happened, it seemed very unlucky. However, my people still knew that I was very stupid there. Obviously, my strength was far from enough, and I had to declare war on all the major powers in the world. At that time, some Chinese sensible people felt that they wished they could die decades earlier, just like Kissinger now.

We touched the eagle sauce to cross the river. We had already touched the head of the eagle sauce.

Touch the cowhide blown by Eagle sauce to cross the river, and turn the bull blown by Eagle sauce and even the lie into reality one by one.

Feel the sanctions of Eagle sauce and cross the river. Before long, everything that can be said about Eagle sauce will be discarded.

Many people are saying that China will return to what it should have been like in thousands of years of history. So what is the situation like this? Only China exports goods (porcelain, tea, silk, iron pot, etc.) to the west, and the west can export almost nothing to China except gold and silver. The voyage to China was ten ships and nine empty. Only one ship carried silver and gold.


Someone is still putting forward a very strange argument: US $17 trillion to US $57 trillion. Who says that China can only affect US $17 trillion? Who says that the United States must be able to control all $57trillion? In 2019, seven of the top ten ports in the world in terms of container throughput were all Chinese.

If it is calculated according to cargo throughput, 8 of the top 10 ports in the world in 2021 are all Chinese. The other two are the port of Singapore and the port of Hedland in Australia. The former is mainly Chinese goods, and the latter is mainly exporting iron ore to China. Of the top 30 ports in the world, 22 are Chinese. Of the top 50 ports in the world, 29 are Chinese. Is there anyone else talking about decoupling between China and the United States? Do you know how deep and dense this hook is? It is not connected to the flesh, but has gone deep into the bone marrow, heart, blood, all internal organs and most brain nerves.


Others are discussing that Vietnam’s import and export volume has exceeded that of Shenzhen. Should it be considered a problem that the import and export volume of a country with more than 100 million people exceeds that of a city with a permanent population of more than 17 million? According to the wave model of industrial civilization, after China’s economic development has reached a certain stage, some industries will certainly transfer outward. Isn’t it a good thing to turn to Vietnam? Because this disperses the amount transferred to India. Vietnam is doomed to be impossible to surpass China, because the size and population of the country are clearly there, only 1/14 of China. But India is different. More decentralized transfer to different countries will make it less likely that there will be countries that can compete with China in the process of continuous outward transfer of industries. If outward transfer is needed, it can be promoted to Cambodia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even Africa. In this way, we do not need to suppress others to maintain our competitiveness like the United States, but to make China’s market larger by allowing more countries to develop at the same time, so as to keep China’s market competitiveness of high-end products upgrading for a longer time.

What do we think is the standard in the neck area? That is, China’s import volume accounts for more than 50% of the market demand. For example, the annual consumption of ITO target materials in China exceeds 1000 tons, about half of which are imported for the production of high-end products. Among the top 35 list that may be blocked, I know that many Chinese enterprises have been involved to varying degrees. What will happen if all the neck sticking projects are solved? There are few things that can be sold to China in Europe and the United States. Only resources, gold, grain and other commodities imported from China can be used to balance. Different from the place more than 100 years ago, it is convenient to go abroad now. Therefore, if there is no epidemic, you can still export your own scenery, food and accommodation by serving a large number of Chinese tourists.

Many people are still skeptical about the prospect of China leading the world, but what I am deeply worried about is the problem that the United States is facing today. Is it just the problem of the United States? What more lessons can we learn from it? After the rise of China, how can we stay in the position of world leader longer. The United States has been a world leader for less than a hundred years, and it has become what it is today. After the rise of China, no one will care what the lessons of the United States today are. Just as no one in the United States today cares about the lessons of the decline of Spain and Britain. Even if you care, the time is far away. The people who were there are no longer there. Only a few scholars can look for clues from the pile of ancient papers.

Before the Spanish American war, Spain was already vulnerable, but many Americans were still scared to death of Spain. Many Americans were asking how the United States could compete with Spain? Just like many Chinese people today are scared to death of the United States. At that time, Spain stationed troops in front of the United States, controlled Cuba and other countries, and blocked the “first island chain” of the United States. Just as the United States is still stationing troops in front of China today, controlling Japan, South Korea and other countries. However, the Spanish American war immediately made all Americans no longer pay attention to Spain. It is certain that there will be a historical event in the near future. After this event, all Chinese will never pay attention to the United States again. Fifty years later, if the Chinese people talk about today’s history, there are still Chinese people who think that China can not compete with the United States. It will be particularly difficult for them to understand, just like today’s feeling that Americans were afraid of Spain in history. They would wonder how could there be human beings with such low cognitive ability on earth?

7? How to crack the international united front of the United States — deepening the non aligned movement and establishing a forum for sovereign and complete countries

As mentioned above, the United States is bound to decline, but we still cannot take it lightly. The reason is that the United States and Britain have a particularly annoying basic strategy, that is, the excrement stirring stick strategy. They always like to make trouble for others internationally. China’s painstaking investment and construction in a certain country has spent a lot of money and energy, which is about to pay off. The United States has come to carry out the color revolution, creating turmoil, completely destroying the environment of the market economy, and even destroying the foundation of our massive investment and construction. Internationally, we follow the basic policy of “non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries”. But in this way, we can only watch helplessly as the United States deeply interferes in the internal affairs of other countries and messes up our international market. We want to achieve real non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, not only by ourselves, but also by preventing the international shithole from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Otherwise, our “Inaction” will not really achieve “Inaction”, but just watch the US British International shithole group “misbehave”.

Is there a way to solve it? Yes. The non aligned movement (NAM) is an international movement against hegemony, which emerged after World War II. The advocates of the non aligned movement are the late Yugoslav President Tito, Egyptian President Nasser and Indian Prime Minister Nehru. In the mid-1950s, they held talks and put forward the idea of non alignment. Later, they held talks with Indonesian President Sukarno and Ghanaian President Nkrumah, which promoted the formation of this movement. Premier Zhou proposed the five principles of peaceful coexistence in international relations during his visit to India that year, which also had a great impact on the concept of the non aligned movement. In june1961, the preparatory meeting for the first summit of non aligned countries, initiated by 20 countries, was held in Cairo. In September of the same year, the first conference of heads of state or government of non aligned countries was held in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 25 countries attended the conference, and the non aligned movement was formally formed. At present, the non aligned movement has 120 members, 17 observer states and 10 observer organizations. It has no headquarters, no institutions and no written articles of association. The purpose of its publicity is “independence, autonomy and non group”. Summit and ministerial meetings are usually held every three years. The latest is that the 19th Nam ministerial conference will be held by video from July 13 to 14, 2021. China became an observer state of the non aligned movement in september1992. Until now, China is still an observer state rather than a full member state.

In terms of the basic purpose of the movement, it should have become an important organization to fight against international assholes and international hegemony. However, if we do not mention him, the vast majority of Chinese people may think that he has already become history, but they did not expect that he is still alive today. This movement has little sense of existence, and I don’t know what role it has played in the international community. Neither Chinese nor foreign news paid much attention to his activities. Why? Because the strategic direction of the movement is correct, but it basically belongs to no tactical behavior, and it is completely for it. But if you do not act, you will have no influence and no practical significance. Therefore, we should actively promote and lead the non aligned movement to develop in a deeper direction. Support for “independence and autonomy” in the basic purpose of non alignment, but the need to explain “non group” refers to “non group” in military terms, but regional economic cooperation is not opposed and should be encouraged. More importantly, it is necessary to have specific implementation methods for how to achieve “independence and autonomy”. That is to establish a forum of sovereign and complete countries on the basis of the non aligned movement. Define what is “sovereign integrity”. Only by more actively promoting the economic development and economic independence of all countries can we truly achieve real independence and autonomy in politics and security. We must not just do nothing, but must make a difference in economic and social development, prevent subversion, unrest, color revolution, and the penetration of dirt stirring sticks, and vigorously develop the economy and social people’s livelihood. Only by doing so can we truly achieve independence and autonomy.

Because the non aligned movement has been too inactive in the past, we do not attach too much importance to this movement and organization. In the future, we can more actively promote and deepen the non aligned movement as an effective international grip against US hegemony.

This is only one of the operation paths. The most important thing is to understand that a basic direction is to establish more international organizations with practical influence. The reason why the United States is very unhappy with China’s “the Belt and Road” and other regional economic cooperation organizations is that we can achieve real international success through these.

8? The key points of the success of the United Front in the United States and our countermeasures

After understanding the above ideas, we can further study and analyze the key points for the successful functioning of the United Front in the United States. They mainly include three points:

1. extensive organizational mobilization based on a large number of NGOs. We say that the Chinese government has a very strong organizational mobilization force, which is supported by going deep into neighborhood committees, village committees and grass-roots party organizations. The number of NGOs that the United States can control in the world is as high as more than 2 million. The number of religious grass-roots organizations is no less than that of Chinese neighborhood committees, and they are very closely linked. They may live an “organizational life” every week, which is much closer than the internal links between the grass-roots party organizations and neighborhood committees of the Communist Party of China. This is an organization almost universal in nature. In order to further study and understand, I have participated in many of their religious “organizational life” in the United States to experience how it works. They have a specially assigned person to take charge of it, manage it by pieces and carry out regular activities. Each qualified family member takes turns to “host”, and other members can buy some food when they go to the activities. In the activity, we spent several hours exchanging life experiences in turn, and then prayed to God to give people food before eating. Unlike in China, we mainly organize people to go to restaurants on a temporary basis. When we arrive, we can order meals and drink wine. We don’t have to pray to God for Thanksgiving before eating. These organizations that go deep into all communities are usually just channels for people to communicate with each other and establish mutual feelings. They are part of their daily life. However, if something big happens, these are the organizational foundations for the United States to have a strong international mobilization capacity. If we can not establish more international organizations that can make a difference in the world, it is obvious that we will not be able to effectively counter the U.S. policy of stirring up shit, and even have difficulties in self-protection at home. Many Chinese people who talk about the United States are just talking in the abstract. There are a few who really go deep into the daily life of Americans to experience what their daily life is and what their feelings are. Without going deep into their daily life, experiencing their inner world and obtaining sufficient first-hand measurement data, it is impossible to really understand them.

2. an international military alliance based on NATO. Some people have counted that the United States has 49 allies up to now, and there are also 37. The United States claims that there are 69. This enables him to directly mobilize these allies, especially the core military allies of NATO, in the event of international events. This is similar to the above, but in different ways. One in the dark, one in the light.

3. control the commanding heights of public opinion. Through the so-called “universal values” and the control of public opinion channels, the competition for the highest academic standards, we can achieve the control of world public opinion.

In fact, the competition for the commanding heights is the most important. We are still using the number of SCI papers published in English as the standard for assessing all scholars and schools. Under such circumstances, how can we compete with the United States for the commanding height of public opinion? Your own academic research of the highest level can only be recognized after being reviewed by others, and you spend money to publish it in other people’s magazines. On the contrary, Chinese people have to spend a lot of money to buy papers from others. It’s just that I spent money to buy a rope and put it in other people’s hands. I tied the rope around my neck, and then paid a hard fee to put the rope in other people’s hands. I can also be proud that I can successfully put the rope in Eagle sauce’s hands. And regard the rope handed over to Yingjiang as the highest standard for all academic and university work in China. Then again, if you want to read the highest level of scientific and technological papers, you can only read them in English. In this case, what is the significance of China’s science and technology investment? It is an indirect measurement of how much rope is handed over to others and wrapped around one’s neck. Use China’s science and technology to invest in China’s neck, and then increase science and technology investment to solve the problem. If you look at the technology that has stuck China’s neck, how many Chinese in the United States have done it, you can see how absurd this thing is. If our investment in science and technology is still paying for the publication of English papers, we should not talk about the realization of the Chinese dream or the rise of the Chinese nation. This truth is too simple. Only scientific and technological papers published in English are considered high-level. High-level papers are only published in English, and then Chinese academic journals are considered to be poor. This proves that only American and British are qualified to evaluate and recognize academic research, and that only those who want to read high-level academic achievements can read English. If we do not resolutely break this cycle, no matter how much we invest in science and technology or how high our scientific research work and level are, we can only rely on others.

Now, the process of quickly mastering the world’s advanced technology and culture through learning has been basically completed, and we must quickly turn to an independent and controllable innovation and development path. China must strictly prohibit paying for publishing English papers, and strictly prohibit using the number of published English papers as the evaluation standard for universities and scholars. We will soon achieve the rise of civilization. So, will it be considered by some people that they are suspected of returning to seclusion? Of course not. We only publish academic papers of the highest standard in Chinese and in Chinese academic journals, which in no way affects Chinese scholars’ access to English, German, Japanese, French and other academic journals. China now has a large number of high-level academic achievements. If all of them are published in Chinese, it will not only greatly enhance the academic evaluation ability of Chinese scholars and greatly promote the establishment of China’s own scientific development standards, but also foreign scholars must learn Chinese if they want to view Chinese academic achievements. This will essentially affect the world’s objective evaluation of China. If China publishes the highest level of academic papers abroad, as long as people read this part of the achievements in English, they will be able to absorb China’s top scientific and technological achievements. As for the rest, there is no need to care. To understand other aspects of China, people can only read fake news materials in English. Of course, they will not have an objective understanding of China. If all scholars in the world must learn Chinese in order to effectively understand the world’s most advanced science and technology, a large number of world outstanding scholars who can understand Chinese will inevitably be created. Although the number of these people is not necessarily large, their energy is extremely huge. While understanding Chinese scientific and technological papers, this group of scholars will also see a large number of news and media materials that reflect China’s reality. As long as there are a few scholars in the world who can open their eyes to China, the articles they write will affect everyone in the world. Only in this way can the world truly and objectively understand China.

Many years ago, when I was abroad, some people even asked me whether Chinese people can go abroad freely now? Is the Cultural Revolution over? Their understanding of China is still half a century or even a century ago. It’s no wonder that they can’t understand Chinese, and few scholars in their country can understand Chinese. They can only understand China by making up things in their own media.

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