Why doesn’t Li Jian get scolded when Sheng Sheng doesn’t stop

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Shengsheng is a Hong Kong Music Competition and gift show. The variety show has gathered many Hong Kong rated singers and invited many powerful singers from the mainland to create a “ Sound never stops ” Hong Kong Music Era records. However, the reality is not as good as the program team expected, because the program did not become popular, and even many netizens roast that the program hit the street. Why is there no fire? Why was Li Jian scolded for his performance in the endless stream of sound? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why is there no fire

The most important reason why the sound never stops is that the Hong Kong music has declined. Hong Kong music used to be the pride of the Chinese music world, but now not many mainland audiences are willing to listen to Cantonese songs. Therefore, the audience of sound generation is very limited, and it is difficult to stand out in the current popularity of Internet. Although Sheng Sheng invited CoCo Lee, Li Keqin, linzixiang, ye Qianwen and other senior singers who had led Hong Kong music, the nostalgia of Cantonese fans soon disappeared and did not last long.

Sheng Sheng has also invited the new generation of singers in Hong Kong, but the mainland audience doesn’t know them at all, so they are not interested in them. Sheng Sheng has invited many well-known powerful singers from the mainland, such as Li Jian, Zhang Bichen, Mao Buyi, etc. However, according to the rules of the program, mainland singers also have to sing Cantonese songs, which still limits the audience to a certain range.

Why is lijiansheng scolded for his endless life

The only person in the program who didn’t sing Cantonese songs and insisted on singing songs in Mandarin is Li Jian. But this happened to be the case, which led to Li Jian being scolded by the audience. Everyone felt that Li Jian did not abide by the rules of the program group. And when other mainland singers sing Cantonese songs, Li Jian and his PK are also very unfair. What’s more, the audience thinks that Li Jian is constantly singing. No matter what song he sings, it is a feeling. There is no surprise for everyone.

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