Why doesn’t Menghua record song’s introduction please Lin Yun? Is song’s introduction a fan

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Recently, there have been a lot of dramas launched, and many of them have good public praise, such as refueling mother, police honor, etc. but the most popular one is menghualu. Its popularity is a ride on the world of mortals in the recently launched dramas. Why is Meng Hua’s introduction to Song Dynasty not pleasing? Did Lin Yun attract fans with the role of song introduction? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why is Meng Hua’s introduction to Song Dynasty not pleasing

Before the launch of the Menghua recording, Lin Yun’s song introduction was still very pleasing. Everyone praised her for her beautiful appearance in the play and her acting skills had made great progress. Many people even thought that she outshined the female No. 1 Liuyifei. However, after the broadcast of the Menghua record, the reputation of the role of song yinzhang has been greatly reversed. On the contrary, many netizens do not like the role of song yinzhang. On the contrary, people think that Zhao Pan’er of Liu Yifei is the one who makes the most of the actresses.

Netizens even think that song yinzhang is a tool man in the Menghua record. Her existence is to set off the purity and purity of the female leader zhaopaner and shape the image of zhaopaner into a higher and more elegant one. Moreover, song yinzhang also liked guqianfan, the male leader. To a certain extent, he was still in love with Zhao Pan’er. Song yinzhang has been cheated by all kinds of men from his appearance to the present. Now the audience simply won’t like this stupid and stupid design. Moreover, the song introduction in the play is a sensitive, self abased, self-centered character who can’t suffer any injustice. How can it be pleasing.

Did Lin Yun smoke powder because of song’s introduction

Lin Yun’s song introduction is really beautiful, but with this role, she really doesn’t suck a lot of powder. However, it is estimated that it is difficult for netizens who have seen the story recorded by Menghua to like song’s introduction. It would be good if she was not black. However, the role of song yinzhang still brings a lot of heat and flow to Lin Yun, so it still has a positive impact on Lin Yun’s performing arts career.

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