Why doesn’t Sunwukong use a golden cudgel to support Wuzhishan? What’s the secret of the little paper on the mountain?

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Today’s China story network editor brings you monkey king. Why don’t you use a golden cudgel to prop up Wuzhishan? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

In the impression of most people, the monkey king has always been powerful and powerful. He came from an outstanding family, which is different from ordinary monkeys. Because of his high skills, he was later honored as the “saint of Qi Tian”, and his final destination is the famous “fight against Buddha”. It can be said that Wukong’s life is also famous, but he also has a time of depression. When is this time? It was 500 years when he was pressed by the Tathagata at the foot of the five elements mountain.

At that time, the newborn calf of the monkey king was not afraid of tigers, and felt that he was discriminated by the Jade Emperor of heaven, so he made an impulsive behavior of causing havoc in the heavenly palace. He did not know that the jade emperor could sit firmly in the throne, and there was no reason to manage the heavenly court for so many years. If the Jade Emperor had no contacts and means, he would have stepped down long ago, so when the monkey king hit the Lingxiao temple, the Jade Emperor didn’t care, and immediately recruited the Rulai to suppress demons.

The Tathagata came under orders and bet with Wukong to ask if Wukong could fly out of his palm. Wukong was confident and asked him to be the jade emperor if he flew out. The Tathagata agreed. Wukong thought how difficult it was, so he used his kung fu, but he didn’t expect to fly out of the five finger mountain of the Tathagata. Later, the Tathagata decided to suppress Wukong at the foot of the five elements mountain.

Some readers are curious. At this time, doesn’t Wukong already have the golden cudgel? Why didn’t he try to escape from the foot of the mountain without a golden cudgel? After all, the golden cudgel can be used at will according to his wishes. It should also be able to resist the five elements mountain for a while.


In fact, Wukong tried. At first, Wukong thought of dodging when he was in town, but the five elements mountain was too fast, and he was pressed down at once. So Wukong resisted and tried to get rid of it. But at that time, there was only a golden cudgel around him, so he summoned the golden cudgel to solve his dangerous situation. At this time, the heaven had begun to hold an Tian conference, After hearing the news that Wukong was about to break free, the Tathagata calmly took out a note with the words “Mani bamihong” and dropped it on the top of the five elements mountain. Monkey king suddenly felt that all his previous efforts had been wasted. What’s the mystery of this little note?


It turns out that this is the six character mantra of Guanyin. The simple words contain infinite energy. What does Buddhism stress? Clean your desires, calm and cultivate your heart. Doesn’t Sunwukong want to be free? This truth is just that he is “the right medicine”. As long as Wukong wants to go out, the greater the power of the golden cudgel is used, it will be transformed into additional energy on the truth, and the five element mountain will become more and more heavy. Wukong can’t breathe under the pressure, and the pain is still Wukong himself.

Wukong finally found that the golden cudgel didn’t work, so he had to give up in despair. For the next 500 years, Wukong had been living in poverty. After being exposed to the wind, sun and rain, he felt the pain of being unable to move and eat fruits. He watched the spring and winter come and go year by year, and watched the shepherd boy who helped him turn into a drooping old man. His heart was filled with emotion. Only the golden cudgel accompanied him for so many years.

Therefore, we can also learn some truth from the book. One can’t act recklessly. It can be known that there are people outside the human world. Even if you rely on it, you can’t resist the psychological disaster. Sometimes, we can only be optimistic about the world in difficulties, do ourselves well, and uphold the principle of spiritual cultivation, so that our life path can have a chance to see the light again. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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