Why doesn’t Yang Di and Zhang dada disclose the gratitude and resentment behind Yang Di and Zhang dada

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Yang Di and Zhang dada are both very active entertainers in the mainland. They have also recorded many programs together, but their relationship doesn’t seem to be the same. When they meet in the program, they will quarrel in a joking tone. Why did Yang Di and Zhang dada disagree? Today, let’s uncover the gratitude and resentment behind Yang Di and Zhang dada.

Why don’t Yang Di and Zhang dada disagree

There are three main reasons why Yang Di and Zhang dada disagree. The first reason is that it has something to do with Xie Na. Zhang dada and Yang Di are from the same school. Zhang dada was also a little famous by virtue of the even drop singer hosted by Xie Na. But as soon as Zhang dada became a little famous, he didn’t pay attention to Xie Na. Xie Na also complained about Zhang dada’s ingratitude in the program. As Yang Di’s apprentice, Zhang dada, who betrayed his school, naturally didn’t like it.

Another reason for their discord should be Zhang dada’s personality. Although Yang Di’s performance in the program is very exaggerated, and even his mouth is sometimes damaged, he is really good and a friend worthy of contact. But Zhang dada’s private character is very much roast by everyone. Previously, the Mars intelligence agency revealed that Da Suo had been shut down by an artist. Yang Di, Jacky Xue and others also spoke for Da Suo, the artist dis. Later, netizens also found out that the artist was Zhang dada. Privately, I don’t like Zhang dada’s colleagues, not only Yang Di.

Uncover the gratitude and resentment behind Yang Di and Zhang dada

Another reason is that Yang Di and Zhang dada are competitive products. They are artists of the same type, so it is impossible to invite them to participate in general variety shows at the same time. There is a competitive relationship between the two people, which naturally leads to some unpleasant friction, so the relationship between Zhang Da and Yang Di will not be particularly good. However, Yang Di and Zhang dada are very popular. Obviously, Yang Di is much better, so Xiaobian is still optimistic about Yang Di’s development.

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