Why Dong Zhuo, the Prime Minister of power, was killed at the end of the Han Dynasty: the fuse of his confidant LV Fucheng

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When Sun Jian marched into Luoyang, Zhu Yun did not retreat westward with Dong Zhuo, but stayed in Luoyang to meet the rebels. The two of them have old friends. Sun Jian used to be a capable general under Zhu Jian. Now Zhu Jian is naturally a guest of honor of Sun Jian. Dong Zhuo and Yuan Shao drew money from the bottom of the barrel. Sun Jian led a small number of mobile troops to recover Henan and Jingzhou. The army left in Luoyang to deal with Dong Zhuo was temporarily handed over to Zhu Yu. Seeing that Sun Jian left Luoyang, Dong Zhuo attacked Luoyang with Hongnong Yang Yi as the Yin of Henan. Zhu Xuan first attacked the army eastward, then attacked westward, defeated Yang Yi and occupied Luoyang again. After Sun Jian’s death, Yuan Shu refused to provide military supplies to Zhu Xi, who was higher in status and reputation than himself. The surrounding areas of Luoyang were in ruins. Zhu Xi was inconvenient to stay for a long time, so he Tun Zhongmou in the East (now near Zhongmou County, Henan Province). Hearing that Sun Jian was dead, Dong Zhuo became arrogant and sent his son-in-law Zhonglang to lead Niu Fu to attack the East with tens of thousands of soldiers, including the captain of Beidi Li Xuan, Zhangye Guo Si, Wuwei Zhang Ji and so on. At this time, the armies of wild jujube dispersed because Sun Jian had occupied Luoyang (when Sun Jian attacked Luoyang, Cao Cao once advised the armies to coordinate their westward advance, and no one responded), and attacked each other. Zhu Xuan could only turn to Xuzhou for help. Xuzhou Mu Tao Qian, with the word Gong Zu, is from Danyang. Shandong prefectures have raised flags to denounce Dong Zhuo, but Tao Qian, the governor of Xuzhou, did not start the army and sent envoys to Dong Zhuo, who was promoted to general Anton Xuzhou mu by Dong Zhuo. Tao Qian had private friends with Zhu Yun, helping 3000 soldiers and allocating food and grass. Dong Zhuo had two prefectures, Liangzhou and the prosperous Guanzhong as the rear area, while Zhu Xuan had no rear operations and lacked cavalry. The result of the battle was immediately known. Zhu Ying was defeated and trapped in the isolated city. Dong Zhuo’s army raided the counties of Chenliu and Yingchuan, and killed all the prisoners. At this time, suddenly came the news that Dong Zhuo was dead!

After arriving in Chang’an, Dong Zhuo became more and more powerful. His brother Dong min is a left general, and his nephew Dong Huang is a lieutenant in the middle army, and he has military power. Members of his family tied for the imperial court, and the children in the arms of his concubines were all marquees and given gold and purple. His car clothes were against the emperor, and he called Santai (Shangshutai, Yushi Tai, Fujie Tai) and shangshuxia to work in the Dong mansion. Facing the opposition of Shandong prefectures, he used a lot of manpower and material resources to build the dock. The dock wall is three feet and five feet high and thick, which is equal to Chang’an city. Jigu is a 30-year reserve. He claims that when things are done, he will dominate the world; No, keeping this is enough to end old age. However, they did not know how to act perversely, which led to a separation of heart and virtue. Not only did some people outside fight against it, but also inside it. Many ministers, such as situ Wangyun, Sili Xiaowei Huang Wan, pusheshi sun Rui, and Shangshu Yang Zan, secretly plotted to eliminate harm for the world and take advantage of the gap to alienate Lv Bu from Dong Zhuo.

Lu Bu, the Duke of Zhonglang, was born in Jiuyuan County, Wuyuan County, Bingzhou. He was a hunched horse with great strength. Dong Zhuo loved him and swore to be his father and son. No matter where he went, Lu Bu often accompanied him to protect him. However, Dong Zhuo was rigid and prone to anger. Once, due to a small mistake, Dong Zhuo was angry and pulled out his halberd and threw it at Lv Bu. Fortunately, Lv Bu was strong and avoided. Then, Lv Bu changed his tolerance and apologized, and Dong Zhuo’s anger disappeared. Since then, Lu Bu began to secretly dissatisfied because he nearly lost his life. As a bodyguard, Lu Bu often waited outside Dong Zhuo’s bed and had more opportunities to contact Dong’s maid, so he had an affair. In this way, Lu Bu became more and more uneasy, for fear of being discovered, leading to catastrophe. Wang Yun has always been kind to Lv Bu, so Lv Bu vented his boredom to Wang Yun. When Wang Yun realized that Lv Bu was indeed available, he worked out a plan to launch a coup to kill Dong Zhuo with this brave general. When it comes to killing Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu can’t bear it. After all, Dong Zhuo treated him very well and vowed to be with his father and son. Wang Yun advised Lv Bu to make up his mind, or else his life and family would be ruined: your surname is Lv, and this is not flesh and blood. What is father and son when you are too worried to die? When throwing halberds, how can there be father son love? Lu Bu made up his mind to participate in the coup to kill Dong Zhuo.

On April 23 in the summer of the third year of Chuping (AD 192), Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty first recovered from his illness, and all his ministers met in Weiyang palace. Dong Zhuo, dressed in court clothes, drove in. The security is very strict. From the barracks to the palace, Chen Bing is in the lane, with infantry on the left and cavalry on the right. Lv Bu and other bodyguards are nearby. Wang Yun asked Shi Sunrui to write an imperial edict to kill Dong and grant it to Lv Bu. Lu Bu put the imperial edict in his arms and ordered his fellow cavalry Lieutenant Li Su, the warrior Qin Yi (suspected Qin Yilu), Chen Wei and more than a dozen other people to put on guard clothes and wait for Dong Zhuo in the Beiye gate. As soon as Dong Zhuo entered the palace gate by car, Li Su and others rushed forward and stabbed him with a halberd. Dong Zhuo emphasized armor in his court uniform. Li Su and others failed to hit Dong Zhuo hard, but cut his arm and fell out of the car. Dong Zhuo shouted: where is Lv Bu? Lu Bu came forward and took out the imperial edict and said: there is an imperial edict to beg for thieves! Dong Zhuo cursed: How dare yonggou be so evil? Lv Bu stabbed Dong Zhuo to death with a spear. Dong Zhuo’s clan, men and women, old and young, including his 90 year old mother, were killed by soldiers in the dock.

On the death of Dong Zhuo, the scholars of Chang’an celebrated. An imperial edict was issued to record the bookkeeping affairs under the permission of situ Wang, and Lu Bu was appointed as the general of Fenwei, the general of Feijie and the general of Yitong, the Marquis of Wen and the ruler of the court.

Zhonglang led Niu Fu and other soldiers to deal with Zhu Xuan in Zhongmou area. Hearing Dong Zhuo’s death, he led his troops to the West. Lu Bu advocated killing all Liangzhou soldiers, and Wang Yun said: this generation is innocent, not. In order to appease the Liangzhou army, someone suggested to Wang Yun that Liangzhou people were afraid of the yuan family and were afraid of Kanto. Now if the troops were released, everyone would be in danger. If you can make Huangfu Yizhen (Huangfu song Yizhen) a general, you will lead them to stay in Shaanxi (Shaanxi county is located in the east of today’s Sanmenxia) to appease them. Wang Yun said: otherwise, those who advocate justice in Kanto are all my disciples. Today, we are far away from danger and Tun Shaanxi. Although Liangzhou is located, we should not doubt the heart of Kanto. Before the aftermath work was done, Wang Yun and Lv Bu had to fight against the Liangzhou army.

Lu Bu sent Li Su to Shaanxi county to order Niu Fu to be killed, and Niu Fu led the army to defeat Li Su. Li Su fled back to Chang’an and was punished by Lu Bu. At this time, the internal military morale of the Liangzhou army was also extremely unstable. A mutiny occurred in the camp at night. Niu Fu took Jin and Bao, and fled with five or six of his friends Hu chi’er. Hu chi’er and others watched Zhongjin and Bao, killed Niu Fu, and passed it on to the capital. Li Zhe and others had nothing to rely on and asked Chang’an for an amnesty, which was rejected by Wang Yun. Li Zhe and others were afraid and at a loss. They just wanted to break up and escape back to their hometown. Jia Xu, the commander of the Imperial College, realized the importance of the army and knew the consequences of their escape. He suggested that the army should fight hard.

Jia Xu, with the word Wenhe, is from guzang County, Wuwei County. Xindu made Yan Zhong think that young Jia Xu was a genius similar to Zhang Liang and Chen Ping, and recommended him as Xiaolian. Jia xusui went to guoxindu County, Anping, Jizhou to be Lang. Soon, he resigned due to illness and returned to the west, accompanied by dozens of people. On the way, he was robbed by Di people’s cavalry. He falsely claimed that he was the nephew of Tai Wei Duan GUI, and his family would pay a heavy ransom. Duan Jijiu was a border general, which shocked the western land. The Di people were always afraid, so they didn’t dare to harm Jia Xu. After the alliance, they let go of the small-scale plot. Later, he entered Luoyang from DongZhuo and fought against Shandong prefectures from niufu.

Jia Xu said to Li Zhe and others: you abandon all single lines, that is, one Pavilion can bind you; It’s better to lead the crowd to the West and withdraw the troops to attack Chang’an and avenge Duke Dong. Serving the country and the world; If it doesn’t agree, it’s better to leave. Li Zhe and others followed their plan, and the generals allied with each other, killing Chang’an with the attitude of survival from death. Li Xuan, Guo Si, Zhang Ji, fan Hou, Li Meng, Wang Fang and others led the crowd to besiege Chang’an for eight days. By the first day of June, there were old soldiers in Lv Bu’s army as internal agents, leading the Liangzhou army into the city. Lu Bu and Li Zhe were fighting in the streets of the city. Lu Bu couldn’t beat Li Zhe back, took hundreds of riders, tied the saddle with Dong Zhuo’s head, and broke through.

According to the story of heroes, Lu Bu broke through the north gate and met Guo Si. The two men fought one-on-one. Lu Bu stabbed Guo Si under his horse with a spear. Guo Si’s troops were busy with the Savior, and Lu Bu’s troops fled in disorder.

The so-called one-on-one fight is called a ride in Japanese. The two horses galloped towards each other, and the contact fight was for one face. Turn the horse’s head and rush to fight again, and close the two faces for one round. Generally speaking, after three face-to-face meetings, the horse can’t maintain the maximum speed (unless changing horses). Single play is different from fencing in sports. It doesn’t depend on the number of matches. The victory or defeat is determined by one hit. Under the condition that there is not much difference between equestrian skills and hitting skills, anything can happen (for example, go, only playing one game, as it happens, five segments may win nine segments, who let him hit a small probability).

It was originally nonsense. Literary works can be exaggerated by making up stories, but official history disdains to mention it. Therefore, there is almost no single fight in the Twenty-Four Histories. This book just tells readers that Lu Bu and Guo Si have a single choice in the story of heroes.

When Lu Bu left, he invited Wang Yuntong to go with him. Wang Yun refused to go, saying: if it is the spirit of the country, I wish to secure the country; If you don’t get it, you will sacrifice yourself to death. The imperial court is young and depends on me. I can’t bear to avoid difficulties. Thank the Duke of Kanto and take the country as the center! Too often, Zhong Fu said: as a minister, you can’t forbid violence and resist aggression, and make the white blade to the palace to make it safe! So he went to war and died. Li Xuan and other troops entered the nangongye gate and killed the Taipu Lu Kui, Da Honglu Zhou Huan, Chengmen school captain Cui lie, and Yueqi school captain Wang Qi. In the chaos, more than ten thousand officials and people died, and the city was in chaos. Wang Yun helped Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty to go up to Xuanping gate to avoid soldiers, and Li Zhe and others fell under the gate and kowtowed. Emperor Xian said to Li Zhe and others: what do you want to do when Qing and others release troops? Li Zhe and others said: Dong Zhuo was loyal to his majesty and was killed by Lv Bu for no reason. The ministers revenge for Zhuo, and they dare not rebel. Please finish your work and suffer for it. The generals surrounding the palace que asked situ Wang Yun to come out and ask the grand master what his sin was. At this point, Wang Yun went down the gate and was detained by the generals. A few days later, he was killed and abandoned the market.

After the Liangzhou soldiers entered Chang’an, they were pardoned, and Dong Zhuo was buried in Xi. Li Xi was General Yang Wu, Guo Si was General Yang lie, fan Chou and other generals were Zhonglang generals, and Jia Xu was Zuo Fengyi. Jia Xu is not only witty, but also knowledgeable. The generals planned to confer a marquis on Jia Xu. Jia Xu said: how can this life-saving plan work? Firm words are not sealed. The generals also hoped to grant him the title of Shangshu Buhe. Jia Xu said: Shangshu Buhe, the official’s teacher, is expected by the world. His name is not so important that he serves others. If you boast that you are ignorant of glory and profit, what is the direction of Nai? So he was worshipped as the minister.

According to the suggestions of Jia Xu and others, Li Xuan enlisted Zhu Xuan in the name of the imperial court. The governor, prefect and state counsellor of Xuzhou mu taoqian and other prefectures of Xu and Yang advised Zhu Yun not to go, but to lead his troops to gradually pacify the world. Although Zhu Xuan was a famous general, he was not a hero. He was quite exhausted by the reorganization of the country, so he went to Beijing as a imperial servant. Tens of thousands of troops in Zhongmou suddenly lost their leaders and went to the later generals Yuan Shu and Xuzhou mutaoqian respectively.

In the autumn, because Zhongmou had no army as the enemy, Li Zhe and others increased their ranks. First, the Cavalry General Huang fushong was promoted to Taiwei to make room for the vacancy. After a few days, Li Zhe was appointed as the cavalry general, the commander of Sili school, and the holiday. Chi Yang Hou was appointed, fan Hou was appointed as the right general, Wan Nian Hou was appointed, Guo Si was appointed as the later general, and meiyang Hou was appointed; Zhang Ji, the general of Liangzhou who was stationed in Hongnong, was the general of Zhendong and was granted the Marquis of Pingyang. In order to resist Yuan Shao group and make Shandong prefectures check and balance each other, Li Zhe and others proposed to Emperor Xian the requirements of reconciliation of Shandong forces. Emperor Xian also hoped that Shandong could alleviate the war disaster, so he ordered Taifu Ma RI, Taifu Zhao Qi and Shaofu Yin Xiudong to send an edict, ordering the troops to be eliminated. In order to win over Yuan Shu group, Li Zhen suggested that gongsunzan be the former general, and Yi Hou be granted, Yuan Shu be the left general, and false Festival, and Yang Zhai Hou be granted; Liu Biao was also contacted to be the general of Zhennan, the animal husbandry of Jingzhou, the Marquis of Chengwu, and the holiday.

Dong Zhuo persuaded Ma Teng, Han Sui and others to join his camp to deal with Shandong together. Ma and Han led the crowd from the Hexi corridor to Chang’an and surrendered to Li. Li Zhe took Han Sui as the general of Zhenxi and sent him back to Liangzhou; Ma Teng was the general of the western expedition and stationed in Xi county.

Li Xuan, fan Chou and Guo Si were arrogant and arrogant. They competed for power with each other. Several times, they almost ignited and got up together. It was all up to Jia Xu to take the blame in general. Therefore, although they can’t be kind in their hearts, they can still live in peace for a year or two.

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