Why don’t big stars know Wang Xinling when they are their first girlfriend and boyfriend

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Many fans should imagine that they can fall in love with their favorite stars, but many fans feel that this is an impossible dream, and some even don’t know that it has been realized. The big star turned out to be her first girlfriend. Wang Xinling’s first boyfriend, as her fan, didn’t recognize Wang Xinling. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Big star is his first girlfriend

After Wang Xinling became famous, when she participated in a program in Taiwan, the program team contacted Wang Xinling’s first boyfriend by phone. As a result, the other party didn’t know that she was Wang Xinling’s first boyfriend. When the boy first received the call from the program group, he thought he had encountered a liar. Why is this? It turned out that this first boyfriend was Wang Xinling’s primary school classmate. The two liked each other when they were at school. Later, when I went from primary school to junior high school, the two separated.

Wang Xinling is not her original name, but her stage name. Her real name is Wang Junru. So in the eyes of her first boyfriend, Wang Junru has always been remembered. Later, after Wang Xinling became popular, the first boyfriend even fell in love with Wang Xinling and now he has bought Wang Xinling’s album.

First boyfriend doesn’t know Wang Xinling

In this regard, netizens also teased Wang Xinling’s first boyfriend one after another. This is falling in love with Wang Xinling repeatedly. It is definitely true love. This kind of story sounds very bloody, but after reading the story of Wang Xinling, I think it will really happen. However, Wang Xinling has made her debut as an artist, and she will definitely not continue to be with her first boyfriend. However, Wang Xinling dated several star boyfriends after that, and they were basically scum men. All netizens roast that Wang Xinling can’t look at men, and shout that Wang Xinling should make a good career and don’t find a boyfriend in the entertainment industry.

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