Why February 2 is called “ Dragon heads up &rdquo& ldquo; Dragon heads up ” Origin of

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Why is February 2 called “dragon head up”? Is there any allusion? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

According to folklore, every second day of the second lunar month is the day when the Dragon King, who is in charge of clouds and rain, looks up; From then on, the rain will gradually increase. Therefore, this day is called &quote; Spring Dragon Festival;. It is widely spread in the north of China; On February 2, the Dragon looked up; A large warehouse is full, but a small warehouse flows& quot; A folk proverb.

When the spring Dragon Festival comes, in most parts of northern China, every household carries water by the well or river with lanterns in the morning. When they return home, they light lamps, burn incense and offer sacrifices. In the old days, people called this kind of ceremony &quote; Yintianlong &quote;. On this day, every family has to eat noodles, fried oil cakes and popcorn; Tap &quot& quot; Eat gentian& quot; The golden bean blossoms, the Dragon King ascends to heaven, the clouds are raised and the rain is covered, and the grain is abundant;, As a sign of good luck.


The origin of the spring Dragon Festival is a myth spread among the people in northern China. She said that Wu Zetian’s becoming emperor annoyed the Jade Emperor and told the Dragon King of the four seas not to rain on the earth for three years. Soon, the Dragon King, who was in charge of the Tianhe River, listened to the cries of folk people, looked at the tragic scene of starving people, worried that the way of life on earth would be cut off, so he disobeyed the will of the Jade Emperor and rained on the earth. The Jade Emperor learned that he had beaten the Dragon King down to earth and suffered at the foot of a big mountain. A monument was erected on the mountain: the Dragon King should suffer from human sins for thousands of years if he violated heaven’s rules in rainfall; If you want to climb the Lingxiao Pavilion again, you will not succeed until the golden beans are in bloom.

In order to save the Dragon King, people looked everywhere for golden beans. On the second day of February in the next year, when people were turning over and drying the corn seeds, they thought that the corn was like golden beans. When they fried it, it blossomed. Isn’t it just golden beans? Every family explodes popcorn and sets up a case in the yard to burn incense for those who have blossomed; Golden bean;.

When the Dragon King looked up and knew that the people had saved him, he shouted to the Jade Emperor: " The golden beans are blooming. Let me out& quot;; As soon as the Jade Emperor saw that the golden bean blossoms were blooming in every house on earth, he had no choice but to order the Dragon King to return to heaven and continue to make clouds and rain for the world.

Since then, people have formed a habit of eating popcorn on the second day of February. In fact, after February of the lunar calendar, " Rainwater " With the advent of solar terms, the phenomenon of little rain in winter ends, and the rainfall will gradually increase. This is the characteristic of the monsoon climate in North China. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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