Why has Wu Zhenyu never won the golden statue award

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With the film muddy water rafting, Wu Zhenyu was shortlisted for best actor in the 40th Golden Elephant award. This is the sixth time that Wu Zhenyu has been shortlisted for best actor in the Golden Elephant award. Everyone also hopes that Wu Zhenyu can win the award. After all, his strength deserves this award. Wu Zhenyu ran with the golden statue award. Why did Wu Zhenyu make his debut for so many years and be shortlisted six times, but never won the golden statue award? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

WuZhenYu running with the golden statue award

Muddy water rafting is a film released in Hong Kong, China on June 3, 2021. It has not been released in the mainland at present. However, many netizens have watched a lot of Wu Zhenyu’s films. Everyone is looking forward to his winning this time, but they didn’t expect to run with him. Many netizens even lamented that Wu Zhenyu didn’t get lucky and complained for Wu Zhenyu. However, Wu Zhenyu himself seems to be open to winning the prize. Previously, Wu Zhenyu said that winning the prize in the Hong Kong entertainment industry should focus on luck, contacts and audience popularity, but not strength. Strength is placed very far behind.

After the news of Wu Zhenyu running with the golden statue award was hot searched, I didn’t expect that my son Wu Feiman also sent an article to tease Wu Zhenyu: “ Congratulations, wusteaming fish won the best accompanying running and the best popular award ”. Moreover, in the comments area and various interactions with netizens, it seems that Wu Zhenyu is not emotional because he did not win the prize, and Wu Feiman, the son in charge, will not joke about Wu Zhenyu about this matter.

Wu Zhenyu has never won a golden statue award

The competition for the best actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards has always been fierce. So far, no mainland male star has won the film award, and even Jackie Chan and Jet Li, who are well-known, have not won this award. The winner of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards is Xie Xian. Xie Xian has acted all his life and finally won the award at the age of 85. He is also qualified, but he still feels sorry for Wu Zhenyu. I hope Wu Zhenyu won’t run with him next time, and he can really win the prize.

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