Why is apricot fairy the most tragic monster in the journey to the west?

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Chinese traditional culture has a long history, broad and profound! Today, the Xiaobian of chinastory.com has sorted out the relevant contents of Xingxian in the journey to the West. I wonder if it can help you expand your knowledge?

Xing Xian is the most beautiful, sad and innocent monster in journey to the West.


That apricot fairy just fell in love with Tang monk at first sight and had no intention of harming others. In the short time she spent with Tang monk in Muxian nunnery, they were quite harmonious and friendly. Muxian nunnery has nothing to be afraid of. I will use Tang Monk’s own words to evaluate the environment of Muxian nunnery:

Fresh and elegant, no fiber sink; It can be said that the Zen Mind is like the moon.

Xing Xian not only offered Tang Monk fragrant tea, but also danced in front of him. He was very charming. Looking at the Tang Monk’s expression seems to be very enjoyable.


While tasting tea, Tang Monk talked about poetry and Taoism with the eighteen old men, while appreciating the beautiful dancing posture of the apricot fairy. Before that, Tang Monk had never been so calm when he met other monsters. He was scared out of his wits and his body looked like chaff. Other monsters are simple and rough, but they don’t have the same self-restraint as apricot fairy and those tree spirits, and treat Tang monk with courtesy. This shows that Tang Monk did not regard apricot fairy as a monster, but regarded her as a fairy. He did not have much Preventive Psychology in front of apricot fairy and her peers.

Tang monk has ever drunk a drop of water from other monsters, but when he came to Xingxian, he nodded frequently while drinking tea. Good tea is good tea; While watching Xingxian dance, she smiled happily. From these details, it can be seen that the apricot fairy had no malice towards the Tang monk, never thought of eating the Tang Monk’s meat, and the Tang Monk did not feel the threat from the apricot fairy.

It can be determined that Xing Xian is the most innocent and harmless of all the monsters that Tang monk met.


In fact, apricot immortals and their kind are not monsters, just tree spirits and flower spirits. Her only attempt to the Tang monk was to marry him and live a life of divine couple, which showed the naive side of the apricot fairy. How can a human demon go against heaven? We can regard Xing Xian as an ordinary girl who is overwhelmed by love.

Although Tangseng was born physically, he was an eminent monk of great virtue after all. Facing the apricot fairy’s love offensive, he did not confuse his position, but politely refused. Even if the Tang Monk refused Xing Xian’s request, Xing Xian was not as angry as other monsters, but was ashamed and dejected. Just at this time, Sunwukong and other disciples arrived. Zhu Bajie did not care about harrowing and arching, and threw wintersweet, apricot tree and osmanthus to the ground. It was too late for Tang monk to stop. Pity that apricot fairy just died. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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