Why is Cao Cao so enthusiastic about meeting Zhang Xiu’s enemies?

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Cao Cao and his son clearly remember Zhang Xiu’s old account!

Zhang Xiu is the son of Zhang Ji, the Hussar general. After Zhang Ji died, Zhang Xiu took over his work. Soon, Cao Cao came. Zhang Xiu was defeated and surrendered to Cao Cao. Originally, Zhang Xiu was going to make a revolution with Cao Cao this time, but she didn’t expect that Cao Cao would get along with his aunt, the widow of Uncle Zhang Ji, in the tense war.

Cao Cao is also deceiving people too much. Angry, hateful and regretful, Zhang Xiu decides to fight against Cao. Zhang Xiu raids Cao camp at night. Cao Cao, who is addicted to beauty, has no time to respond and has to flee in confusion, resulting in heavy losses. First of all, he himself was injured by a stream of arrows from nowhere; Secondly, Cao ang, the eldest son, and Cao Anmin, his nephew, died in the chaos; The beloved general Dian Wei guarded the gate of the camp, injured dozens of places, and fought until the last moment of his life.

Before long, Zhang Xiu was forced by the situation. Unable to withstand the rhetoric of counsellor Jia Xu, she summoned up the courage to vote for Cao Cao again.

Enemies meet with great enthusiasm!

Like seeing an old friend, Cao Cao shook Zhang Xiu’s hand again and again, drank with him, made him general Yang Wu, and asked his son Cao Jun to marry his daughter. Later generations highly praised Cao Cao for his generosity and the ability of the prime minister to paddle a boat. In doing so, Cao Cao actually had another purpose. Zhang Xiu originally owed Cao Cao several lives. His psychological burden was already large enough, but Cao Cao ignored past grievances and entrusted him with important tasks to marry. Didn’t it add to Zhang Xiu’s guilt? From the banquet on that day, Cao Cao caught the Zhang embroidery.

Since then, Zhang Xiu should have been very depressed. He tried his best to repay his kindness. Indeed, he made great contributions. According to the history, “embroidery made great contributions to the war and moved to destroy the Qiang general. From the destruction of Yuantan in Nanpi, the number of households in the city has been increased by 2000. At that time, the consumption of household registration in the world has been reduced, and one in ten has been cut. The generals have closed less than a thousand households, but embroidery is very common.” What a “battle of might”, that is, to play with your head.

According to the annals of the Three Kingdoms, Zhang Xiu died during the expedition against Wuhuan. “Wei Lue” records that Cao Pi humiliated Zhang Xiu in public at a banquet: “you killed my brother, why should you hold your face to evil people!” How much you scold! Zhang Xiu said that she killed her brother. How could she have the cheek to surrender to her father? This sentence alone completely destroyed Zhang Xiu’s psychological defense line that she had built so hard for many years! After that, Zhang Xiu committed suicide.

When Cao Cao died, he also said to his wife Bian in a semi coma: “when I get there, how can I answer if Zixiu (Cao angzi) asks me, ‘where is my mother?’ The Cao family and their sons clearly remember Zhang Xiu’s old account!

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