Why is huangriying out of action? How is huangriying now

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In the cold winter of film and television in recent years, many artists have been stingy at home. Some time ago, some netizens summarized the flowers that had not been included in the group, including the name of huangriying. Why is huangriying out of action? How is huangriying now? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why is huangriying out of action

Huang Riying was born in 1994 and entered the entertainment industry in 2017 with the second season of online drama. After her debut, Huang Riying was praised by many netizens for her special appearance like aunt liruotong, especially her ancient clothes. The second season of Huang Riying’s debut work, as well as her royal highness and consort channeling, are particularly beautiful.

After Huang Riying entered the entertainment industry, her resources are still very good. Basically, they are seamless. Although the films are all small-cost online dramas, the stars are all heroines, and the development prospect still gives fans great confidence. As a result, since the beginning of the film and television winter in the entertainment industry, Huang Riying has not been in the group for more than half a year. She is basically in a state of pinching her feet at home. In fact, Huang Riying is not the only one. Many waist actors in the entertainment industry have been affected by the cold winter of film and television. Now it is very difficult for the crew to start work, and our resources have been greatly affected.

What is the current situation of huangriying

However, Xiaobian feels that fans should not worry too much. Although Huang Riying hasn’t been in the group for a long time, Huang Riying still has several films in stock. Some senior brothers always want to bloom. Wulin is charming and married the wrong princess. She doesn’t just like you. The number of plays started shooting on major platforms has decreased, and the previous inventory must be used. Therefore, the four inventories of Huang Riying will basically be launched on the platform and can last for at least oneortwo years. I also hope that the entertainment industry can give more resources to beautiful women. Huangriying is really cute!

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