Why is it difficult for China to have entrepreneurs like musk?

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Guide: in the past decade, the most famous entrepreneur in the world must be musk. Under the aura of multimedia, musk has received more and more fans. No matter where he appears, he will reap the screams of countless fans like a superstar.

Put aside the noisy media, and carefully explore the behind Musk’s success today, there is nothing but the combined effect of favorable weather, favorable place and harmonious people.

Behind Tesla stands China, the world’s strongest manufacturing power, and behind SpaceX is the full support of NASA and the military. Of course, musk himself has the same outstanding quality, but does China have such an excellent entrepreneur?

Today, I share an article about two outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs who are no less than musk. They are also stars worthy of pursuing by our nation!

Source: Zhihu Author: young guards

Two examples are ma Weiming and Ren Zhengfei.

Let’s start with the first one.

Ma Weiming was also a genius. After college, he was sent to the army by his family. The army leaders saw that he was extremely intelligent, so they arranged for him to go to the Naval Research Institute.

However, Ma Weiming couldn’t stand the research life of the army and felt constrained and unfettered everywhere. He wanted to start a business and become an entrepreneur in the business sea. However, at that time, his mentor advised him to work for another two years and then stay free.

During this period, Ma Weiming had a strong interest in the medium voltage DC integrated power system, so he decided to stop running enterprises and stay in the Research Institute.

The most advanced in the world is only medium voltage AC. Ma Weiming spent several years to develop the medium voltage DC integrated power system, which is one step ahead of the United States for more than ten years.


Later, in about 2000, when the state considered the steam ejection project, Ma Weiming thought that he would always follow others, okay?

This is not good. So he spent 3000W to transform a 20 square meter bathroom into a laboratory, and developed a prototype electromagnetic catapult in 2008. After reading it, all the leaders of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering burst into tears.


The Chinese decision-making level bypassed steam ejection and applied electromagnetic ejection on 003.

So musk was born in China. It must be like this:

College entrance examination – joining the army – specializing in technology – industry leaders – leading achievements in the world – academician of the Academy of Sciences and Engineering – member of the Central Committee – member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.


It should be emphasized here that Ma Weiming’s engineering ability is mainly reflected in two aspects:

The first is

No matter how difficult the technology is, it will succeed according to the route he plans;

The second is to know people well, be good at being bole, explore talents, and arrange talents to appropriate positions.

These two coincide with musk.

The technical route of Tesla and space X was chosen by musk. For example, dozens of Merlin engines were connected in parallel, and musk learned from the Soviet Union’s N1 lunar landing rocket, but musk was powerful. He chose this technical route today when computer control was highly developed. Therefore, the Soviet Union failed to land on the moon, and Musk’s space program was a complete success.

In addition, the top leaders of Tesla and kongx in a large number of key positions are also brought out by musk while teaching. He can be both a teacher and a teacher, and has the ability to pull up a team.

Let’s talk about Ren Zhengfei.


Like Wang Shi, he relies on the venture capital obtained by his father-in-law. Only Wang Shi is a real estate agent, and Ren Zhengfei is the real technology fairy.

Ren Zhengfei’s skill is reflected in his vision and concentration. I chose the sunrise industry of communication early. If the route is right, the more knowledge, the more success.

The other is strategic concentration in technology. Alibaba Tencent, the Internet boom, has made a fortune. When musk was doing Tesla and empty x, Google and Facebook were also crazy about making money. In this case, making 100 million is really a small goal.

But Ren and Ma are powerful because they don’t make fast money, but concentrate on their core technology.

Now the tide of the Internet has receded, and Huawei is so powerful that trump himself will be punished, and the face of the United States can be ignored; Tesla NiuDao doesn’t have to spend a penny to build a factory in Shanghai. It also enjoys five years of tax exemption and massive subsidies.

In fact, if musk was born in China, the probability is Ren Zhengfei. If Ren Zhengfei was born in the United States, the probability is also a replica of musk. The vision of these two people in developing new technologies is unparalleled at the same time.

American love is strong, while Chinese love is more subtle. Born in different soil, the same seed will have different ways. But they are surprisingly consistent in life choices. They are determined to change the world rather than share the area, and to the sea of stars rather than a few cabbages.

Such people actually determine the success or failure of the Sino US struggle. China has no Ren Zhengfei, and the United States has no musk. In fact, China and the United States are not the country that leads all mankind.

The competition between China and the United States is essentially a contest of economic vitality. Due to the huge size of China and the United States, this is a marathon war. In the end, the richer side of the people will get the last Holy Grail and lead all mankind to the light.

And economic vitality largely depends on how to develop and apply brand-new technologies to overwhelm each other with advanced productivity under the condition of convergence of production relations.

Therefore, the competition between China and the United States is, in the final analysis, a competition between Ren Zhengfei, a group of Chinese talents, and the American talents represented by musk.

If China can continue to provide a high-quality market environment for Ren Zhengfei in the future, the final victory is likely to belong to China.


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