Why is Japan getting more and more right?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (ID: hooyar_380097485)

Morio Inada, the God of Japanese business, passed away yesterday. If this had happened ten years ago, the whole network would have been inundated with memories and glorification.

It’s a pity that in today’s Chinese Internet, even if someone tries to talk about his brilliant deeds, netizens either turn a cold eye to him or simply jump out and send comments saying “all good things are said and all bad things are done”.

The Japanese especially like to make gods. Even an old man who cooks can be packaged as a cooking immortal. If in China, such a person, no matter which restaurant, can at most be a handyman.

But as long as a group of people keep blowing, they will become immortals. Immortals bless them, and then there will be all kinds of harvest IQ taxes. If you dare to say that it is not delicious, hehe, you will immediately experience how the emperor’s new clothes push you to death. If you can’t taste the beauty, it must not be the fault of the immortals. It must be something wrong with your tongue.

If you dare to insist that your tongue is innocent, then wait for the society to die.

Over the years, the Japanese have been able to play this PUA method with ease.

An old man who deceives others to make contributions every day and harvests surplus leeks by himself has become the God of management. Many Chinese institutions have bought copyrights and sold them everywhere. The bosses were greatly moved by this kind of brainwashing method. Once excited, they immediately contacted the training institution to brainwash the whole staff.

It is often good for employees not to learn. Once they learn, they immediately think of the socialist successor education content they learned in the past. They understand that the boss’s conscience is very bad, and they spend all day thinking about whoring for nothing. Therefore, the enterprise naturally gets worse and worse.

It is particularly interesting to think about it. Japanese militarists, President Chang kaishen, and countless rice field Seifu all claim to learn from Wang Yangming. After learning for a long time, they learned a sentence: “why don’t you know to contribute to my interests?”

So you see, since the rapid development of China’s economy, many people in the neon country have begun to reflect, “why don’t you know to make sacrifices for our interests?”

Global competition is actually a very cruel process. I remember that when I was young, Chinese people were proud that their homes were filled with imported Japanese electrical appliances. They did not buy them. They did not like them, but simply could not afford them.

Who would be proud of a pure Japanese brand if they can afford it now?

We can see that there are fewer Japanese brands around us. Even the sales volume of Japanese cars, once known as “invincible in the world”, is declining. Behind this is the rise of “made in China”. What do the Japanese think?

From the return of the brand to the supply of parts, even parts are replaced by domestic products.

I still remember that seven or eight years ago, when the domestic mobile phone was launched, Luo Taijun boasted that his hammer was good, and would definitely declare that the screen was JDI. Later, JDI went bankrupt and BOE rose.

Now, when we blow about Japanese electronic products, we can only blow against a bunch of components that ordinary people can’t understand. Often, as long as this part is profitable, domestic replacement will surely slowly attack upward.

Now, of course, Japan has some high-tech and cutting-edge technologies and industries that dominate the world. However, just like the steel used for the ball pen core, why can’t localization be realized? Because the market is really too small, so small that it is not necessary to bother to chew it down. Later, it was known that Taigang had no way to make it after a fierce blow. After a few years, the world did not need to produce steel for ball point pen cartridges.

The only spending industry that can sustain the life of Japanese Komako is the automobile.

China’s automobile manufacturing industry has also begun to counter attack.

According to the data of the General Administration of Customs: from January to July, China’s automobile exports totaled 1.597 million, a year-on-year increase of 43.9%. According to the estimates of industry insiders, the total volume of China’s automobile exports will probably approach 3 million in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of about 50%.

The world market is so large that we have a large share, and Japan naturally has a small share.

According to the export data of Toyota, Honda and other Japanese automobile manufacturers in the first half of the year, the total export volume of Japan’s automobiles in 2022 is about 3.3 million, down 13.6% from 3.82 million in 2021.

It should be noted that before 2020, Japan’s automobile export volume will remain above 4 million.

The cake is so large, the demand is so large, and we account for a large proportion. Naturally, Japan will decline.

Don’t forget that in the field of electric vehicles, Japanese technology has fallen far behind.

Even though Europe and Japan are now united to curb the development of electric vehicles, the trend is there. Just as smart machines are destined to replace functional machines, the era of traditional fuel vehicles will pass.

Japan is an island country lacking in resources. It has been in a state of extreme poverty since the beginning of history, and it has only been a developed country for more than half a century.

The manufacturing industry in the United States is in recession. It still has a large enough territory and abundant land resources. It is not much worse to live behind closed doors.

But once Japan falls into the rust belt crisis, it will really be over.

When we are rich, it is easy to flood with love and tolerance. Because the tolerance space is large enough, you can see why there is a flood of white left virgin in Europe, because their generation has never experienced a real life of hunger and poverty.

The rust belt of the United States sent trump to the White House. Why can the right-wing forces do nothing in places like New York? Because New York has a lot of opportunities and a lot of money to make.

The economic foundation determines the superstructure. Over the years, Japan has been losing more and more. Now, even the pillar industries such as automobiles are being squeezed out by China. As a politician, what do you think?

Under Japan’s chaebol political system, why did Shinzo Abe have such great influence and hold the position of Prime Minister for so long?

That’s because Abe plays a set of abenomics. By squeezing domestic and cheating overseas, he uses the Bank of Japan’s money printing machine to help the chaebols expand overseas, which is tantamount to buying and selling without capital.

In fact, this expansion mode is somewhat similar to the game of Wall Street, the Democratic Party’s big financier in the United States. Therefore, Abe is able to hold down the right wingers on the stage, and the plutocrats are also satisfied with this game of door god making a fortune.

It is a pity that this year, the Federal Reserve suddenly changed its face and stopped playing with its younger brother. The depreciation rate of the yen has plunged the printing method into a crisis. The market no longer pursues yen assets as it used to. It was once boasted and packaged as a so-called safe haven currency, but now it has become a major risk in the capital circle.

The more the currency depreciates, the more people throw it away. In the past, Japan had a strong manufacturing industry to create a surplus to endorse the value of its currency. However, Japan has had a trade deficit for more than ten consecutive months.

If you look at the reversal of the automobile export data between China and Japan, you should know where the money that should have fallen into Japan’s pocket has gone.

We are just spectators, not the chaebol groups that control Japan’s political and economic lifelines. Those who watch the bustle find it interesting. Can those chaebols who watch their business get worse tolerate it?

After Abe becomes useless, if he uses his accumulated prestige and political resources to control the political arena, he is doomed to a bad end.

So is it because of the cult that Abe was assassinated? It’s hard to say.

But as the defense lawyer of the suspect said, the real killer of Abe was the wrong treatment.

Then Mrs Abe suddenly had an accident.

What followed was the collective purge of the Abe system in Japanese politics.

Abe’s younger brother, Nobuo Kishi, was originally defense minister, but he was soon dismissed. Then it came out that Japan would deploy a large number of missiles against China.

Are these missiles useful? Under the care of Dongfeng express, the devils really dare to do it. I’m afraid there will be nothing left in the land soon.

To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than the right wing’s vote.

Of course, Japan is very angry. Think about it. In the most friendly era of Sino Japanese relations, everyone could fight for a Japanese made TV set. With such a huge market and unlimited wealth imagination, unfriendly people could not get along with money.

With the gradual development of China, the whole industrial chain and the rise of big country industries are very scary. Japan’s so-called advantageous industries have shrunk and disappeared one by one. Japan’s so-called right-wing forces have emerged from the government. As for the private right-wing forces? Ha ha, the people of the island have been castrating themselves for many years. It’s a dream to deceive others and repay their kindness. Let’s take a look at the bear of the self defense force in the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan. We can see that the restoration of militarism is not so easy.

However, just like the rice fairy, this gimmicky trick of managing the great God can still deceive outsiders. As long as Japan pretends that right-wing militarism has erupted and barks at the eastern powers at any time, the western countries led by the United States will be confused.

Once you had a dog, you thought that the dog was useless, so naturally you would reduce the dog food. Now the dog pretends to be able to help you bite. Is it necessary to give more dog food?

Why has Japan been able to point to the wrong technology tree for many years? Is it true that the Japanese are unlucky? In the final analysis, the United States is still blocking it. As long as Japan finds out the direction, the global market dominated by the United States will definitely choose another way out.

Of course, Japan wants to change, but is it allowed to do so?

Unless Japan becomes more useful than before, from guns to missiles, the right wing will show its sincerity to the American big daddy in the military budget.

The Japanese militarists are very smart. Before the US atomic bomb was thrown out, people fooled the soldiers into committing suicide attacks as cannon fodder. The slogan they chanted was very awesome. One hundred million pieces of jade means enough cannon fodder.

Once it was discovered that the atomic bomb could be used to reduce the dimension of attack, no matter how much cannon fodder there was, it could not help the nobles to resist. The objects of this jade smashing included the high-ranking yellow nobles of Tien. So the group was scared to urinate and hurriedly announced unconditional surrender. After surrender, it showed unprecedented obedience, which made the Americans unable to deal with it.

So you see, the right wing is still playing the same game: “please dedicate yourself to my interests!”

Once the right wing was forced to sacrifice its own interests, it immediately ran away.

Now it is clear that this set of PUA laws can not raise enough cannon fodder at the bottom, but there is a strong demand at the top. Like some unscrupulous private enterprise owners, they cry out dedication and cry out tears and loneliness.

But it doesn’t matter. Amelica is applauding. Maybe she will brush the gift.

Although we all know that the Meidi is almost self-sufficient, where do we get the money and resources to raise dogs?

Neon has a long tradition of gambling on national luck. Now it’s time for them to go to the casino with red eyes.

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