Why is Menghua’s record so popular? Why is Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao’s personal data so poor

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Menghualu is definitely the most popular TV series broadcast in this period of time. Originally, ancient puppet TV dramas are particularly easy to attract fans. In addition, with top double face partners such as Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao, menghualu has basically won since it was broadcast. Menghua’s recording is very popular, but the personal data of the two leading stars of the play doesn’t seem to be very good. Why? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Menghua record explosion red

Many people are very strange. Menghua recorded a very high degree of discussion on the Internet, and the click through rate is also very high. It has been loved by many netizens, but Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao do not seem to be very popular at present. It seems that people prefer to talk about the roles of Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao in the play. They are not very enthusiastic about the two actors. This seems different from the popular ancient puppet dramas in the past, but it is understandable.

In the past, the actors of popular ancient puppet dramas were basically young single actors. Fans are more fresh about them, and they are also easy to use CP. male actors can also smoke a lot of girlfriend and wife powder. However, both Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao are old actors who have made their debut for many years. Naturally, they have nothing new to the audience. Therefore, it is difficult for us to rekindle our enthusiasm for Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao. We pay more attention to the play recorded by Menghua.

Why is the data of Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao so poor

In addition, Chen Xiao is married and has become a father, which makes it impossible for the audience recorded by Menghua to knock the real CP of Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao. Therefore, we discuss roles much more than the actors themselves. However, Meng Hua Lu is definitely a very important work for Liu Yifei and Chen Xiaolai. Because for the industry, the public praise and audience rating click through rate of the play are the most important. I believe that after the success of Menghua recording, Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao can also receive more good resources. Of course, many netizens are looking forward to the second match between Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao.

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