Why is Nezha the third prince? How did the title of the third prince come from?

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Do you know why Nezha is called the third prince? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, China story network editor tells you.

I believe everyone is familiar with the title of Prince. It is a respectful title for the heir to the throne. Since ancient times, every prince has been a crown prince confirmed by the reigning emperor and a person who will own the world in the future.

But there was a man who was very strange. His father was clearly not the emperor, but he was called the third prince. This man was Nezha. So why does he have such a title? Who on earth is he?

Nezha is a figure in the myths and legends of Taoism, a local religion in China. He has been canonized with many titles, such as the great God of the three altar sea society. People generally call him prince ye, Prince III, and shansheng boy.


In Taoist beliefs and Chinese folk myths, Li Jing, commonly known as the king of heaven, is a famous Taoist Dharma protector, one of the thirty-six Taoist generals (recorded in the records of Fujian Baijiao), the father of Marshal Nezha of Zhongtan, and a “net Red Fairy” who appears frequently in myths and legends.

Whether in “the romance of gods” or “journey to the west”, King Li always wears armor, gold wings and black crown, and a tower in his left hand. He is manly and high spirited, and looks ready to kill demons at any time.

Nezha was the third child of King Li.

After introducing the background of King Li, let’s see why Nezha is called the prince.

At first, the word Prince did not only refer to the heir of the emperor. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the children of princes and princes could also be called the prince. It was not until the Han Dynasty that the prince was officially established as the future prince, and the heirs of princes and princes were renamed the prince.

According to textual research, the title “Nezha Third Prince” began to appear and established in the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, because the rulers did not understand the traditional Chinese culture, the title of the crown prince was more generalized than before. The sons of the emperor and the prince could be called “the crown prince”. For example, Jin Wushu, the biggest opponent of Yue Fei, the hero against gold, had the Title of the fourth crown prince.


At this time, in folk belief, Li Jinggui was called “king of tota Li”, and it seemed nothing wrong that his son Nezha was called the prince. In addition, there were two brothers in front of him, so he naturally became the third prince.

The belief of Nezha Third Prince of Taoism has developed to this day and is still widely popular in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places.

In the cognition of many Taoist believers in Taiwan, the Third Prince of Nezha pedaled on the wind and fire wheel, and his action was very convenient. Therefore, many professional drivers, such as taxi drivers, often regarded him as the patron saint, and placed a small statue of the third prince on the car to pray for safe and smooth driving. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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