Why is party building so important in the new era!

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During the long evolutionary process from apes to humans, most “humans” have disappeared, or the “close relatives” of most “modern humans” have disappeared. Neanderthals lived with Homo sapiens for a long time, but about 30000 years ago, Neanderthals became extinct. The mainstream view in archaeology holds that the defeat of Neanderthals by modern Homo sapiens is the result of the cognitive revolution.


Greek city states

For another period of development, the technology for human development to gather consensus is “system”. Yes, it is the morality, law and system we are now familiar with. Whether it is Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism or law, in essence, it is to establish a set of recognized culture to influence, which can mobilize the power of millions of people in a “small country”.

In the later stage, the technology for human development to gather consensus is “capital”. Yes, it is the capital we are now familiar with. These capital can go through different cultural regions and different rules to gather greater consensus and mobilize the strength of hundreds of millions of people in a “big country”.

In the end, the technology for human development to gather consensus is “party”. Yes, it is the political groups we are now familiar with. These groups can use common political ideas to integrate people of different capitals, different classes and different groups, and mobilize the strength of the whole “society”.


Consensus is so important, and it is so difficult to build consensus. Even building consensus in a country is called a “great project”.

We can look at a historical case:

In Professor wangqisheng’s “party members, party power and party strife”, the author analyzes the reasons for the failure of the Kuomintang. In addition to military failure, the key reason for the KMT’s failure was that there were many factions in the party. At first, Wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin each represented one faction, and there were differences in party ideology.

In addition, in order to achieve formal reunification, many local powerful factions joined the Kuomintang and formed their own faction. Even after Chiang Kai Shek became a dominant military power, his subordinates were divided into multiple factions. At that time, there was a saying that “the Chiang family is the world’s Chen family party”. However, the inner-Party struggle will inevitably lead to consumption and strife, and it is difficult to integrate all forces and resources into one external force.


At the same time, during the Kuomintang rule, military power was greater than political power, and political power was greater than party power. Even if elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the KMT, if the KMT does not have the responsibilities of the government, it has no actual power. The reason for this phenomenon is that the party has not realized “the party’s management of cadres” and the party’s voice is too weak. Finally, the situation of “there is a party at the upper level, but no party at the lower level; there is a party in the city, but no party in the countryside” was brought about.

When the “party” is reduced to an empty shelf; Only become part of the capital, part of the spokesman for the interests of the military; When the “party” can not represent the interests and hopes of the majority of people in a country, and can not use the “party” concept and political ideals to consolidate consensus, integrate resources and seek development, the decline of the Kuomintang is inevitable

This may be the reason why the party building in the new era is so important.

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