Why is Su Youpeng not on fire? How did Su Youpeng lose it

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Su Youpeng was also a hot star in the entertainment industry, but he has rarely been seen for many years. Although he still occasionally comes out to pick up variety shows, resource stars have been demoted a lot. Why is Su Youpeng not on fire? How did Su Youpeng get lost step by step? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why is suyoupeng not on fire

Su Youpeng became very popular with the little tigers at that time. At that time, he was still a good student. As the representative of Xueba in the entertainment industry, he was really popular. He was definitely the representative of positive energy artists. Later, Su Youpeng transformed from a singer to an actor, which was also a super success. Su Youpeng has been popular in three places across the Taiwan Straits. Not only young people like him, but also many elders like Su Youpeng as an actor.

After that, Su Youpeng played a lot of red dramas, such as deep love, rainy days, old Fang Youxi, gorgeous double girls, the story of relying on heaven to kill dragons, the unruly princess, the Yangmen tiger general, the sea of love, and so on. At that time, Su Youpeng would have made a hit if he didn’t perform a play. But later, Su Youpeng slowly lost it. The key reason is still related to Su Youpeng’s transformation. In those years when Su Youpeng was the most popular, he followed the line of idolatry. Later, Su Youpeng always wanted to transform into a powerful actor.

How did Su Youpeng lose it

Su Youpeng’s transformation works should be the movie rumors, in which he played a sissy. Although this film won Su Youpeng the best supporting actor award at the Baihua Film Festival, his resources have not become better since then. After 2013, Su Youpeng stopped acting in TV dramas. He has been in the film circle and has also become a director. But apart from the wind, he has no fire movies. Therefore, Su Youpeng’s popularity slowly fell, and he gradually became a passing artist in everyone’s eyes. Now even more, there is no film to be made, and only variety shows can be made.

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