Why is Tao called “ Poor devil& ldquo; Send the poor ” How did the custom of come from?

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Taowu (t á o w ù), also known as Ao ruthless, is one of the four evils in ancient Chinese mythology. He is Zhuanxu’s son. It is said that he was transformed by the resentment of the great God after his death. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on.

The body of bangwu looks like a tiger, but it is much larger than the tiger, and its body is covered with two feet of hair; There is a face on a tiger like head, but it has a boar like mouth and tusks; Both legs and claws are like tigers, with a tail more than eight feet behind them.

Tao Wu is fierce and unruly by nature. He can do whatever he wants in heaven and earth. Even his father, who is the emperor of heaven, has nothing to do with him. Therefore, Tao Ji is also called “arrogant and ruthless” and “difficult to tame”.


Zhuanxu, who was regarded as the emperor of heaven, also gave birth to a son who loved to be a beggar. This son has no name and lives a rich life. However, he loves to be a beggar in poor streets and lanes, so people call him a “poor man”.

Poor people wear ragged clothes all year round. They are thin and weak. They eat leftovers from other people’s alms all day long.

When people saw him poor, they often sent him some good food, but he had to wait until the food was spoiled;

When people saw that he was naked, they gave him better clothes to wear, but he tore his good clothes to pieces, as if it was the only way to be comfortable.

One year, in the cold January, the poor man froze to death in the alley where he used to beg for food. On the day of his death, people cooked porridge as he liked, and threw their rags in the alley to commemorate him.

Over time, a folk custom has been formed, which is called “sending the poor”.


It is said that prayer machine was the sixth son of Zhuanxiang, the Heavenly Emperor (the younger brother of poor cicada, the great grandson of the Yellow Emperor, and the grandson of Changyi). Like the son of xuanzhi (SHAOHAO), poor Qi (the younger brother of Jiaoji), he later became one of the “four evils”.

The four ferocious beasts are the incarnations of the four evil men. The four people are Sanmiao, Cuan Dou, Cuan and Gonggong. They were killed for resisting the rulers at that time. Their spirits are immortal after death. They are called “evil spirits”, corresponding to the four ferocious beasts – Taotie, chaos, prayer and poverty.

The folk custom of “sending the poor” has a long history. There are similar legends in different places. Legend 1: the third day of the first lunar month is “the day of the poor”, on which relatives are not allowed to go. If there were any disappointments in the previous year, people thought it was a ghost, so they prepared sacrifices.

They also worried that ghosts in the underworld would compete for food or be bullied by different ghosts, which led to the custom of “sending ghosts”. Generally, the “ghost sending” is at about 10:00 p.m. at the third fork of the road.

Offerings include candy, dried beans, noodles, eggs, etc.


Legend 2: in the old days, people thought that the third day of the lunar new year was “chikou”, so they could not go to pay New Year’s greetings. They should clean their houses and stoves at home and send garbage out of their homes. Others will burn waste furniture and large utensils and pour ashes into the river.

Up to now, few people have mentioned the “poor ghost day”, but the custom of cleaning on the third day of the new year has been preserved.

Legend 3: on the first day of the first lunar month, people gather the dust and garbage from all corners of the house in one place and do not dump them. They do not send the garbage and containers to a place far away from home until the morning of the third lunar month. You can’t turn back when you lose it. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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