Why is the demon king willing to worship Sun Wukong as his elder brother? Is it really because Sun Wukong is powerful?

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Why is the demon king willing to worship Sun Wukong as his elder brother? Is it really because Sun Wukong is powerful? Interested partners, come and have a look!

As soon as I heard the 72 hole medicine king, I felt it was a very scary name. Immortal Sanqing, four dead elders, eight King Kong, 24 stars, 36 thunder generals, 108 Arhats and so on are all heroes who can command the whole world. Even if they can’t be called saints or ancestors, they can still be leaders. However, these 72 demon kings have lost a lot. They want to occupy the Huaguo Mountain earlier than Sun Wukong and dominate it. They also have an advantage over Sun Wukong in terms of the number. However, their local leader has been suppressed by the strong dragon.


At the beginning, Wukong, a bony Monkey King, immediately knelt down for him; Even more, when the heavenly soldiers and generals besieged Huaguo Mountain, the demon king of cave 72 did not hesitate to sacrifice his demon life for Wukong.

The original book reads: “this battle started at the beginning of the day and ended at sunset. The one horned ghost king and the 72 hole monster were all captured by the gods. They stopped the four masters and the group of monkeys and hid deep in the water curtain cave.”

It’s really easy for the supporting role who don’t have the aura of the main character to disappear. After a few words of explanation, their mission is completed. However, the most sad thing is that Wukong, the eldest brother, doesn’t care about this at all and doesn’t care about the life or death of the 72 hole monsters. He said: “it’s always a matter of war. The ancients said: ‘killing 10000 people will cost you 3000.’ the leaders captured are tigers, leopards, wolf worms, badgers, roes, foxes and lockers. If none of my peers have been hurt, why bother?”

OK, you Sun Xing! Brothers work for you, but you only worry about your monkey grandson. It’s really annoying! This also shows from the side that the demon king of the seventy-two cave is like a passing cloud to Wukong, which is not worth mentioning. Then why do these silly and heartbreaking fools worship Wukong as their elder brother?


On the surface, they were bewitched by Goku’s cool magic. Wukong used one move of heaven and earth, and the demons lost control of him. The original book wrote: “he is as tall as Mount Tai, his waist is like a steep mountain, his eyes are like lightning, his mouth is like a blood basin, and his teeth are like a sword and halberd. The stick in his hand can stand for thirty-three days, and go down to the 18th floor of hell. He frightens some tigers, leopards, wolves, insects, mountain monsters, and the demon king of 72 holes into kowtowing and worshipping, trembling and scattering.”

Shake your body and you will be drowned by the drops of sweat; When the golden cudgel swings, everyone in the three realms will suffer. It seems that Wukong really looks like a rare miracle. Such a scene is enough to make the 72 hole demon king who has never seen the world worship. But is it really that simple?

Everything is the best arrangement. It is no coincidence that the stone that gave birth to Wukong appeared at position C of Huaguo Mountain, the ancestral vein of Shizhou; As soon as Wukong became a student, he jumped into the water curtain cave once inhabited by a great immortal. It was no coincidence that it was the family property left to him by the great immortal; Wukong didn’t go to find Bodhi, find weapons and change the book of life and death by himself, but was secretly guided by someone: King, it was in Fangcun mountain, Donghai Dragon Palace and hell.


So, is it a coincidence that the demon king of 72 holes? Of course not. They are also 72 pieces that serve Wukong. The indigenous monsters in Huaguo Mountain even kneel down to worship a newborn calf as their eldest brother. It can be imagined how much superiority and sense of achievement this will enhance Wukong? This is not to mention, even Wukong’s various anti heaven psychological courses have their shadow from the side.

In other words, the value of the existence of the demon king of the seventy-two cave is to constantly trigger out Wukong’s rebellious nature. “Your Majesty, you are so powerful. Why don’t you set up your own family and call him a great saint?” “Your Majesty, what’s good about Bi Ma Wen? He’s as comfortable as Huaguo Mountain!” “Your Majesty, I heard that the flat peaches, imperial wine and fairy pills in the sky are all good things…”

Wukong fell into the whirlpool of “causing havoc in heaven” under the step-by-step calculation of the secret God. In fact, Wukong was also the chess piece of the secret God. If you want to ask who this God is, you only need to see who it is, and you will get the greatest benefit after making a scene in heaven. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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