Why is the golden nose white hair mouse essence called & ldquo; Half section Guanyin & rdquo;? What is the origin of golden nose white hair mouse essence?

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Why is the golden nose white hair mouse essence called “half cut Guanyin”? What is the origin of golden nose white hair mouse essence? Today, the editor of China story network will give you a detailed explanation~

The golden nosed white haired mouse essence is the mouse essence in the journey to the west, the goddaughter of the king of tota, who wants to marry the Tang monk. In fact, the origin of this mouse spirit is not small. It is not only the daughter of King Li Tianwang and the sister of Nezha, but also related to the Tathagata and Guanyin. The golden nosed white haired mouse spirit has a nickname called half section Guanyin. This title is disrespectful to Guanyin. However, Guanyin has never bothered her. Why on earth?


This golden nosed white haired mouse essence is just like an open and hanging existence in the journey to the West. I’m afraid no one would have such “luck” as her. First of all, three hundred years ago in Lingshan, the mouse spirit stole the fragrant flowers and precious candles of the Tathagata. Therefore, it became a mouse spirit, called half section Guanyin. Later, it was caught by Li Jing’s father and son. They did not kill her. So the mouse spirit worshipped them as father and brother, and the lower boundary was a demon. It changed its name to Mrs. Diyong. After meeting the Tang monk, it tried every means to catch him.

She first became a refugee and won the sympathy of Tang monk. No matter what Sun Wukong said, he would take this mouse spirit with him. When he arrived at Zhenhai Zen forest temple, Tang monk was ill for three days. After the mouse spirit ate several monks, Sun Wukong tried to catch her, but she ran away and even caught him with Tang monk. It was not easy for Sun Wukong to find the Tang monk. He almost caught the mouse spirit and let her run away. At this time, Sun Wukong found the memorial tablets of Li Jing and Nezha that she worshipped, and finally found a breakthrough.


The Buddha didn’t kill her, Guanyin didn’t kill her, Li Jing Nezha didn’t, Tang Monk didn’t, and Sun Wukong wanted to kill her, but he was repeatedly run away by the golden nosed white haired mouse spirit. With such luck, he could write another novel and be the heroine. Many people also found some clues from her, that is, the golden nosed white haired mouse spirit was likely to have an affair with the golden cicada. This jump is too big, isn’t it? How did it become that they had an affair? Let’s see.

Judging from the description of Guanyin in the original book, it can be seen that Guanyin hated some demons. For example, she knew that red boy had become her. After the pig Bajie made several noises, she threw the clean bottle into the sea. Even Sun Wukong was shocked. However, she seemed to be indifferent to the golden nosed white haired mouse spirit. There must be a reason behind this. At the beginning, it stole the essence of the fragrant flowers and precious candles, but the Buddha let her go. Even her self proclaimed half of Guanyin did not bother her. What can Guanyin say if the Buddha is like this?

But if we connect the actions of Jinchanzi together, we will find that it is not so simple. Jin chanzi had the three-day illness mentioned above because she had dozed off while the Tathagata was preaching the Buddha’s Dharma and had a grain of rice under her left foot. But why did she get sick at this time? Zhu Bajie doesn’t care about this. If you say so, wouldn’t he have died a hundred times already? So this kind of punishment is unreasonable. What can you think of when it comes to rice? Yes, it was the mouse. This shows that the golden cicada at that time probably deliberately wanted to give a grain of rice to the mouse.

In this way, it may make sense, because Jin chanzi and mouse spirit have an affair, so when he was on the way to get scriptures, he happened to get sick when he met mouse spirit. The Buddha didn’t kill her because Jin chanzi, Guanyin didn’t speak because Buddha, Li Jing and Nezha would not kill her. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author, If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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