Why is the sky blue? Legends about the sun and moon

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The story of the moon

The story of the sun and the moon


The sun is a lively boy; The moon is a gentle girl. They were originally in the same place, but their positions were different: the sun was careless and their position was supreme; The moon is unknown. She likes the brother sun, although the sun often teases her. The sun often scares the moon when she makes up. At this time, the moon’s face will be as charming as the Yellow osmanthus.


One day, the queen mother suddenly wanted to see the sun and moon. The two went to Lingxiao hall one by one. The queen mother said, “yang’er, in the future, you will shine in the sky every day, turn the world into day, and come back after a circle. Well done, I will award you a piece of sky. Don’t you want the sky long ago?” “Great!” “Liang’er, in the future, you will be on duty at night, so that there will be a little light in the night of the world. I will reward you for your work. Come on, what do you want?” The moon looked down for a moment and said, “I want a garden.” The queen mother agreed to the moon’s request.

Since then, the sun and the moon seldom meet. The sun doesn’t seem to care. He works for the sky; The moon also worked for the garden, but she always felt something was missing. Yes, without the shadow of the sun, the moon can’t deceive herself. She fell in love with the sun. The sun doesn’t know all this, at least the moon thinks so. But does the sun really not know? Wrong, the sun knows. He fell in love with the moon very early. He watched her every move and finally found that the moon also liked him. He thought; To the sky, he should make the skirt of the moon with the whitest clouds in the sky, and the headdress of the moon with the most gorgeous stars. At the same time, the sun’s heart for the moon is like the sky, which will never collapse. This is the promise of the sun.

After a year in this way, the sun and moon came to Lingxiao hall one after another. “I’ll keep my promise. Yang’er, you’ve done well. The sky is yours! Liang’er, you’re not doing well enough. You can’t have a full moon every night. You should change some forms. So fight for your garden next year!” The moon bowed and sobbed quietly.

The sun grabbed the moon’s hand and ran to the sky. He took off the largest star, gently inserted the star in the sideburns of the moon, and told the moon his promise. The moon was stunned and said, “can you tell me who that girl is?” The sun playfully kissed the moon on the cheek and said, “you know?” The moon hung her head shyly. She gathered the whitest clouds and draped them over the sun. The wind blows gently, the moon has long hair and the sun is white and light.

It was known by the queen mother that there was an unexpected situation. She was a person who didn’t believe in feelings. She thought how unworthy the sun and the moon were! He scolded the sun and moon, “yang’er, do you know how much responsibility you have? You are responsible for the light of the sky during the day; and liang’er, your task is to illuminate the sky at night. You work day and night.” The sun rose and argued, “since we all work in the sky, why can’t we be together?” The queen mother became angry. “You have learned to be stubborn, too. In the future, you are not allowed to go out at night and liang’er is not allowed to go out during the day.” The moon was dragged back into the room. The sun kept shouting, “let’s put the light on, let’s put the light on…” and was dragged to work.

Seeing the desire of the moon burning in the heart of the sun, he became a red fireball. That white cloud, forever with the sun, forever, forever

The moon became haggard and pale. The star is always with the moon, forever, forever

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