Why is the Yellow Emperor called Xuanyuan? A detailed explanation of the origin of the Yellow Emperor’s name “Xuanyuan”

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Why is the Yellow Emperor called Xuanyuan? How powerful is the Yellow Emperor? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

Due to the long years of nomadic life of immigrants, people have to shoulder all kinds of heavy things. Each migration brings great pain and inconvenience to the ancestors. If a woman gives birth to a child and the old man is ill, he is called ruolian. The Yellow Emperor often sighed about this, but had to move.

Once, the Yellow Emperor led his ancestors to the northern Loess Plateau. Here, the forest is dense and the terrain is flat, which is convenient for long-term survival. They had just settled down. One day, there was a violent wind. The Yellow Emperor immediately ordered all the ancestors to hold trees and hide in case the wind swept away. The Yellow Emperor was only concerned about the safety of others. Unexpectedly, the big hat he wore to protect the sun was blown away by the wind. He quickly grabbed a small tree and squatted down on the spot. The Yellow Emperor found that his big circle hat was rolled by the wind and did not fall to the ground. What is the reason? The Yellow Emperor cut a branch, tied it into a circle, put it on the ground and pushed it forward. After rolling for less than a foot, it fell down again.


The Yellow Emperor was an extremely clever man since he was young. He pondered for a long time; Then, he pricked a circle, pricked a cross between the two circles, cut a long branch, pricked the two circles at both ends of the branch, and put them on the ground to push forward. Although it didn’t fall down this time, it didn’t take long to stop. At this time, Chang Xian, Fenghou and Cangjie came together and asked what the Yellow Emperor was doing? The Yellow Emperor told the three attendants what had just happened. After the wind, Zhiduo and Mou Guang quickly stripped a piece of bark, tied it to the cross bar between the two circles, and walked forward with one hand. The two circles kept rolling and did not fall to the ground.

The Yellow Emperor suddenly burst out laughing and woke up. He told him to pierce two same circles first. The four wooden circles were connected together, just like four wheels, rolling steadily forward and never afraid of falling down. After the wind, he seemed to wake up in his mind. He often ordered to go to the quarry to get two round stone plates and dig a hole in the middle. In less than half a day, two round stone plates were made. After the wind, install a wooden stick horizontally from the middle. A straw rope was tied in the middle of the stick, and Chang was asked to pull it first and run hard. A group of ancestors followed behind to watch the excitement. Cangjie quickly said to the Yellow Emperor: I give this thing a name, called “car”. The Yellow Emperor pondered for a long time and agreed.

Car, for Limu, had a great interest. With the consent of the Yellow Emperor, he ordered all his ancestors; One man makes two round stone plates. The size and specification shall be the same. In a few days, round stone plates piled up like mountains. Chang first ordered the ancestors to install a car on four round stone plates. After all the cars were installed, the Yellow Emperor summoned all the ancestors to watch the performance. The wheel, the first ground vehicle of the Chinese nation, was born in this way. It is the predecessor of all the wheels in the world today.


With the continuous development of productive forces, the wheels are also changed from stone to wooden. With iron tools, the wheels were changed from wooden to iron, which became the means of transportation in the nomadic life of the migrants, greatly reducing the physical labor of the ancestors. On the basis of chariots, Limu created “chariots” for war. In order to make people remember this credit forever, Cangjie consulted with the ministers; “Xuanyuan” is the name of the car. Since the Yellow Emperor did not have an official name at that time, he named it “Xuanyuan” as the official name of the Yellow Emperor. This is the origin of “Xuanyuan”.

Since the Yellow Emperor was respected as an elder by his ancestors, no official “title” has been given to him by ministers. The Yellow Emperor disagreed. Finally, it was the Yellow Emperor himself who decided. The Yellow Emperor found that soil is yellow, and it can produce all things. Soil is the only support for people’s survival, and the ancestors had yellow skin. Therefore, he decided that his honorific title should be “yellow land”. From then on, “Xuanyuan Huangdi” was settled.

In the Yin and Shang Dynasties, some scholars thought it was indecent to call their ancestors “yellow land”. They borrowed an excuse that “land” was homonymous with “emperor”, so they changed “yellow land” to “Yellow Emperor”. “Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor” has been used since then. Before the Qin Dynasty, the princes of all countries were afraid of violating the teachings of their ancestors and damaging their virtues. They dared not call themselves “Emperors” easily, so they had to become kings and hegemons. After the unification of the six kingdoms, the first emperor of Qin considered himself the “Three Emperors” of virtue and the “Five Emperors”, and called himself the “first Yellow Emperor”. But he didn’t dare to use the yellow, so he had to use the white king. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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