Why is trump more like a normal person than Biden? Look at his campaign platform!

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After the FBI’s “house raiding” incident, knowing Wang didn’t shed tears, didn’t give in, and continued to cheer up and go to the States, beep beep beep beep

First, he was to criticize Biden’s conspiracy; Second, to help the politicians who support him.

This week, according to the data of several US polling institutions, Trump’s support rate in the Republican Party has risen instead of falling, and has risen to about 70%.

According to the current trend, his party’s rival is Leeds Neither Cheney nor Pompeo can replace him. Even Romney, who has participated in the confrontation with Obama, has announced that he will give up his candidacy for the presidential nomination in 2024.


On the surface, it is the “house raiding incident” that stimulates Trump’s potential supporters and “forces” them to step forward one after another. But there is a deep social foundation behind this. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why his support rate remains high?

According to trump’s speeches in Washington, D.C., Dallas, Las Vegas and other places last week, the Washington Post and other media of the pro democracy party believed that trump would announce his participation in the 2024 presidential election ahead of schedule, because trump has more and more disclosed his election platform.

To be precise, this is only the outline of Trump’s “campaign platform”, with scattered and complicated contents. He will say this part in Dallas and that part in Nevada.

It is impossible to put all these English contents together and present them to everyone. However, it can be summarized into six blocks.

Trump is more like a normal person than Biden.

In the past, it was said that Wang was crazy. It was a matter of reference. If the Biden administration was taken as a reference, it would be much more normal to understand Wang.

Trump’s “campaign platform” (domestic part)

1? Executing drug traffickers and cracking down on drug crimes;

2? Establishment of homeless shelters;

3? Cracking down on criminal acts and maintaining social stability;

4? Abolish the US Department of education and protect traditional values;

5? The ballot paper must be used to ensure the fairness of the general election;

6? Reform the civil service system.

The foreign part is not mentioned. It is still a “King’s eight fists”. Anyway, whoever “infringes” on the interests of the United States will fight anyone. No matter who is an ally in Europe or Asia, he will not engage in Biden’s practice of using values to form gangs.

In terms of the current social situation in the United States, several of these six articles have met the needs of the American people. Let’s talk about these “programs”.

1? Drugs and crime.

Trump will implement this policy in his first term of office, but fighting drug crimes is considered by the establishment groups in the United States and Europe as a “violation of human rights”.

According to the federal law of the United States, if a criminal organization earns more than US $20 million from trafficking a large amount of heroin and other drugs every year, the organizer will be sentenced to death.

However, in recent years, no one has ever been sentenced to death for drug trafficking. In many states, drug trafficking has been decriminalized or misdemeanored.

The house of Representatives led by Pelosi also passed the “marijuana legalization act” on April 1 this year (220 votes in favour and 204 votes against).

In terms of the execution of the death penalty, Pelosi is also strongly opposed to it. Trump executed 13 prisoners on death row by means of “expedited shooting list” just before he left office in November 2020.

After Biden came on board, justice minister garland immediately ordered a moratorium on the execution of federal death sentences. The mainstream Western media said that “human rights have been safeguarded” in the United States.

However, according to the Gallup poll, more than 50% of American adults support the death penalty, while 77% of Republican Party members support the death penalty.

In other words, it has broad support in the fight against drug-related crimes and the execution of the death penalty. Trump emphasized these in his speeches around the world, and it is not surprising that his support rate has increased.

2? Vagrant problem

The surge of urban vagrancy has become a major anxiety factor for the middle class. Just in the early hours of last Saturday, a 64 year old man in New York was hit by a naked homeless man with a stone at a Brooklyn subway station.


The victim intazar Dar told CBS News at the hospital that he had lost something more valuable than property – a sense of security.

The day before yesterday, another 27 year old man was stabbed by a vagrant at Rockefeller square station.

The most serious incident occurred on January 15 this year, when Gao Huimin, a 40 year old Asian American female supervisor in New York, was pushed off the tracks of Times Square Station by Simon, a vagrant, and died.

On August 6, trump proposed in Dallas that “we want to take back the city”. His solution is:

In the suburbs of various cities, relatively cheap land will be opened to build shelters. First, tents will be set up for homeless people to live in, and people sleeping on the streets will leave the city center. “You don’t have time to build a house, you can build it later.”.

However, according to the ruling of Martin v. city of Boise in 2019, the regional government shall not issue a decree prohibiting anyone from sleeping in public places.

Although it is not convenient for the urban middle class in the United States to talk about the problem of transferring homeless people, I am afraid that many of them will support Trump’s plan by 2024.

3? Combating crime

“Zero yuan purchase” appeared everywhere in the city. In fact, it was a blatant robbery, but the violators did not get due judicial accountability.

The pressure from the White left has led the police not to enforce the law. New York Mayor Adams (Democratic Party) also complained that the security force of the store was insufficient.

As social chaos intensifies, the problem of insufficient police force in American cities has gradually emerged. The real strength of the police in maintaining social order is not violence, but deterrence.

When the deterrent power of the police drops, the “zero yuan purchase” elements are no longer afraid. In the past, two policemen could control the situation, but now it may need 10 policemen.

The shortage of police has brought about another key problem — the command of the National Guard.

The national guard is controlled by the states (except in national emergencies). To let them help the police enforce the law, the governor agrees, but democratic states generally do not agree.

Trump wants to give this power to the president. He said in Washington, D.C.: the next president should have all the power to restore order, including sending the National Guard and the army.


He regretted that he had not immediately ordered to stop the “black life expensive” movement, and would not hesitate again next time.

4? US Department of education issues

The red neck group claims that every university is engaged in a “cultural war”. The US Department of education holds more than US $78 billion of government budget each year, but spends most of the money on “supporting LGBT”, “supporting racial equality” and “supporting women’s rights”.

The U.S. Department of education even encourages homosexual behavior in primary and secondary schools and encourages children to change their gender (without parental consent). Some school district boards that have the right to make educational decisions have also gone against traditional values under political pressure.

Trump said in Dallas that “if federal officials want to promote such radicalism, we should abolish the US Department of education”.


In order to win votes, Biden appointed Rachel Levin, a transgender, as assistant secretary of the Ministry of health, and awarded TA the rank of four-star general.

At the same time, Pierre, a Haitian immigrant who integrates black, female, lesbian, vegetarianism, animal protection and other elements, was appointed as the White House spokesman (press secretary of the president).

There are also some other personnel appointments with obvious White left “values”.

But how far can Biden, Pelosi and others go in this pure election operation? How can the red necks accept it?

Although trump blames the US Department of education, the spearhead is directed at the Democratic Party, which will be a political struggle.

5? The question of votes.

Trump’s requirement that the presidential election must use paper ballots and cannot be mailed is part of his attack on Biden’s theory of fraud in the 2020 election.

6? Civil service issues.

He wants to force the Congress to give the president the power to dismiss any civil servant, not just the cabinet members he appoints. ” Get out of here. You’re fired. I have to do this. “

The US civil service has always been stable. Whoever wins or loses will not affect the position of technocrats. However, trump wants to expand the power of the president.

The above “platforms” will not be materialized until at least early 2024, and the trump campaign team will release the details and figures.

However, by fighting crime and restoring traditional values alone, he has gained a large number of supporters, especially a large middle-class group.

On Biden’s side, diplomatic showmanship is far greater than substance. The United States will not buy the continuation of the Ukraine crisis; On the domestic front, Biden has no clear policy to save the economy.

If Biden goes on like this, it will only further tear American society apart. The so-called achievement is to defend “democratic values”. Britain’s Guardian even thinks that the United States will break out another civil war.

When trump is almost certain to win the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination, Biden can only rely on cunning tactics to prevent him from making a comeback, depending on how vicious his means are?

As far as Wang’s style is concerned, he dares not save the United States, and none of the “election platform” will be implemented in place, because the United States has no such executive power.

However, the most important thing for Wang to do now is to protect himself and return to the White House in 2024 to make a big fuss.


The red scarf on the chest will be more colorful!

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