Why is xuzhiyuan, who is not sociable in life 6, loved by everyone

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Most of the time, if a star takes part in a variety show and behaves too independently, he will often be roast that he is not sociable. Such a person is difficult to be liked in a variety show, but there are also exceptions. Why can xuzhiyuan, who is not sociable in his life 6, be praised by netizens? Why do people like his “ Unsociable ” And? Xiao Bian will analyze it today.

Xuzhiyuan participates in the life he yearns for 6

When xuzhiyuan participated in yearning, many netizens didn’t know him at first. Even Zhang Yixing quietly asked pengyuchang who Xu Zhiyuan was. Xuzhiyuan didn’t seem familiar with the guests, but it didn’t affect him. Xuzhiyuan lived alone in the newly unlocked bookstore and set up a tent under the bookstore. Except for dinner, xuzhiyuan is basically a person. That’s why he Jiong and Huang Lei teased xuzhiyuan. He recorded other programs alone.

Xuzhiyuan’s unsocial behavior in driving is evaluated by many netizens as the real life he is longing for. Xuzhiyuan is the only guest to go out and take a good look at the scenery outside the mushrooms. He goes to the village to interact with everyone. Like ordinary villagers, he buys a roast sausage or a bottle of drink, sits at the entrance of the supermarket to enjoy the cool, and so on. It is the state closest to the life of ordinary people.

Why xuzhiyuan yearns for 6 is loved by everyone

It’s better to go out of the mushroom house and do what you want instead of a pair of unfamiliar people huddled in a small room to chat. Among the numerous flying guests invited by the mushroom house, xuzhiyuan really brightened people’s eyes. I remember when xuzhiyuan came to the program, he asked the program team if he could be idle and lazy in the program. The program team answered yes, but he would be scolded. Xuzhiyuan said that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t watch TV anyway. Xuzhiyuan’s free and easy personality and wanton life are the life we yearn for.

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