Why is zhangzifeng praised by Huang Lei and he Jiong? It turns out that there is such a relationship between them

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Zhangzifeng entered the entertainment circle at a very young age. With his natural acting talent, he was loved by many netizens and was called the national sister. However, since the news of Zhang Zifeng’s love with Yan Xujia was exposed, the filter of netizens for Zhang Zifeng was broken, and now many netizens have begun to resist Zhang Zifeng. Why is zhangzifeng praised by Huang Lei and he Jiong? It turns out that they have such a relationship. Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Why zhangzifeng was praised by Huang Lei and he Jiong

Zhangzifeng’s identity as an actor can be affirmed for everyone. However, zhangzifeng has lost a lot of popularity because of the love storm. People really don’t want to see her fall in love with a scum man. In the past, because of the filter, we were able to accept Zhang Zifeng’s boring performance in the life he yearned for. But now that there is no filter, netizens have criticized zhangzifeng for all kinds of criticism. They think she is not suitable for variety shows at all. They hope that she can get off the bus from the life she yearns for.

In fact, from the first time Zhang Zifeng stayed in the life he yearned for, many netizens roast was not suitable for variety shows, and that Zhang Zifeng’s performance in the program was very hip pulling. However, Huang Lei and he Jiong took care of Zhang Zifeng very much. They did not care about what the outside world said, but insisted on letting Zhang Zifeng participate in the life they yearned for. It can also be seen from the program that the two people dote on zhangzifeng. Everyone is also very curious about their relationship. In fact, they are not only familiar with the relationship, but also have interests involved.

Uncover the relationship between zhangzifeng, Huang Lei and he Jiong

Zhangzifeng’s agent is Sheng Xue, a very powerful woman. Sheng Xue is a business partner with Huang Lei and he Jiong. They have a studio together. Therefore, he Jiong and Huang Lei are helping Zhang Zifeng in a certain sense. After all, they have improved Zhang Zifeng’s commercial value and their studio will benefit.

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