Why isn’t yuan Shanshan angry? What’s the matter with Yuan Shanshan being snowed by his agent

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Yuan Shanshan doesn’t seem to have developed very well in the entertainment industry in recent years. Whether in film and television dramas or variety shows, I feel that I haven’t seen her on the screen for a long time. Why doesn’t yuan Shanshan get angry? Is it true or false that Yuan Shanshan was hidden by his agent? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Why isn’t yuan Shanshan hot

When it comes to Yuan Shanshan’s agent, many gourd eaters will think of Li Ang. He did a terrible job to Yuan Shanshan at the beginning. Yuan Shanshan’s agent, Li Ang, left in August 2016. However, he did not make it public. Instead, he still regarded himself as the agent of Yuan Shanshan. And those invitations to contact Li Ang to find yuan Shanshan to act or participate in variety shows were also rejected by Li Ang for various reasons.

After refusing these invitations, Li Ang will also introduce the artists he is currently taking to contact yuan Shanshan’s resources. This behavior is too much, and it really rises to the problem of personality. Yuan Shanshan’s team didn’t discover what Li Ang had done behind his back until half a year later. But during this half year, Yuan Shanshan has lost many job opportunities because of Li Ang. Of course, Yuan Shanshan also has to bear certain responsibilities. She should make the replacement of agents known to the world, at least make a statement and so on.

What happened to yuanshanshan when she was snowed by her agent

However, Yuan Shanshan’s popularity is declining sharply now, not because of Li Ang. Yuan Shanshan’s most wrong decision should be to leave huanrui. In July 2017, Yuan Shanshan’s contract with Huan expired, and Yuan Shanshan chose not to renew the contract but to set up a studio on her own. Without Yu Zheng’s support, Yuan Shanshan’s later works are obviously not awesome. Although he has also appeared in many works, none of them is popular. Without good works to maintain popularity and popularity, Yuan Shanshan naturally slowly died down.

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