Why Li Bai doesn’t have a regular job but doesn’t seem to lack money (all in all)

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Li Bai, whose name is Taibai and his name is Qinglian Jushi, is another great romantic poet after Qu Yuan, and is honored as “the immortal of poetry” in later generations. As a famous poet in ancient China, Li Bai not only likes to recite poems and write poems, but also likes to travel around the mountains and rivers. And those who know him well know that his footprints can be said to be all over the Tang Dynasty. It can be seen from this that he has taken his interest in sightseeing to the bone.

In addition, he also likes to drink and write poems. He likes to drink and write poems on the way, so many of his poems are full of romanticism. However, because of this, many people easily have such a question in their minds, that is, Li Bai likes to play so much, and also drinks and writes poetry all day. How can he feed himself?



1? Before marriage, Li Bai spent money on his father.

There are two main theories about Li Bai’s life experience. One way of saying is that he was born in a wealthy merchant’s family, so he didn’t worry about silver when he was young. If you want to travel, you don’t need to worry about money at all. Just say hello to his father who is a rich businessman, and the money will be easy to get. However, it was also because of the Tang Dynasty’s regulations that businessmen and their children were not allowed to take part in the imperial examination, so Li Bai was also unable to get an official title for himself.

Another way of saying is that Li Bai and the kings of Li and Tang are the same generation brothers of Tang Taizong and Li Shimin. Since it is&# 8221; Royal relatives&# 8221;, No matter how bad it is, the foundation is certainly much better than that of ordinary people. So, isn’t Li Bai able to travel as he likes?

2? After marriage, Li Bai spent money on his father-in-law.

It is said that Li Bai married a total of four women in his life. Although the number cannot be compared with that of other men with a relatively thick family background in ancient times; Yuejia strength&# 8221; On the one hand, Li Bai can be said to win by lying down. In particular, two of his four wives not only have a very rich family, but also have a very high social status.

For example, Li Bai’s first wife, surnamed Xu, was the granddaughter of Prime Minister Xu Yushi; The second wife, surnamed Zong, is the granddaughter of another prime minister, Zong Chuke. How miserable can Li Bai’s life be with the strength of these two mothers-in-law? Moreover, even if the two wives he later married were not as well off as the first two wives, they could be considered as the rich families of the Tang Dynasty. You can think about it. Can Li Bai be short of money?

3? After working for the emperor, you should rely on the emperor to reward you.

Many people may think that the strength of Li Bai’s father’s family and his father-in-law’s family is no matter how strong. As a son-in-law, he cannot always wait for his father and his father-in-law to help him. Isn’t that easy to be looked down upon? In fact, in addition to these two economic sources, Li Bai can also generate income by himself. You know, he once worked for the emperor.

In addition, his literary grace is so good that he can attract a large group of people to write a poem casually. How can he please the emperor. As soon as the emperor was happy, it would take him a long time to give him some gold and silver. Even if he later chose to resign, the emperor still generously gave him a large amount of severance pay.



4? Privately earn money by writing for others.

After resigning, Li Bai has more time to travel. However, because of this, many people are more worried that he will have no source of income. After all, he is a very generous and generous person, and he must be generous at ordinary times. Even if he holds the gold in his hand, according to his temper and habits, there is no guarantee that he will spend it until the end of his life.

So what is the source of income of Li Bai after his resignation? In fact, as we said earlier, Li Bai is a very talented person and has a high reputation in the Tang Dynasty, so there are no fewer people who come to ask him to write things. Those who ask him to write will not let him write in vain. In this way, Li Bai can make money by helping others write with his pen and brain.

5? Friends of the local tyrant will generously support him.

Do you think these are all sources of income for Li Bai? Then you are very wrong! You should know that in addition to the above sources of income, Li Bai has another source of income to rely on, that is, the generous support of his friends.



Li Bai likes to travel and make friends with like-minded people. Among his friends, there are some people with the status of local tyrants. They are very optimistic about Li Bai, so it is impossible to watch Li Bai suffer from poverty. A little help would be enough for Li Bai to live the happy life he wanted.


So those friends who always worry about Li Bai should pay attention. Judging from the strength of Li Bai, even if he idles around all day, he is unlikely to be short of money. Although this has something to do with his birth, if compared with his personal ability, his birth is not an important factor.

It can be seen that if a person wants to have a good and sustainable development in the society, he must really rely on his own ability. Don’t rely too much on external factors, otherwise you will encounter&# 8221; Backing the mountain, relying on everyone to run&# 8221; The embarrassing situation.

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