Why should a woman go to a man’s house to “check” before marriage? Marrying the right person is the beginning of her happiness for the rest of her life

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Almost every woman will face the matter of marriage, and marriage is one of the most important things in a woman’s life. Only when you marry the right person will you have the possibility of happiness for the rest of your life.

Some women hurriedly married themselves when facing love, while some women were hesitant when facing love, not knowing whether they should join hands with him to get married.

In fact, if you want to know whether the man you choose is worth loving and marrying, and if you want to truly respect your marriage, then go to the man’s home to “check” before marriage.

Zhang Min has been with her boyfriend Zhu Heng for 2 years. Just when Zhang Min and her parents proposed to marry Zhang Heng, her mother said to Zhang Min, “You didn’t go to his house to find out about the situation, so you decided to marry him rashly. To him is to be irresponsible for his own marriage.”

Zhang Min was a little puzzled: “Isn’t it enough that we love each other so much?”

The mother shook her head and said earnestly: “In addition to love, there are many important factors in marriage. And these can only be figured out after you go to the man’s home to ‘check’.”

Although Zhang Min didn’t quite agree with her mother’s words, she still went to Zhang Heng’s house for an “examination” under her mother’s repeated instructions.

After arriving at Zhang Heng’s house, she found that he was not as beautiful as she imagined, at least his home was messy, which was very inconsistent with his gentle image in front of outsiders. Secondly, his mother seemed very difficult to get along with, a somewhat unreasonable woman.

But in order to marry her lover smoothly, Zhang Min hid all this from her mother and only said that everything was fine.

But it wasn’t until after she got married that she realized how naive she was that “love can conquer everything”.

Just a few days after the marriage, her marriage fell into a state of chicken feathers: her husband was basically a hands-off shopkeeper at home, unwilling to do anything; her mother-in-law was a powerful woman, not only for Zhang Min I have listed all kinds of rules and regulations, but I always think this is too much…

Zhang Min, who has to juggle work and life, and at the same time spend all her energy to please her mother-in-law, is often exhausted physically and mentally.

At this time, she finally understood the meaning of her mother’s words, and began to regret her own willful actions.

Before, a lot of readers asked me about the question of “Do you want to go to the man’s house to find out about the situation before getting married?” Because on the one hand, they don’t want their love to become impure, on the other hand, they don’t want to live unhappy for the rest of their lives.

In fact, going to a man’s home to “check” before marriage does not mean that you do not believe in the love between you, nor does it mean that your love is not pure enough. Find out what’s going on in his home, and thus get a better understanding of who he is.

Love always makes people lose themselves. So many women will rush to marry themselves when they fall in love with someone.

But after getting married, they found that they may not be as suitable as they thought.

For a woman, being able to marry a man of good character and family background will be the beginning of her happiness for the rest of her life.

Therefore, before getting married, a woman must go to a man’s home to learn more about the situation, so as to know more about him and his family, and finally decide whether to marry him or not.

Every marriage is very rare, so whether it is a man or a woman, you should treat your marriage with caution, know more about the other party’s situation before marriage, and start with the right one to the end of happiness.

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