Why should the United States target us?

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Author: Kafka is very busy Source: the horizon of outsiders (ID: hooyar_380097485)

A friend of mine who works as an e-commerce business is very angry recently because her supplier bypasses the agent and directly sets up a team to do business online. The dealers compete with the manufacturers. At first glance, consumers are happy to bypass the agent and directly do business.

This friend’s business is about to fail. She is very upset and comes to talk to me.

I asked her, what is the strength of the manufacturer? She said that the manufacturer has become bigger and stronger, and is also working hard to build its own brand.

So the problem lies here. The role between powerful manufacturers and dealers. Before the manufacturers did it, dealers were important channels, which must be well maintained. As the manufacturers did it, the market itself will be so big. The dealers will eat more than half of the profits, and the manufacturers’ profits will be less, but there are many troubles at all. For the manufacturers, they should be bigger and stronger, and they should be intermediaries to maximize their profits, This is the most normal business behavior. Dealers are nothing more than intermediaries. What can intermediaries do?

The only way is to cooperate with those factories that do not have much strength, so that you can maintain an advantageous position. Once you see that others become bigger and stronger, you have to consider choosing another partner.

Later, I thought that the truth in the world is the same. Why is the consensus of the entire political circles in the United States now to deal with China? Is it not just because the United States, which is engaged in hollow services, has no way to influence our demand for disintermediation of industrial upgrading?

People are all strong admirers. Didn’t a brick family die recently?

In that year, there was a documentary about comprehensive cultural self-denial called “Heshang”, and the bricklayer was the main consultant.

I can understand the mood of those people at that time. They have known that the people who play marine culture in Europe and the United States are all high above others. At that time, when they said that they would catch up with the United States, they were just like the book of heaven. Until 2005, there was a message on Tianya that we would exceed Japan’s GDP by 2030. At that time, many netizens attacked us, and thought it was beyond our measure.

But who can imagine that after five years, we will leave Japan behind. By now, China’s GDP has been more than four times that of Japan. With the development of the new energy automobile industry, China’s automobile exports will soon surpass Japan’s, and then Japan’s last pillar industries will fall, so the question becomes 2030. What qualifications does Japan have to be a developed country?

Recall how many people admired Japan in the past ten or twenty years, and now it has become a joke. Anyone who has a smart mind and knows how to keep pace with the times has already changed his mind.

Will Luo Dazuo still boast about his craftsmanship with a chisel?

Will anyone show off happily with a toilet lid exported to Japan for domestic sale?

Because our GDP has surpassed that of Japan, the additional halo formed by Muqiang in the past is gradually fading. Japanese cars can not make excess profits, and the Japanese have become a generation of abandoned houses. The IQ tax is not so easy to cut.

So if one day our GDP leaves the United States behind, what will the hollowed-out United States rely on to “serve” the world?

Why is the dollar so strong? In addition to the US military strength, there are also Chinese goods. We provide all kinds of goods, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you pay US dollars, you can buy them.

When China becomes stronger, is there anyone who takes the pound as a treasure? Are there any people who are complacent about the yen? The only reason why we still recognize the dollar is that the GDP of the United States is higher than ours.

But the service industry is an intermediary in the final analysis. The world is now forced to engage in zero-sum game. The more you play with the intermediary, the less others will take. We need to develop. In order to make more people live a good life, we must reduce the proportion of intermediary fees paid.

This is like being a factory. Finally, we must be our own brand and control our own sales channels. The intermediary can only serve me, not dominate my profits.

In the past, “Made in China” was invincible, and the US dollar intermediary took the opportunity to expand its influence. The relationship was so harmonious that it could shout the slogans of China and the United States. No matter how hawks shouted slogans, for the sake of interests, the people who represented the United States would always be friendly people from all walks of life.

Is the rust area only rusted in recent years? It has been rusted for many years. The most fundamental reason for the rust area is that the United States has chosen financial capital to dominate the economy.

There are many troubles in the real economy. How can the virtual economy play with less investment and achieve quick results?

Like those who do finance, do you want him to go back to the factory and screw? Will he?

Why can Cook become the CEO of Apple? Because he has transformed Apple’s industrial chain from manufacturing by himself to outsourcing production, so that he no longer has to face the pressure of inventory, nor worry about spending too much money on the production line to precipitate too much capital. The money is alive, and can go to all kinds of crazy turnover in the capital market. Turning once a week can bring a lot of benefits to financial capital.

Why are we, as a manufacturing country, more affected by the economic cycle?

Now you see that the retail data in the United States has not declined too much, but has caused a very serious contraction in our production side?

Because production outsourcing is originally created by financial capital to avoid overproduction and cycle problems.

If you are a middleman, it is nothing more than lying flat for a few days, but at the production end, it is the unemployment of countless workers, idle machines, and the spread of the debt crisis.

The United States reaped South America and Southeast Asia by outsourcing production. Of course, they also wanted to harvest another handful of China, but they did not succeed.

If China can succeed in being reaped, causing internal and external problems, and unable to upgrade its industry, the United States may be the most worried about China’s future. After all, made in China can help it stabilize its dollar hegemony.

But in the end, the United States could only watch China not play cards according to the rules, not becoming another Latin America, not becoming another Japan, and even starting to set up its own channels to do business of RMB internationalization.

How can Lao Mei stand it?

So the populists began to scold China for robbing the redneck job, and Bai Zuo began to scold China for not being free, democratic and open. As long as China’s economy can collapse, none of the above problems will be a problem. As long as China’s economy continues to develop steadily, there will be many new problems in addition to the above problems.

Xiang Zhuang’s sword dance is meant for Peigong. The biggest dissatisfaction of the United States with China is that you have developed and become powerful. Even if you are modest and low-key, you will actually take my job.

The competition between the virtual economy and the real economy is not like the competition between the two real economies. With the support of the real economy, it is easy to develop the service industry, but without the real economy, it is too difficult to play the hollow game and look back. It is basically impossible. Especially in countries like the United States, there is no national cohesion and social consensus at all. Now it is just that everyone can gather under the banner of Stars and Stripes to plunder the world. Once the plunder fails, Then there is only one way to split up.

As for us, culture is the root of maintaining the country, and they are the root of maintaining the country’s interests.

The foundation of culture is hard to cut, and the source of interest is easy to disappear.

So recently we have seen that the United States is becoming more and more like a maniac. It seems that it has completely lost its sense to act and speak. Where is there the tolerance of the world’s leader?

In fact, it is also easy to understand. As long as you don’t collapse, it is normal for him to watch himself collapse. When he is on the verge of collapse, he is irritable and mad.

In this mood, Modi, who is engaged in Hindu nationalism, has also been targeted by the Americans. Soros will not let India go without buying Russian oil. A packaged China is enough to make them headache. Now that bulk India is going to become a packaged India, what do you think of the financial capital?

Here is the side of the imperialist paper tiger. They want to curb China’s development, but also can’t afford to have many benefits brought by China at this stage, so they often do all kinds of vicious things.

Never rely on the treasurer to use the sword. That’s bullshit. In addition to bullying the weak, if the other party is a little tough, the account will not come right away.

But you still have to abandon your illusions and prepare to fight, because in others’ eyes, you are wrong if you live well. If you want to be safe, unless you cut yourself off, it is better to break it into pieces. Who would be so stupid and willing to self-harm? So in the future, we will only have more conflicts and frictions until we are strong enough to let them self-harm.

I advise people to be prepared. The United States will not behave properly. If you take money with you, money will naturally lead to coveting. When it comes to the end of the pot, crying is useless.

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