Why was gong Yuhan scolded? What did Gong Yuhan do

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Gong Yuhan is a very powerful agent in the entertainment industry. He has previously worked with artists such as Deng Lun, Li Qin, Xin Zhilei, he Hongshan, etc. tianxiwei, a actress who has recently won a lot of traffic because of playing big names, is also an artist of Gong Yuhan company. Although they are the staff behind the scenes, many people scold Gong Yuhan online. Why was gong Yuhan scolded? What did Gong Yuhan do to provoke so many netizens? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Why was gong Yuhan scolded

There are many black materials about Gong Yuhan on the Internet, the most famous of which is the contradiction with iqiyi. At the beginning, iqiyi originally wanted to match Jin Chen and Li Qin to cooperate in the TV series. As a result, Gong Yuhan made various obstructions because Gong Yuhan didn’t like Jin Chen very much. Because Jin Chen talked with Deng Lun, a member of Gong Yuhan, at that time, Gong Yuhan forced iqiyi to replace Jin Chen with her female artist and partner with Li Qin. Unexpectedly, it was Li Qin who was finally replaced. Iqiyi found her partner Jin Chen.

Gong Yuhan directly sent a message in the circle of friends, angrily scolding the senior management of iqiyi: “ Iqiyi is a self righteous man. I will trade my life for you;. He even said that he knew where the children of iqiyi’s senior management went to school. This kind of behavior is really triad. It was also because of this incident that the artists under Gong Yuhan were banned by iqiyi.

What has gong Yuhan done

In addition, at the beginning, the cooperation between Deng Lun and Yang Zi became very popular. It was also because of the various operations of Gong Yuhan that Yang Zi was besieged by Deng Lun’s fans, which made the relationship between Yang Zi and Yang Lun hostile. At that time, Gong Yuhan also used Deng Lun’s various resources to exchange resources for other artists under his banner. Even Yu zhengdu disps Gong Yuhan’s behavior. It can be seen that Gong Yuhan is also very unpopular in the industry, and netizens naturally hate him. Many of Gong Yuhan’s famous artists have also chosen to leave and are unwilling to cooperate with him.

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