Why was the ox demon king liquidated by heaven in journey to the west?

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The ox demon king is Sun Wukong’s sworn brother and the great saint of pingtian. The following is a detailed explanation of the Xiaobian of China story network. Let’s look down~

The ox demon king is a famous monster in the journey to the West. He is as strong as Sun Wukong, and he has been patient with the scripture collection team. His son hong’er was subdued by Guanyin, but he didn’t take action. His brother Ruyi Zhenxian was humiliated by Sun Wukong, and he didn’t care. Sun Wukong played tricks on Princess Iron Fan and Princess jade face. He was not angry, and advised the Dragon King of bibotan to hide from Sun Wukong. Why does the Buddha and the heavenly court have to jointly encircle and suppress the ox demon king,

I. settle in Flaming Mountain

The ox demon was originally a big white ox, but later he became a demon and became a man eater. The ox demon king has great powers and likes making friends, so he has a wide network of contacts. Later, Sun Wukong became king in Huaguo Mountain, and the ox demon king formed seven brothers with him, the Jiao demon king, the Peng demon king, and other goblins, known as the “great saint of peace”. When Sun Wukong caused havoc in the heavenly palace, the ox devil hid to avoid getting into trouble.

The ox demon king traveled everywhere, met Princess Iron Fan, got married, and had a son, red boy. Then the ox demon king continued to make friends and got to know the Dragon King of bibotan and Ruyi Zhenxian, making them his friends and brothers. The ox demon king sent his wife Princess Iron Fan to guard the flame mountain, and his son red boy to guard mount Hao. Then he took Princess jade face as his concubine and got Jilei mountain, which became a powerful force in Xiniu Hezhou.

2. Dinner at bibotan


Sun Wukong came to the Flaming Mountain and asked Princess Iron Fan to lend him a fan. If he could not, he went to find the ox demon king. Then they fought. The Dragon King of bibotan invited the ox demon king. He went to bibotan in luanshi mountain as a guest, and Sun Wukong followed him all the way. The ox demon king enters the Crystal Palace and drinks and eats vegetables with the Dragon King of bibotan. Sun Wukong then became a crab and entered the Crystal Palace. The Dragon King found a stranger coming, so he ordered someone to catch him. Sun Wukong shouted for mercy, saying that he did not understand etiquette and broke into the Crystal Palace by mistake. Hearing this, all the aquatic people pleaded for Sun Wukong in front of the Dragon King, and he let him go.

Sun Wukong escaped from the Crystal Palace, thinking that it would take a long time to wait for the ox demon king to come out, and that he would not borrow a banana fan even if he came out, so he stole the Golden Crystal Beast, changed into the ox demon king, and went to find Princess Iron Fan. When Princess Iron Fan saw Sun Wukong posing as the ox demon king coming, she did not know whether it was true or not, and hurried to meet him. Sun Wukong began to talk with Princess Iron Fan, saying that he was busy, so he had not come home for two years.

The fake Bull Demon King said to Princess Iron Fan, “that monkey will protect Tang monk when he travels westward. I’m afraid he’ll come to borrow a fan from you. Then I’ll break him into pieces to avenge his son.” Princess Iron Fan told him that Sun Wukong borrowed a fake fan yesterday. The fake Bull Demon asked her again, where is the real fan? Princess Iron Fan reassured him that she would take good care of herself. Then Princess Iron Fan snuggled up with the fake Bull Demon and told her heart.

Seeing that Princess Iron Fan was drunk, Monkey King asked her where the fan was? Princess Iron Fan took out a small fan and showed it to monkey king. Monkey king looked at the small fan and wondered if it was genuine. He asked Princess Iron Fan how to use it? Princess Iron Fan really thought that the ox demon king had forgotten, so she said how to use it and how to grow bigger. Hearing this, Monkey King changed his original shape and angrily rebuked Princess Iron Fan for being rude. Princess Iron Fan was ashamed. Monkey King took the fan, enlarged it and went to the flame mountain.

After finishing the banquet in bibotan, the ox demon found that the Golden Crystal Beast was stolen. It was supposed to be stolen by Sun Wukong. He hurried back to Bajiao cave. The ox demon saw Princess Iron Fan and learned that the banana fan had been cheated by Sun Wukong. So he ordered his men to prepare two swords and go after Sun Wukong. The ox demon caught up with Sun Wukong. He expected that he would not give himself the fan easily, so he changed into a pig Bajie and went to meet him. Sun Wukong is happy to get the banana fan, so he is not very vigilant and mistakenly thinks that it is really pig Bajie.

Third, fight monkey king again

Fake pig Bajie said that he was ordered by master to help elder martial brother. Sun Wukong replied that he didn’t need it. He had deceived himself into a banana fan. Fake pig Bajie said that he would carry the fan for Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong gave him the fan. The Bull Demon put away the fan, then changed his true colors and angrily denounced the shameless Monkey King. Sun Wukong lamented that he had been deceived, so he hit the Bull Demon King. The ox demon king immediately took a banana fan to fan him. As a result, Sun Wukong did not move at all because of his calming wind pill. The ox demon put away the banana fan and fought with the monkey king, which was very difficult.

Seeing that Sun Wukong had not returned for a long time, Tang Monk expected that he was fighting with the Bull Demon King, so he sent pig Bajie to help him. Pig Bajie didn’t know the way, so the land of Flaming Mountain took him. When Zhu Bajie saw that Sun Wukong was fighting the Bull Demon, the land urged him to help. Sun Wukong lost his banana fan when he told Zhu Bajie that the Bull Demon pretended to be him. Zhu Bajie was furious, angrily denounced the Bull Demon King for being shameless, and hit him hard. On the day of the battle between the Bull Demon King and the monkey king, his physical exertion was great, and the ferocity of the pig eight rings led to his physical exhaustion and his escape.


The land of Flaming Mountain stopped the Bull Demon and asked him to lend out his banana fan. The ox demon king angrily denounced the land, saying that Sun Wukong had harmed his son and bullied his wives and concubines. He would never borrow a fan. Sun Wukong and pig Bajie catch up and fight with the ox demon king again. The ox demon then fought and left, and fled to the outside of Moyun cave. At this time, the demons of Moyun cave came out to help, and the ox demon king was able to win and return to his house. Not willing to lose, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie attacked Moyun cave and fought with the ox demon king.

Fourth, heaven and Buddhism help Sun Wukong

The ox demon turned into a swan and escaped. Sun Wukong turned into Hai Dongqing and went to catch him. As a result, the ox demon king turned into a yellow eagle to fight back, and Sun Wukong turned into a black phoenix. Then they changed and fought fiercely. The ox demon turned into a big white ox with a height of 800 feet. Sun Wukong then became very tall and fought with him. Jintou Jiedi, Liujia Liuding, and 18 guardians came to help Sun Wukong. Seeing that he was outnumbered, the ox demon king fled back to Bajiao cave.

Sun Wukong and the immortals besieged Bajiao cave. After clearing Moyun cave, Zhu Bajie and the land also came to help. Then pig Bajie built a broken banana cave door, and the ox demon gave the banana fan to Princess Iron Fan and went out to meet the enemy. The ox demon king was besieged by Sun Wukong and others, and escaped. At this time, four King Kong sent by the Buddha surrounded the Bull Demon King, including Wutai Mountain’s Secret Magic rock, the powerful throwing Dharma King Kong, Emei Mountain’s Qingliang cave’s magic power is immeasurably superior to that of the King Kong, Xumi mountain’s Molu cliff’s Pilu Samana’s powerful King Kong, and Kunlun Mountain’s jinxialing’s Immortal King Kong.

The Bull Demon King was frightened and frightened. At that time, Li Jing, the king of tota, and Prince Nezha came to fetch him with fish bellies, medicine forks, and giant spirits under the will of the Jade Emperor. The Bull Demon King had to change back into a big white bull to fight the tota heavenly king. Nezha then changed into three heads and six arms, rode on the Bull Demon King, cut off his head, and hung the wind fire wheel on his horn, which made him roar wildly. The ox demon king wanted to change and escape, but he was covered with a demon mirror by the king of tota, and could not escape. He had to say that he was willing to submit to Buddhism. Nezha escorted the ox demon king to Bajiao cave, asked Princess Iron Fan to hand over the Bajiao fan, and then took him to Lingshan.

V. why the ox demon king was jointly surrounded and suppressed

Seeing this, all the spirits were frightened and asked, “but is that Sun Wukong who is making a big fuss in heaven?” The ox king said, “exactly. If there is something wrong with the Lord on the road to the west, you must avoid him.” (journey to the west, 60 chapters)

The demon king was shocked and said: “… I heard that monk Tang was waiting on the road. His second disciple, pig spirit, and his third disciple, Sha Liujing, met him when I was a monster. I also changed into a pig spirit and cheated him. It is expected that the monkeys will be happy and won’t go to the embankment in detail.” (61 chapters of journey to the West)

Nezha took out the fire wheel and hung it on the horn of the old ox. then he blew a real fire, which made the king of the ox roar wildly and shake his head and tail. Just as he was about to change and escape, he was captured by the Evil Mirror of the tota heavenly king. He stayed there and had no way to escape. He only said, “don’t hurt my life. I’d rather submit to Buddhism.” (61 chapters of journey to the West)

The main reasons why the ox demon king was surrounded and suppressed by heaven and Buddhism are as follows:

First of all, the battle between the ox demon king and the monkey king was even for one day, which shows that his martial arts are strong and his magic power is vast. Therefore, the ox demon king, with his strong skills, married Princess Iron Fan and Princess jade face, and controlled Cuiyun mountain, Huoyan mountain and Jilei mountain; He also sent red boy to guard huoyun cave in the withered pine stream, and got the number mountain; Yidi Ruyi and Zhenxian have occupied the cave. You have to understand Yangshan. It can be seen that the huge power of the Niu demon king family in Xiniu Hezhou is a major obstacle on the way to the West. Therefore, the Buddha must eradicate it.


Secondly, Ruyi Zhenxian, the brother of the ox demon king, is a Taoist immortal, and the ox demon king also knows Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, who are Taoist born. It can be seen that the relationship between the ox demon king and Taoism is not shallow. In addition, red boy met the Taoist immortal Zhang Daoling and told him his birth date, which further proved that the relationship between Niu demon king and Taoism was excellent. The ox demon king also mentioned that he was once a monster, which shows that he became an immortal later, and it is very likely that he was a Taoist immortal. Therefore, part of the reason why King Niu did not want to lend banana fans to the scripture collection team was Taoism, so Buddhism must eradicate him.

Finally, the Bull Demon King has a mount to avoid water and a Golden Crystal Beast. In the journey to the west, many high-level Immortals (the green bull spirit of the Supreme Lord Laojun and the golden hair of Guanyin Bodhisattva) have mounts, which shows that the Bull Demon King has extraordinary skills. However, the ox demon king has no official position in heaven, so it can be seen that he is only a very special force in Taoism and does not obey the Jade Emperor. In addition, Flaming Mountain was an important obstacle in Xiniu Hezhou, which seriously obstructed the connection between the Tang Dynasty and Lingshan. Therefore, the jade emperor did a favor and sent tota and Li Tianwang to help Sun Wukong and Buddhism subdue the Bull Demon King. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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