Why was the Tangshan beating case, which has attracted much attention from the Chinese Internet, investigated by the Langfang police?

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Original title: The Tangshan beating case was investigated by the Langfang police. Lawyers: Using police in different places can better ensure justice.

The beating case at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei has aroused social concern and heated discussions.

At about 23:00 on June 11, the official Weibo account of the Langfang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province announced that, according to the designated jurisdiction of the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, the case of picking quarrels, provoking trouble and violent beating of others in a barbecue restaurant in Lubei District, Tangshan City was initiated by Langfang City. The Guangyang Branch of the Public Security Bureau will investigate and handle the case.

At 23:50 that day, a reporter from Times Weekly called the Guangyang Branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau. “Today (June 11), I just received a notice from the provincial department to officially accept the case.” The staff member told the Times Weekly reporter, “The case has just been handed over and we are investigating. If there is further information, we will contact you as soon as possible. public account release.”

Source: Weibo of Langfang Public Security Bureau

The main reason for remote jurisdiction is that if a case is investigated, prosecuted or tried locally, there are decisive factors that affect the fairness of the case. And this decisive factor led to the overall avoidance of the local investigation, prosecution or judicial organs, so the jurisdiction of different places was used to ensure the fairness of the case trial.

Wang Ling, a lawyer from Beijing Cailiang Law Firm, told the Times Weekly reporter: “The use of police officers in different places may be highly suspicious of the existence of local underworld forces and protective umbrellas.”

Offsite use of police is not uncommon. Wang Ling introduced that in the special campaign against gangsters and evils since 2018, some major and sensitive cases, as well as those that have been protracted for a long time, have been handled poorly, some innovative case handling methods have been adopted, such as raising the level of jurisdiction, using police in different places, Listing supervision, etc., to better detect cases.

“When you fight underworld, you must open an umbrella. The reason why underworld forces arouse the resentment of ordinary people is that they often have a protective umbrella behind them, so that criminals can escape legal sanctions for a long time. This kind of cases can be avoided by using police in different places to avoid a series of protective umbrellas. The role it plays is of great help to the umbrella.” Wang Ling told the Times Weekly reporter.

Wang Ling said that in the process of public opinion fermentation, it was noticed that some of these criminal suspects had previous convictions. All walks of life have raised reasonable doubts that there may be a protective umbrella behind it. “Therefore, the use of police in different places is also a response to the concerns of the broad masses of the people.” Wang Ling said.

Ju Qinyi, a partner and lawyer of Beijing Weiheng (Shanghai) Law Firm, said that the circumstances of the case were particularly serious and the social impact was extremely vicious, which attracted great social attention, and these criminal suspects were also suspected of being involved in gangsterism and evil.

In order to ensure the fairness, openness and impartial investigation of the case, the Hebei provincial public security department designated the Guangyang Branch of the Langfang Public Security Bureau to conduct jurisdiction in different places, which can avoid the interference of other factors to the greatest extent, and better investigate and handle the case according to the law. “Actually, there were many precedents for assigning jurisdiction in different places in the process of investigating and handling badly influential criminal cases in other provinces and cities.” Ju Qinyi said.

The Times Weekly reporter noticed that on October 14, 2020, Hebei held a press conference on the special struggle of the public security organs to fight against gangsters and evil. It was mentioned at the press conference that for criminal cases, the leaders of the municipal public security organs will take the lead, and they will organize and direct the investigation in a unified manner. Investigate. If it is found during the investigation that the social relationship is complicated and the local investigation is difficult, the provincial anti-gang office shall designate the investigation in another place.

The Langfang police mentioned in the notification that “the provincial public security department has designated jurisdiction”. In this regard, Wang Ling analyzed and pointed out that the case has been supervised at least at the level of the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department. “Such investigation activities are carried out in accordance with the law to respond to social concerns.”

Wang Ling also believes that the investigation and trial of this case should be heavier and quicker. “The facts of the case are relatively clear, and there are cameras at the scene. Judging from the scene, this is not a premeditated act, and it is relatively easy to identify criminal acts as a whole,” Wang Ling said.

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