Wife cheated and sent wrong message to husband, husband was heartbroken and took son away for divorce

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What do couples fear most in a marriage? Some people may say that it is a contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, while others may say that they do not understand or are not equal. But most couples fear betrayal by the other half.

We always say that there are zero and infinite times of disloyalty. This is not necessarily true, but even if a person wakes up in time after being disloyal and returns to the family, can his other half really forgive him and forget these things. The damage caused by infidelity and betrayal to a marriage is eternal and cannot be erased by the so-called prodigal son. Just like a broken mirror cannot be reunited, such a mistake will not be completely forgiven after all.

Maybe many women will choose to forgive and tolerate for the sake of their children after their husbands are unfaithful. But the marriage has cracked, and it is impossible to return to the way it was before, and it is impossible to have happiness again. The same is true for men. After a wife is unfaithful, whether to forgive or break up is a difficult question to decide.

Netizen Chen Hai recently discovered his wife’s betrayal. Whether to choose to forgive and continue the marriage, or to break up without forgiveness, let’s take a look at his story.

Five years of happy marriage, a model family of three

Chen Hai and his wife Zhang Jiajia have been married for five years. The two were college classmates at the time, and Chen Hai was a top student in the class, and he was also handsome. It is Chen Hai who is chased by Zhang Jiajia. Zhang Jiajia is a sweet-looking girl. After Chen Hai tutored her to help her take an exam, Zhang Jiajia began to pursue Chen Hai.

It is said that women chase men’s interlayer yarn, and Chen Hai and Zhang Jiajia soon became a couple. The two go to school together, eat together, and study together every day. At that time, she was dubbed the golden boy and girl by her classmates. The two of them are a couple that many people envy. They both look good, study well, and they never quarrel.

After graduating from university, Chen Hai proposed to him like Zhang Jiajia. The two have a graduation certificate in one hand and a marriage certificate in the other. They are envious of others, and Chen Hai and Zhang Jiajia have joined the same company again. Their love is perfect in the eyes of others.

After getting married, Zhang Jiajia never had the troubles of other people who were other people’s daughters-in-law. Chen Hai was very considerate, and he did most of the housework at home. Moreover, Chen Hai also cooks a good dish, which is often shown off by Zhang Jiajia in the circle of friends. A lot of people in the comment area will reply that they refuse to eat dog food.

In the third year of marriage, Zhang Jiajia became pregnant. At that time, Chen Hai had already been promoted to a junior leader by virtue of his excellent work ability, and he could afford the family’s livelihood alone, so he asked Zhang Jiajia to resign and be a mother-to-be at home with peace of mind.

When Zhang Jiajia’s reaction was serious during pregnancy, Chen Hai took over his mother and mother-in-law so that they could take good care of Zhang Jiajia.

Pregnant in May, Chen Hai and Zhang Jiajia had their first child, a boy. At this time, Chen Hai and Zhang Jiajia have changed from a model couple, a model couple, to a model family in people’s mouths.

After the child was born, Chen Hai didn’t want Zhang Jiajia to be too tired, so he added a part-time job to himself and hired a month-in-law for his family. Every day is cooking, cleaning the house, and coaxing the children. In this way, Zhang Jiajia became more relaxed.

Find out that something is wrong with your wife

After the child was born, the family’s expenses were already high, and in order to relieve Zhang Jiajia’s burden, Chen Hai hired a confinement sister-in-law. Therefore, although Chen Hai has another part-time job, the burden of supporting the family is still very heavy on his shoulders. Therefore, in the company, he began to actively increase the workload, often working overtime, resulting in many colleagues calling him a model worker.

In this way, although the family’s economy is getting better, Chen Hai is getting busier and busier. Sometimes it is too late, and Chen Hai will sleep directly in the company. He used to have four days off every month, and he would take Zhang Jiajia out to play. Now let alone vacation, it is difficult to commute to and from get off work every day. Slowly, Zhang Jiajia began to complain about him, feeling that Chen Hai was not home.

Chen Hai is also very guilty, but he has no other way, after all, he still has to live. He could only give all the money he earned to Zhang Jiajia and let his wife spend it casually to express his sincerity. Zhang Jiajia started saving money, but within half a year, Zhang Jiajia stopped saving.

Chen Hai found that Zhang Jiajia seemed to be obsessed with luxury goods, and bought bags one by one. Big-name cosmetics have never been distressed, no matter how expensive, Zhang Jiajia swiped without blinking. Although Chen Hai also hopes that Zhang Jiajia can be happy, he really can’t afford to spend her money like this.

After talking to Zhang Jiajia a few times, Zhang Jiajia also calmed down a bit. At this time, Chen Hai realized that Zhang Jiajia seemed to have changed. Zhang Jiajia’s foundation was very good, and she didn’t like heavy makeup before. Recently, I like to dress myself up brightly every day, and go out shopping after dressing up. Every time Chen Hai asked, Zhang Jiajia would still half complain.

“Girls must be pretty when they go shopping. It’s not because you are too busy to spend time with me. I can only find my best friend.”

Although he felt that Zhang Jiajia went out a little too often, out of trust, Chen Hai didn’t think much about it. Until one day, Zhang Jiajia went out shopping again, saying that she was still with her best friend. However, Chen Hai saw the photos posted by her best friend who were traveling abroad in the circle of friends.

Chen Hai suddenly panicked, and then went to see that Zhang Jiajia’s best friend had deleted the circle of friends. Chen Hai felt that something was wrong, he called Zhang Jiajia first, but Zhang Jiajia didn’t answer, and he sent a WeChat message to Zhang Jiajia’s best friend, “Are you and Jiajia together, please tell her to go back a little earlier today. ”

“Jiajia is with me, I’ll tell her.” Chen Hai, who received WeChat, realized that Zhang Jiajia had something to hide from him.

Wife sent a wrong WeChat message, exposing the fact of infidelity

After that, Chen Hai’s trust in Zhang Jiajia was in crisis. He always wanted to look at Zhang Jiajia’s mobile phone, but he found that Zhang Jiajia’s mobile phone had been lost casually before, and now he takes it with him wherever he goes. And he saw that Zhang Jiajia had several new bags, but there was no record on the card recently.

Chen Hai pretended to ask casually, and Zhang Jiajia told him coquettishly that it was given to her by her best friend.

Chen Hai began to wonder if he was too busy with work and neglected her, and sometimes there is no need to earn too much money. So Chen Hai started to take time out as much as possible and worked hard to get to and from get off work normally. One month, I also applied for leave and took Zhang Jiajia and his son out to play.

During the trip, he found that Zhang Jiajia was always absent-minded and not very sad about his son. Instead, he was always looking at his phone, as if his phone was more important than his son.

Chen Hai was also a little angry, but he didn’t get angry at Zhang Jiajia either. He still felt that it was his own fault, that he had caused Zhang Jiajia’s feelings for him to fade, and wanted to make up for it.

After that, Zhang Jiajia went out less frequently, and Chen Hai was quite happy. But one night, a WeChat message from Zhang Jiajia completely shattered his idea.

Chen Hai hadn’t worked overtime for a long time, and was about to pack up and go home that day, but Zhang Jiajia sent a WeChat message, which Chen Hai saw just by looking at his phone.

“Not tonight, he’s at home, he’s not working overtime recently, let’s change the date in the future, I miss you too.” For some reason, Chen Hai quickly took a screenshot.

Sure enough, Zhang Jiajia withdrew the message as soon as he took a screenshot. Chen Hai was completely chilled, and sent Zhang Jiajia a WeChat message, “Don’t change the time, I’ll be on night shift tonight.”

Zhang Jiajia called over, but Chen Hai didn’t get angry when he picked it up, but calmly said that everything will be dealt with tomorrow. Chen Hai didn’t go home at night.

The next day, Chen Hai started packing as soon as he got home. Zhang Jiajia begged beside him, saying that he was wrong and that he had cut off contact with him. Chen Hai ignored her, and after finishing all the things, he picked up his son again.

“Zhang Jiajia, let’s break up. My son belongs to me. I know what to give you. I know you lied to me before. I took a screenshot of yesterday’s WeChat. You’d better cooperate.”

Zhang Jiajia sat on the ground decadently, and Chen Hai couldn’t be saved.

Zhang Jiajia originally had a happy marriage. We don’t know why she was unfaithful. But in any case, as a wife, as a mother, her approach is the most wrong. She is sorry for the love Chen Hai gave her, and she is also sorry for her young son. In the end, he ended up breaking up with nothing, which is indeed what he deserved.

In marriage, two people should be equal, understand each other, and give to each other, so that the marriage can last longer. Chen Hai was just too used to giving and forgot to ask for something in return, so his marriage was broken, and he was actually partly responsible. The pressure that two people could bear together, but he had to bear it alone, did not give the family enough time. But his marriage was broken because of Zhang Jiajia’s own fault.

The truth that Chen Hai’s story tells us is not a man who can’t work hard, nor a woman who can’t love beauty and buy, but in marriage, both people have to pay. Also take the initiative to understand each other, to be considerate of each other. Such marriages will last long.

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