Wife took care of sick male best friend for 5 days, went home to see husband’s female best friend at home

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I don’t think anyone can forgive their wife for taking care of her boyfriend, but that’s what Ms. Wei did. Ms. Wei took care of her sick boyfriend for five days, and she told her husband that you should be generous. ? Let’s see what happened.

Ms. Wei said:

Originally, my husband was a very obedient man who was very good at taking care of others. I was just aiming for this, and then I married my husband. I felt very secure with such a man. I felt very secure. It is very important for women. If you are with a man who has a beautiful bowels, then the life after marriage will not be peaceful, because such a man does not care about his family, and he will also mess with flowers outside. Such a man is very painful. If the marriage life is not happy, the woman will grow old quickly. I don’t want to let myself grow old so quickly, so I chose my husband later.

After I got married to my husband, we lived a simple life, and we didn’t have big dreams. We thought it would be just as simple as this. My husband takes good care of me in life, and he will pay his salary The card was handed over to me. He said that I was his woman and that I should manage the money. I think that a man is really handsome when he says such a thing, which means that a man trusts this woman very much, so he will say such a thing.

I have a boyfriend and we have a good time together. I have known my boyfriend a long time ago. When I was not with my husband, I met my boyfriend. I have a good relationship with him, except for lovers. I basically did other things. At that time, we would often travel together, go to the movies, etc. I used to think he was more important than your boyfriend, but later I got older and met again. After my husband, I think women still want to get married. If they get married, they will be laughed at in the future, and I will marry my husband later.

But when my husband found out about me and my boyfriend, he was a little jealous. He felt that I was already with him, and it was not good to have contact with the opposite sex. I thought his thinking was too old-fashioned. Today’s women basically have one or two male girlfriends. This is already in modern times, and everyone’s thinking is fashionable. I also told my husband not to be so feudal, but my husband just cares that I have male girlfriends, and I will say yes later. My husband, I told my husband that I will work hard in the future, not to have close contact with my boyfriend, and live with him in peace. My husband is relieved because of what I said.

But later I still kept in touch with my boyfriend. My husband was very helpless about this. Because my husband has a good temper, he didn’t say anything. Then I thought he didn’t mind. Once my boyfriend fell ill, and he was very ill. He had pneumonia. I didn’t worry about her alone. Then I went to take care of him. I took care of my boyfriend at my boyfriend’s house for five days. I also talked about this matter. My husband said that my husband didn’t reply to my message, and then I thought my husband allowed me to do this, so I didn’t think much about it. After chatting, I didn’t have time to contact my husband. The male best friend in the back was in good health, so I also planned to go back. I haven’t seen my husband for several days, and I miss my husband a lot.

But when I got home, I found a woman at home, and I asked my husband what happened? My husband said to me: “She is my girlfriend, because you are not at home, so I asked her to accompany me, you can accompany your boyfriend, and I can also ask my girlfriend to accompany me, so We are evenly leveled, and no one owes anyone anything?” After hearing my husband say this, I was very angry, how could he do such a thing? Afterwards, I made trouble with him, and I slapped him. I thought he was going too far.

Originally, I thought my husband would apologize to me, but at this time he took out a breakup agreement, and then he asked me to sign it. My husband, who has always been very mild-tempered, how could he do such a thing? Later, I went to beg my husband, and I also asked him to beat me, but my husband ignored me at all. In the end, I had no choice but to sign the breakup agreement. Looking at the breakup agreement, I had a kind of heart. It feels like a knife, I didn’t expect my marriage to end like this, I really don’t know what I did wrong, is it wrong for me to take care of my boyfriend? He and I are friends. If my friend is in trouble, of course I need help. And when I went to take care of my boyfriend, nothing happened to us. Why can’t my husband forgive him?

Closing remarks:

This kind of thing is really hard to forgive. My wife is taking care of other men, and I find it unacceptable. In fact, Ms. Wei can think about it in another way. She minds that her husband lives with her girlfriend, why ask Can your husband accept that he lives with his boyfriend?

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