Will Japan become the “second Ukraine”?

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Original: Shen Peng source official account: heihara childe has been authorized to reprint

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said at the NATO summit that “tomorrow’s East Asia is likely to become the second Ukraine”.


Kishida said, “the security and defense of Europe and the Indo Pacific region are inseparable. Attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by means of coercion continue to occur in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Japan is deeply in crisis.”

After all, it is still emphasizing the “China Threat Theory”. While giving NATO and the United States a name, it is delusional to “reorganize military readiness”, but you don’t look at the so-called “G7 summit”. Where is Fumio Kishida?


I think it’s very good. Fumio Kishida compares Japan to Ukraine for a long time. Presumably, he has already promoted the end of Japan? Want to get a “good ending” like Ukraine?


Nazis and Fascists always want to keep warm together. It is not surprising that the heirs of BANDERA gangs sympathize with the remnants of militarism and have the idea of rabbit death and fox sorrow.

Unwilling to be a friendly neighbor of China, do you have to be a dog of the United States and NATO?

We have always loved peace and opposed militarism, but if you show your teeth and bark at me every day on the side of your bed, and even want to create “NATO” in Asia, then we are not good people.


In 2022, Japan’s economy was in a mess, with inflation, currency devaluation, trade deficit for ten consecutive months, and pillar industries such as automobiles are also being eroded by China… A country with narrow land, lack of assets, economic stagnation, sharp decline in exports, and heavy dependence on foreign trade is prone to despair in the face of today’s difficulties. If you have studied modern history, you will remember that when Japan cannot solve its economy, it usually chooses how to transfer domestic contradictions?

Japanese politicians clearly know that the world situation is undergoing major changes. They know better that with the diligence, courage and wisdom of the Chinese people and the development speed and scale advantage of China’s manufacturing industry, Japan has to spit out the dividends it has received in the past few decades… Many areas they are proud of are like flip phones, floppy disks, CDs, fax machines, and “craftsman spirit” that are still popular in Japan today, Become a classic joke in history.

Therefore, they would rather be the eternal dog of the Anglo Saxon gangs than see China rise. In their eyes, being a dog to Anglo Saxon can also pretend to be a tiger and survive. If China rises, they will have no “living space”.

More importantly, Japanese fascists have committed terrible crimes against us, Japanese militarism has not been completely liquidated after the war, and many Showa war criminals have been sheltered by the United States… They have regained control of Japan’s politics and economy. Japan has become the lackey of American imperialism, and has been on the front line of Anti China and anti Communist.

It can be said that although the war was over, the accounts of China and Japan were not clear. Our grievances were much deeper than those between Russia and Ukraine.

There is no doubt that the Japanese know this well. If you don’t believe it, go to the Japanese polls and see the attitude of the Japanese towards us from the official to the private under the decades of anti Communist and Anti China brainwashing education. Japanese with reflection, Japanese without reflection.

The Japanese nation has a “shame” culture. Speaking of being tall, in essence, it means that people can’t let people know its black history, ugly appearance, receiving favors from others, and being sorry for others is also a “shame”, which is also a black history. Therefore, killing the benefactor, the debtor, and the most unworthy person, even if it is the greatest reward, even if it is atonement and debt repayment, there is no shame.

Then who is it most sorry for?

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