Will left-behind women in rural areas cuckold their husbands?

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Although the rural economy is now vigorously developing, there is still a big gap between rural and urban areas. For example, there are large gaps in children’s education, employment opportunities, and residents’ pension issues. In contrast, urban development space is larger, and many young people More willing to go out for a family for the sake of the family.

In this way, there is a problem. If both husband and wife go out to work, young children and elderly people will become left-behind children and left-behind elderly people, and all matters at home will fall on the elderly. Therefore, many families can only choose women to stay behind to take care of the elderly and children, and husbands to work hard and earn money to support the family.

In ordinary rural families, each family basically still has fields, vegetable fields, and livestock to take care of. Women in rural areas are generally more conservative in thinking. When men are not at home, women naturally take up all the heavy responsibilities without complaint. When farming is busy, women go to work in the fields just like men.

Husbands and wives have been separated for a long time. Only during the Chinese New Year can the family get together. I am afraid that this is the only time when a woman and her husband meet. For such a separation life, is a woman really calm at heart? Aren’t you lonely? In fact, only those who have experienced it know the taste.

How do left-behind women resolve their inner emptiness? Will they cuckold their husbands? The three left-behind women expressed their truest thoughts, let’s take a look.

Ms. Su, 33 years old: all for life, for family.

In fact, I was already 25 years old when I got married. If I get married at my age, it is relatively late in the countryside. Before we got married, my boyfriend and I both worked in Guangdong. We also met in the factory. Later, we learned that we were fellow villagers in the same county, and even the villages were not far apart. After confirming the relationship, we moved in together for half a year. In the fourth year of their relationship, Ms. Su became pregnant, so the two went back to their hometown for the wedding.

After I got married, I stayed in my hometown to raise my baby, and my husband still went back to Guangzhou to work. He didn’t take a week off to visit me until I gave birth to a child. As soon as he got home, he was busy making confinement meals for me to keep me healthy. In the evening, he also takes care of the child. He is not a careful man at ordinary times. After having the child, I found that he has changed a lot, becoming more considerate and careful, and always thinking about me and the child.

A week has passed quickly, and he has to hurriedly return to the place where he works. Although he is reluctant to part with us, I comfort him, and when the day is good, our family will be able to reunite.

The child is getting older, and my husband is still working outside. I have been out of town for 8 years. A few years ago, there was a man of the same age in the village. He set up a brick factory in a nearby town. Many left-behind women in the village went to his factory. Work, subsidize the family.

My husband and I discussed it. Now that my child is studying, it is easier for me to go to work in the factory. Later, in the factory, I met a man from the village next door. He was very lively and specialized in managing the chores in the factory. Every time I have free time, I like to chat with women.

After a long time, we became acquainted. He knew that my husband was working outside and was away from home all the year round. Several times after get off work he insisted on taking me to invite me to dinner, but I politely declined, saying that there were still children at home waiting for me to come home to cook. In fact, I know exactly what he was thinking. If a man has no idea about a woman, how can he invite her to dinner for no reason?

Although I have been a woman at home for so many years and my husband is not by my side, I want to keep myself quiet and have no gossip. My husband is so hard outside, how can I betray him?

In fact, some things are just a thought, I don’t want to do things that I regret, not to mention that I am a more traditional woman, and I look more loyal.

Ms. Huang, 38: Life cannot be the best of both worlds!

My husband and I have lived in the countryside all our lives. The reason why we work so hard is so that in the future our children can go out of the countryside, read more books, and live in big cities.

My husband has been working alone for so many years. It has been almost ten years. He is a relatively economical man. I don’t spend much money on food and housing in a month. There are many places for my children to spend money for their studies. So I don’t need to save money in my life. I need to improve my life.

Although my husband said that, let us be more generous when we use our money, but I know in my heart that this is all his hard-earned money, and we should not waste it. We only use it when we need it.

My husband and I both graduated from high school and knew a few big characters. After the village was connected to the Internet, he sent me a smartphone, and even if I didn’t listen, he would send me and my children videos. Ask about the situation at home, and I will also tell him how many eggs the hen at home laid today, and the piglets are out again. The son of Uncle Wang from the next village married a new wife a few days ago.

Only by chatting with him every day about the parents’ shortcoming can I sleep peacefully, and my husband is also very happy to listen to me tell him about all kinds of things that happened in the village.

Although we are separated by thousands of kilometers, with the Internet, we seem to be close at hand.

Sometimes I also envy the couples who can stay together. My husband also said that he would take the children to play for a while after the children’s vacation. He thought of spending money on the back and forth by car, and spending money on eating and drinking. I still gave up.

The women in the village always ask me why I don’t go to my husband’s place when I’m fine. If there is someone outside, I don’t know. Actually, I’m not worried at all about this issue. Because for so many years, his dedication to the whole family is obvious to all, and he is an honest and responsible person. Spending money for other women, how can a woman be willing to be with him unconditionally?

If my husband can be loyal to the family, of course I will not let him down. Taking good care of the family is what I want to do the most. As for matters between men and women, I occasionally think about it. It’s just a momentary thought. It’s over.

Sometimes when I miss my husband very much, I keep myself busy. At night, people are very tired and have no energy to think about other things.

I believe that our family will be better and better in the future, and the day when our family will be together will be getting closer and closer.

Ms. Zeng, 34 years old: Emotional matters are really out of control!

The age of 34 is the best age for women, but life is so cruel. If you want a better life, you must give up your feelings.

After getting married, like most women, I stayed in the countryside to take care of the elderly and children. In the first few years, my husband cared for us very much, and would often call back to ask about the child’s life. Slowly, he seemed to be getting busier and busier, and he was used to living alone, except for sending money back every month. At times, I think of our mother and son, who usually seldom care about us.

This made me feel very aggrieved. Even though I paid so much, I still could not get the love of my husband. I don’t know if my effort is worth it.

There are many people of the same age around me. Although their husbands are not around, their lives are still enjoyable. They don’t want to feel wronged. I used to reject such people, but I didn’t expect that I would become such a person now.

I met him on the bus to the county seat. As soon as he got on the bus, he felt as if he was looking for something. After searching for a long time, he could not find it. Later, he explained to the driver that he had lost his mobile phone and had no cash. Can I owe the toll first and pay it back in a few days?

It happened that I had a little change left when I was shopping for food, and he helped him pay for it. He quickly thanked me and insisted on my mobile phone number. He said he wanted to transfer money to me. In a difficult time, people and people are mutual.

Unexpectedly, after returning home, he added me through the number, and really transferred it to me, but I still did not receive it. So he said he had the opportunity to invite me to dinner.

Gradually, we occasionally chatted online, and later I learned that he was the school’s physical education teacher and had been divorced for a year.

In this way, everyone’s feelings became deeper and deeper. His humorous personality made me feel very happy, and I liked chatting with him very much. He thought that I was simple and kind, and he was willing to make friends with me.

Once, after sending the child to school on Monday, we happened to meet him for a rest, so we went to the nearby neighborhood to chat for a while, and then we went further and further, we both wanted to keep walking quietly like this, and suddenly he hugged him. I, said something to me that moved my heart, and for a while, I didn’t control myself.

And just like that, we were secretly together.

For my status, I don’t know how long I can stay with him, but I don’t want to leave him and enjoy this life very much. Without a man by my side, I always feel empty inside.

My husband’s indifference over the past few years has made me more and more disappointed in him. I have completely forgotten that I am a woman with a family. I just want to enjoy the present with him and not be afraid of the future. If he says to marry me, maybe I will. Desperate for a divorce to be with him.

But he didn’t take the initiative to bring it up, he must have taken into account, so I don’t want to break this beauty!


The most feared thing in married life is the separation of the two places. Who doesn’t want to be reunited as a family? But often in order to make a living, many people have to leave their hometowns and go to work far away. They can only meet once a year.

Men are very hard outside, and women are actually harder to stay at home. Men must understand the difficulties of women, love their wives more, and warm their hearts, so that wives will feel that their efforts are worthwhile.

Of course, a man must know how to reject the temptation of other women when he is alone, think about his family, think about the woman who sacrificed for you day and night, do you still have the heart to hurt her?

Most left-behind women are more traditional in their thinking and will maintain their fidelity in their marriages. Perhaps a small number of women will go astray if they do not receive attention from their husbands.

Do you think left-behind women would cuckold their husbands? Welcome to share messages.

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