Will the United States send 100-200 more troops to Taiwan? Really?

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Why can’t Russia handle Ukraine?

February 24 is the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict.

If I ask you, what impressed you most about the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict? I think a lot of people will blurt out the answer: I didn’t expect it has not been settled for a year.

really I remember when the conflict broke out last year, the whole world thought it was Blitzkrieg. For example, on the day of the conflict, on February 24 last year, Newsweek reported that American officials believed that the Ukrainian government would collapse in a few days.

In the public opinion field in China, most people think the same. A few calm media people say it may take half a year. As a result, these few calm people, who have been fighting for a year, have not seen the end yet.

One of the funniest news of the past two days was that CNN reported on the 23rd that the US Army Secretary Christine Worms said that the US Army might take more than a year to deliver M1 main battle tanks to Ukraine. His original words are as follows: “I think there are options less than two years or less than a year and a half.” He also clearly said, “none of the options we are discussing can be realized in a few weeks or two months.”

In short, it will not be possible in the near future. It may be completed within one and a half years, or two years. Of course, it will take longer.

After listening to the words of the Secretary of the United States Army, people on the earth must be thinking. When the United States handed over tanks to Ukraine, it was for Ukraine to fight. It would take a year or two for tanks to be handed over to Ukraine. Does that mean that this war would take at least another year or two? Otherwise, when the war is over, what tanks will he deliver?

Although this remark is a bit of a joke, I think the current world public opinion generally believes that the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict cannot be ended in a short time.

Therefore, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, the most unexpected thing about this conflict is that it has lasted so long.

Why did it take so long? In fact, there is only one reason. Russia can’t handle Ukraine. Russia is so disappointing to the people of the world. He has been unable to make a decision on Ukraine for a year, and he still doesn’t know how long it will take to make a decision. Even whether he can finally make a decision is a question mark.

Why does Russia pull the crotch so? The core reason is that Russia’s comprehensive national strength is insufficient, including military, economic, diplomatic, public opinion, counterintelligence, etc.

For example, Russia’s GDP in 2021 is only about 178 million US dollars, only one tenth of that of the United States, and less than that of China’s Guangdong Province. This directly led to the fact that although it has some high-tech gadgets, the number is too small. Why? Because there is no money to build. Because of the small number of missiles, he was reluctant to use the war. The number of missiles it launched in the first two days of the war was not as large as the first Gulf War more than 30 years ago, the Kosovo crisis more than 20 years ago, and the Iraq war nearly 20 years ago. Although Russia has the world’s most advanced five-generation fighter Su 57, the total number is only about 5, while the number of the same class fighter planes f22 and f35 in the United States is at least 200, and the number of allies is nearly 1000. The number of fighter jets of the same class in China is also more than 100.

In addition, Russia’s scientific and technological level also has weaknesses. For example, Russia’s UAVs are relatively backward, so that Iran’s UAVs will be used later in the war. In an interview a few days ago, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused China of providing so-called “lethal support” to Russia, that is, providing weapons to Russia, which shows that Americans are very worried about this matter. According to military experts, if China provides weapons to Russia, China’s Caihong 4 Chada integrated UAV is probably what Russia wants. This shows that Russia’s military science and technology also has great weaknesses.

In addition, Russia’s counterintelligence work before the war was very unsuccessful. Before the war, Russia had arranged the Russian Federal Security Agency to pay bribes to Ukrainian officials in order to make them lay down their weapons and surrender immediately after the war began. The officials of the Russian Security Agency also reported to Putin that it was indeed settled and the money was sent out. But it was only after the war that Ukrainian officials rarely surrendered. In a fit of anger, Putin arrested the director of the Fifth Bureau of the Russian Federal Security Agency, Beseida, the deputy director of Boliuhe, and about 150 of their subordinates.


These contents all show that the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict lasted for a year, and Russia still can’t handle Ukraine, because Russia’s comprehensive national strength is not good, including the military collapse on the battlefield, but also the collapse of many aspects outside the battlefield, so I have always said that the war is a comprehensive national strength.

And before and after the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, there is a very typical example to show how bad Russia’s comprehensive national strength, especially the manufacturing capacity directly related to the war, is.

On February 21, 2022, three days before the first anniversary of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, Russia’s only aircraft carrier “Kuznetsov” officially undocked on the same day (this dock refers to the dock for ship repair). The aircraft carrier began to be repaired in 2017. After several years of repair, it can finally be launched. Next, we need to repair the radar and command system, and plan to return to the battlefield in 2024.

This is worth mentioning because it is also a microcosm of Russia’s comprehensive national strength, especially its manufacturing capacity.

This aircraft carrier, which has been repaired for five or six years, is the only aircraft carrier in Russia at present. The number is too small to match the name of its second military power. The United States currently has 11 aircraft carriers, and China has 3. The United Kingdom, Italy and India all have two aircraft carriers, all exceeding Russia. Which countries are tied with Russia? The answer is: France, Spain, Thailand, Brazil and other countries all have an aircraft carrier (of course, some aircraft carriers have small tonnage, but they are also aircraft carriers). In addition, Japan has seven large destroyers, also known as “quasi aircraft carriers”.

Russia is known as the world’s second military power. From the perspective of aircraft carrier, it is not second at all, and can only rank sixth.

So I said that the maintenance of Russia, the only aircraft carrier, is a microcosm of Russia’s national strength.

However, this topic is just the beginning, because even the maintenance of the only aircraft carrier has always had problems since 2017.

The aircraft carrier began to be repaired in 2017. In the second year, in October 2018, the floating dock for repairing the aircraft carrier suddenly sank. When it sank, it naturally tilted, causing a crane above to fall down and hit the deck of the aircraft carrier, damaging the aircraft carrier splint.

There was no way but to change the place for repair and then transfer to the 35th shipyard in Murmansk.

However, the shipyard has no capacity to repair the aircraft carrier because it does not have a large enough dry dock. What shall I do? Russia did not take advantage of the opportunity to make up for its shortcomings, but simply combined two small dry docks into one large dry dock.

In the process of construction, the plan was simple and no special valve was built, so it took two or three months to pump out the water in the dock. It took a long time, which made the world sigh.

A dry dock capable of repairing the aircraft carrier was finally set up, and the repair work began again. However, on December 12, 2019, due to welding errors during the repair process, a fire occurred, and the area of the fire exceeded 500 square meters, directly resulting in two deaths and dozens of injuries.

Then it was fire fighting and rescue, and finally it was able to start repairing again. By December of last year, the aircraft carrier was almost ready to be taken outside the dock, but it caught fire again. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured this time.

In this way, the ship had to be launched in December last year, but it has been delayed until now. In February 2023, it left the dry dock for the next step of maintenance work. The next step of maintenance work is mainly aimed at the radar and command system on the ship.

What does the repeated accidents in the maintenance process of Russia’s only aircraft carrier mean? It shows that its manufacturing capacity is too poor.

Manufacturing is an extremely complex project, involving all aspects, including management, infrastructure, willingness to spend money, and technology Wait, if there is a little problem in any of these aspects, there may be an accident. So the general rule is that many accidents in the manufacturing industry indicate that the overall strength is not good. For example, it is generally believed that the launch of the new US lunar landing project “Artemis” was postponed four times before the successful launch on November 16, 2022, which exposed the tension of the US manufacturing industry.

Because, the reasons for many delays are nothing more than these aspects: First, the money is small, so I want to save money; As soon as you save money, you will be picky. As soon as you are picky, you may not be able to do it properly in some places, and it is easy to cause problems. Second, the technology is not mature enough, because the American lunar landing project has been suspended for decades, and it is not easy to pick it up again. Third, there is a shortage of technical personnel, because the manufacturing industry in the United States is generally in a declining state. There is a serious shortage of senior talents and ordinary engineers, and there are few knowledgeable people. It is inevitable that there is a problem here or there.

The deeper reason behind this is that the national strategy of the United States is wavering. The moon landing project costs a lot of money and will not work in a short time. Do you want to do it or not? No or no? As a result, all resources cannot be concentrated in this direction. The vacillation of national strategy is actually a sign of a country’s decline. Just like a family, if they want to buy a high-end car that is beyond the affordability of the economy, it is not that they can’t afford it, but it is very difficult, so they will think about the past,

This is a bit far away. Let’s return to our main topic. Many accidents in the manufacturing sector are actually a sign of the decline of the overall strength of a country’s manufacturing industry. There is no problem in logic.

The only aircraft carrier in Russia has three accidents in the 5-year maintenance process, and the whole operation process will be over. In fact, it is a microcosm of the decline of the Russian manufacturing industry, and the decline of the manufacturing industry is a microcosm of the decline of Russia’s comprehensive national strength. You know, heavy industry was once the strength of the former Soviet Union and Russia.

Therefore, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, when I share my feelings about the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict with my friends, I still have the same theme. The war is about comprehensive national strength.

I once shared the view that war is just like an exam. You can study hard at ordinary times and do well at any time when you go to the exam room. The exam is just a walkthrough, just to show your strength. The real kungfu cultivation is before the exam. So, children who study, don’t rush to the examination room. You should do your daily study well.


Russia’s security is worse


On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, let’s look again at the impact of the war launched by Russia on the security situation of their country. Why discuss the security situation? Because the reason why he launched this war is the eastward expansion of NATO. Ukraine’s accession to NATO has posed a huge threat to Russia’s security situation. So, although the war is not over now, let’s see how the problem is solved, or let’s look forward to the future.

My answer is that until now, he has not solved Ukraine, that is, the security problems caused by Ukraine have not been solved, but the war has added new problems, which are extremely similar.

On May 7, 2022, the other two neighboring countries of Russia, Finland and Sweden, announced their accession to NATO. Although Türkiye is interfering, it has not yet been added. However, it is generally believed that Türkiye is trying to profit from it, and the rate may not ultimately affect the results. To say the least, even if Türkiye sticks to its guns, Türkiye is only targeting Sweden and has little impact on Finland. On February 6, the Finnish Evening News quoted internal sources as saying that in case of failure, he would join alone. This is a big problem.

Finland and Russia have a border line of more than 1300 kilometers, 100 kilometers more than the border line of 1200 kilometers between Ukraine and Russia. Finland is 700 kilometers away from Moscow, the Russian capital, and Ukraine is 600 kilometers away from Moscow, the Russian capital. What’s more, the Finnish border is only 180 kilometers away from St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. From the perspective of geography and space, even though Russia has settled Ukraine and prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, Finland will join NATO in the future, and the security situation has not changed, but has become more serious.

Why did Finland and Sweden join NATO? In the final analysis, Russia’s comprehensive strength is insufficient, because Finland and Sweden have seen two things: First, Russia can’t even handle Ukraine, so they have great courage. After World War II, both Finland and Sweden dared not join NATO because they were afraid of the former Soviet Union and later Russia. Now they found that Russia was not so terrible, so they were not afraid. Second, Russia is attacking Ukraine. The two countries know that in this special time window, Russia cannot afford to launch effective countermeasures against Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO. So they think it’s time to lose.

After all, the comprehensive national strength is insufficient. If you don’t fight, others don’t know the depth, and you are a little afraid of it; When a war breaks out, others are not afraid.


The United States sent troops to Taiwan 100-200? Really?

So my basic foothold for solving the Taiwan Strait problem is to compete with the United States in comprehensive national strength. Only when the comprehensive national strength is improved can we ensure the solution of the problem.

The comprehensive national strength has improved, which can not only ensure the solution of the problem, but also strive to solve the problem with the minimum cost. In the most ideal case, the cost is basically zero. The worst case is to ensure that we can solve the problem and not be so passive as Russia.

My point of view means that, as ourselves, we are not in a hurry to have a showdown with Taiwan separatists or the United States. What we need most is time. Our best policy is to strive for more time to further improve the comprehensive strength of a rising China.

Of course, we must do two things. If Taiwan independence elements jump into the wall, we should be ready to do it at any time.

I have more confidence in my point of view, but I have such a problem in my point of view: What if the United States and Taiwan independence elements do not take the initiative to cause big trouble, but make small trouble every day, and go farther and farther on the road of Taiwan independence by cutting sausage?

In this case, according to the idea of launching comprehensive national strength competition I just mentioned, it seems that it is not easy to do. Taiwan independence elements and the United States have a little bit of action. Shall we do big action (such as opening a fight)? It seems a little inconsistent with our big strategy. Don’t care about him? They will surely become more and more unscrupulous.

Such things have been happening all the time, and there is one in these days. The Wall Street Journal revealed these two days that the United States plans to send 100 to 200 soldiers to Taiwan in the next few months.

Whether this is true or not is uncertain, but we should assume it is true. Because only if the assumption is true can we make a plan. Or, even if it is a public opinion war, we should also deal with it.

This matter is big or small.

It is not big because there are only 100-200 soldiers. What’s more, the United States has had about 30 soldiers in Taiwan since 2001 to train for Taiwan independence. According to the disclosure of Taiwan media, this incident can be traced back to the “Ground Force Assessment GFT” promoted by Chen Zhenxiang, then Taiwan’s so-called army commander in chief. According to the quarterly report prepared by the US Defense Manpower Data Center on the global presence of the US military, 30 US troops were normally deployed in Taiwan in the spring of 2022, reducing to 26 in the summer of 2022 and 23 in the autumn. The total number of anti-positive people is 30.

What does this mean? This shows that a very small number of US forces in charge of training in Taiwan actually exist for a long time, and have existed for more than 20 years.

So now the US military says it needs to increase the number of people, which is about 100-200. We can also think that this is not a big deal.

But there is no doubt that this is not a trivial matter. First, there are American soldiers on Taiwan Island. Even if they go for training, it is not a trivial matter. Second, the number of people has increased by 100-200 from the original 30, and the number has increased several times. Thirdly, and most importantly, the attitude of the United States and Taiwan independence elements towards this matter is changing.

As I said just now, there have been US troops in Taiwan since 2001, but it has been secret for a long time. Both the Taiwan independence elements and the United States do not admit it to the outside world. There have been changes in the past two years, and they have begun to admit this matter, and even actively disclose it.

At the end of 2021, Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of Taiwan independence, admitted in an interview with CNN that the United States had sent military personnel to Taiwan to help train soldiers. Looking back, in February 2019, the first special operations group of the United States Army publicly broadcast his army image film. The film took about 10 seconds to broadcast the picture of several US military instructors and the Taiwanese army performing the drill together. The Taiwanese military logo on the helicopter flashed past, indicating that the training location was in Taiwan. In 2019, the Taipei office of the American Association in Taiwan confirmed through a spokesman that the office had been staffed by American active servicemen since 2005.

Now it’s time to play cards. There is a big difference between playing open cards and playing dark cards. For example, someone illegally took 10000 yuan from you. If it is stealing, it is playing a dark card. If it is a robbery, it is a clear card. In law, the same amount is 10000 yuan. The punishment for stealing and robbing is very different. Because the nature of robbery is worse.

Now the Wall Street Journal has revealed that the United States plans to send another 100-200 soldiers to Taiwan in the next few months. In fact, this is playing a clear card through the media.

Therefore, this is certainly not small.

According to the idea I said earlier, our first strategy on the Taiwan Strait issue is to compete with the United States in the game of big powers and comprehensive national strength. So what should we do about such a small matter? Should we stick to the strategy of comprehensive national strength competition? If he doesn’t touch it, he must be more and more reckless. To sum up, Taiwan independence elements and the United States joined hands to cut sausages for us. What should we do?

I think it’s also easy to do. On the one hand, we don’t give up the big strategy of big countries’ game. On the other hand, we also cut their sausages. They cut forward, and we also cut forward. In other words, if the Taiwan independence elements move forward in the direction of Taiwan independence, we will move forward in the direction of Wutong; They take two steps, and we also take two steps; They take three steps, and we also take three steps and so on.

On February 24, the website of Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported that the competent defense department of the Taiwan authorities reported a situation on the 24th. From 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on the 23rd to 6:00 a.m. on the 24th, the Taiwan army found that the mainland had 37 more military aircraft circling Taiwan, 12 of which crossed the so-called middle line of the Straits and its extension into the so-called Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone in Taiwan.

This news is nothing new to us. Since last December, the PLA has been conducting exercises in the Taiwan Sea and the Pacific Ocean near the U.S. military base in Guam.

However, there was a new detail in the exercise on February 23, which was called “extremely rare” by the competent defense department of the Taiwan authorities. There was a Rainbow 4 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft with the integrated function of detection and strike, which bypassed the Taiwan Strait from the so-called “Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone” in Taiwan, and then circled all the way to the southern Busi Strait, and then continued to circle to the so-called “Southeast Air Defense Identification Zone” in Taiwan until it turned back after the waters off Lantau.

As the defense department of Taiwan said, “extremely rare”, which is a step further than the original training.

Earlier today, we mentioned that in the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, the role of unmanned aerial vehicles discovered by human beings on earth is greater than expected. There are two main advantages of UAV: first, unmanned, that is, without soldiers on it, it can reduce the casualties of soldiers. Secondly, it is relatively cheap. Many UAVs are suicidal. They fly out and have no intention of coming back, as long as they can destroy enemy targets. One of the reasons for being so generous is that it is relatively cheap.

According to a Bloomberg article on the 23rd, the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict showed such a revelation: “Although high-tech weapons and equipment (such as reconnaissance satellites) are still important, other equipment, including artillery shells and unmanned aerial vehicles, are also needed.”

Since drones are so important, and since the Wall Street Journal has made another rumor that the US military may increase the number of active servicemen training the Taiwan independence elements in Taiwan, we will send drones to the PLA for the exercise.

If you take a step forward in Taiwan independence, I will take a step forward in Wutong. If you dare to take 10 steps forward, I will take 10 steps forward. Of course, there is a question. How many steps does Wutong take? Is that enough for 10 steps in all? Take 10 steps forward and Wutong will succeed. Of course, this requires the stand independence elements to take a few steps forward.

For example, Pelosi visited Taiwan last year, and the People’s Liberation Army implemented a blockade of Taiwan Island last year, which was unprecedented before. Last year, the Republican Party of the United States won the House of Representatives election. The man named McCarthy is likely to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He once threatened that he would flee the stage as soon as he became the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Then, before he became the Speaker of the House of Representatives in January this year, we drove the aircraft carrier past last December and approached the U.S. military base in Guam for the first time, which was not before. Now, even if the Wall Street Journal puts it on the air and says that the U.S. military wants to increase the number of U.S. troops training in Taiwan, we should let the UAV cross the so-called central line of the Taiwan Strait, and make more turns in the so-called Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone and the Southeast Air Defense Identification Zone in Taiwan (when making more turns, we must do something serious, not just travel), which is also “extremely rare” (it will not be rare to go more times later). Of course, this is just a response to their release. If he is really serious, we must have a more violent response, wait!

In my opinion, this approach does not give up the big strategy of comprehensive national strength competition, but also has a real response to the small actions of Taiwan independence elements and the United States.

Therefore, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, my thinking on the Taiwan Strait issue through the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict is as follows: if the enemy is big, we will be big; If the enemy makes small ones, we will make small ones The most important thing for us is to focus on the game of big countries and the competition of comprehensive national strength.


Our biggest advantage is: will!

In this way, the two sides seem to be half a pound to half a pound.

However, we have not matched them in one respect, that is, our determination to be ready to launch Wutong at any time is bigger than the sky, and the determination of the United States is only thin.

Some people may ask, how do you know that China is more determined than the United States? How do you know that America is not as determined as us? Are you taking it for granted? I think I have my own inferences, but I have more solid evidence.

This evidence is the first three of the eight counter-measures we announced on August 5 after the old lady Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2 last year. The first three articles are about the contact mechanism between the Chinese military and the US military. First, cancel the arrangement for the leaders of the war zones of the two armies to talk to each other. Second, cancel the China-US working meeting of the Ministry of Defense. Third, cancel the meeting of the China-US Maritime Military Security Consultation Mechanism.

We won’t analyze the specific meaning of each of these items today. To put it simply and generally, several communications between our military and the United States military have been cancelled.

At that time, many people did not understand what counter-measures were called? If you don’t call him, and he doesn’t call you, can this also be called counter-regulation? It seems that it is not very enjoyable. In my mind, I think these three counter-measures are very powerful, even the heaviest of all counter-measures I understand.

What is the reason? The reason is that these three counter-measures mean that we are determined to start at any time.

Why should we understand this matter in this way? Because the Chinese military and the US military have always had a communication mechanism. In case of any dangerous situation, the leaders can call at any time, the staff level can also report the situation at any time, and there are regular meetings and consultations. In this way, we can explain to each other, prevent miscarriage of judgment, and prevent major events. Even if things are a little out of line, we can correct them at any time.

Therefore, this is a stable mechanism. Its purpose is to try not to cause major problems, and it can be resolved in time in case of any problems.

So what does it mean to cancel this stabilization mechanism? Both sides are in the dark. You don’t know what I think, I don’t know what you think, you don’t know what I want to do, and I don’t know what you want to do.

Then you say, what’s the next thing? Is it possible to brush the gun and go off fire? And more importantly, we, not the United States, have proposed not to establish this stability mechanism with the other party. What do you think we want to do?

There was an agreement between the two sides that they should inform each other and explain each other when they encounter something. Now I won’t tell you, I won’t explain to you. What does it mean when I want to play? It means that everything is possible.

Since everything is possible, what is the possibility? Think for yourself.

After we introduced these eight countermeasures, how did the Americans react? Take US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s planned visit to China before the ballooning this time for example, public opinion has heated up several things that Blinken wants to talk about, including the cancellation of the eight countermeasures last year. This shows that Americans do not want to cancel the original stability mechanism.

Why don’t Americans want to cancel that communication mechanism? Because he wants to do bad things, and also wants to add insurance. The communication mechanism is a kind of insurance. Some communication mechanisms usually don’t cause major problems, so he can do bad things with confidence.

Therefore, we took the initiative to announce the cancellation of the communication mechanism, but he was bent on coming to China to talk about restoring the communication mechanism. This shows the differences in strategic determination between the two sides.

As I said before, in the Sino-US game on the Taiwan Strait issue, China has a psychological advantage or will advantage. As a last resort, China can do whatever it takes and regardless of the consequences. In any case, the United States will have to care about the consequences and costs, because Taiwan Island is not the island of Hawaii of the United States. Taiwan is only a chess piece for the United States; Taiwan is the heart of China. We can also think about it in reverse. If the focus of the game between China and the United States changes from Taiwan Island to Hawaii Island, and both sides want Hawaii Island, then the mentality of the United States must change, because Hawaii is a state of the United States. Therefore, the difference between China and the United States on the Taiwan issue is caused by the objective situation and the way things are.

In fact, the American mentality has long been exposed.

The world media have been hyping up a news these two days. Taiwan’s Central Time News reported on February 21 that Cai Zhengyuan, a former legislator of the Kuomintang, shared the tweet of Nixon, the famous host of the US radio program in Washington on Facebook that day. Nixon, the American host, said in Twitter that the White House insider revealed that when asked what was more catastrophic than the “neo conservative Ukraine plan”, Biden’s answer was: you will know when you see our plan to “destroy Taiwan”.

In short, there is a plan to “destroy Taiwan” in the US President Biden.

To destroy Taiwan is nothing more than to abandon Taiwan. If we don’t want it, what protection can we talk about? How much can the United States’ determination to protect Taiwan weigh? How can it be compared with China’s determination to unify Taiwan?

Of course, the old man Biden is old and often speaks nonsense. For example, since he took office, he once said that his son died in Iraq, and he also said that he would liberate Iran. He even said the number of states in the United States was wrong. So the media said that Biden had said that he wanted to “destroy Taiwan”. Even if there was one, it might be a slip of the tongue. It seems that it can’t be taken seriously.

However, as early as the end of 2021, the US Army War Academy had an article devoted to the policy of destroying Taiwan. At that time, the article called this policy the scorched earth strategy, specifically said “to blow up TSMC when necessary”, because “valuable assets cannot fall into the enemy’s hands.” This is the original words of the article of the US Army War Academy.

So, although Biden is the president, his words may not be credible, but the article of the United States Army War Academy must be credible.

If you still don’t believe it, let’s look at the work done by Americans, such as the arms sales to Taiwan. The sale of weapons is not a joke. It can explain the problem and has high credibility. Among the arms sold by the United States to Taiwan, one of the most noteworthy things is the volcanic mine-laying system. To put it simply, the island of Taiwan is completely covered with landmines, turning it into a landmine island, which means preventing the PLA from landing on the island. But the question is, if the island of Taiwan is all covered with mines, how can people live on it? Isn’t this another way to destroy Taiwan?

Therefore, whether Biden said the words of destroying Taiwan or not, the plan of the United States to destroy Taiwan is definitely one of the options. Because the will of the United States to defend Taiwan is basically zero, while China’s will to unify Taiwan cannot be described in words.

Once something happens in the Taiwan Strait, the will to fight between China and the United States is far from the same!

Because of this, I have said many times that when we think about the Taiwan issue, the first premise to consider is that Taiwan is 100% ours and there is no other possibility. With such a premise and confidence, we can play a big game with the United States in a leisurely manner and compete for comprehensive national strength. The ideal situation is to defeat the enemy without fighting; In extreme cases, we can start at any time; If the Taiwan independence elements and the United States cut sausages for us, we will cut sausages against them. If he moves forward, we will also move forward. If he dares to take ten steps, we will also take ten steps

But the key question is, how many steps are there in the matter of unifying Taiwan? Maybe there are only 10 steps in total. He will take 10 steps forward, and we will take 10 steps, and the issue of the reunification of Taiwan will be solved. The game is over.

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