Winter is approaching, and Europe is completely out of breath!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s vision (ID: hooyar_380097485)

Last week, a financial blogger advised people to copy the euro, on the grounds that the European Central Bank may raise interest rates aggressively, and the euro is expected to rebound.

I don’t know how many people rushed in at a moment of confusion. If they just play cash exchange, it’s OK to say that they really want to do foreign exchange futures for a while, which is really a rhythm of losing money.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached this stage. Russia has simply closed the valve of beixi-1. What can Europe do?

Last weekend, 70000 people in the Czech Republic took to the streets to oppose the EU and NATO, demanding that the government solve the cost of living problem.

In the past, Europe and the United States used to play a financial slave feeding model. Ordinary people lived by borrowing and repaid loans by working. From the first day they got their credit cards, they automatically became card slaves for life.

So the United States attaches so much importance to employment. Once the unemployment rate is too high, it means that a large number of bad loans will appear in banks, which will then impact the financial system. Isn’t that how the subprime crisis came about?

The high debt ratio means that it is extremely sensitive to the price of living expenses. Once income growth fails to keep pace with CPI, the debt ratio will soar immediately, which will also lead to the increase of bankrupt individuals and groups and impact the financial system.

So now the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has become so radical, and the market’s feedback on this radical approach is so strange. In theory, radical interest rate hikes can curb inflation, but they will certainly destroy the economy and lead to soaring unemployment. The policy is like a mouse in a bellows. Both sides are angry. The more radical the interest rate hike is, the faster the market can determine that easing expectations will come.

Europe suffers more than the United States in that the European Union behind the euro is not a serious country in itself. There is no unification in politics, and the currency is barely stuck together. It is better in normal times. When it encounters a major event that tests the economy, the test of the monetary system directly becomes a matter of life and death.

A sagging euro should now follow the United States in tightening, in order to avoid the rapid depreciation of its own currency and capital flight. But the problem is that this wave of energy crisis, which has hit Europe accurately, has plunged people and enterprises into difficulties and urgently needs the support of the government.

Over the years, Europe has been building a big society and generally implementing national socialism.

This high welfare system makes countries heavily indebted, and the people naturally eat welfare. This is not like the United States, which has a small government and allows the people to solve problems themselves.

Therefore, from this point of view, the soaring CPI has a greater impact on Europe than on the United States, and the government has to bear the burden in the end.

Before the new geographically blind British prime minister took office, she began to dump the blame for the CPI on the Bank of England. Shirking the responsibility is a traditional skill of the British Empire, but whether the people can recognize it is another matter.

A quarter of British families can no longer afford basic living expenses.

So look, why did Li Ka Shing run away? If he doesn’t run, do you think that as a foreigner, he will be robbed by some people who are eager to throw away the pot to borrow money from his family because of the high cost of water, electricity and energy?

Why did Germany have crystal night and why did the Nazis come to power? Was it really because of faith?

To put it bluntly, the common people can’t live any longer, they are full of anger, or they will engage in a socialist revolution, which will cost the lives of the capitalists. In a hurry, they can only engage in racism and throw the Jews out as the backbreakers. The common people are angry.

The leftist Virgin Mary values that pervaded Europe in the past, to put it bluntly, were that they were fed and drunk at ordinary times, and they were too comfortable lying on the accumulation of imperialism. They erupted without blood, and were deviated by the rhythm of the Americans. Why do Jewish capital like to control the media so much? Finance is responsible for robbery, and the media is responsible for brainwashing, so that you can cheer others after being robbed.

Otherwise, everyone will really wake up and seriously run against financial capital. Then the consequences will be either the October Revolution or the crystal night. Which one will they accept?

People can be fooled so easily because their own interests are not involved.

It’s really hard to say where the prices of the whole Europe will soar if Europe’s anger is pinched for a few more days. Now it is not only the Czech people who have come out against it. There are also demonstrations in support of Russia on the streets of Germany.

If this politically incorrect behavior had been half a year ago, it might have been collectively beaten up by the leftist Notre Dame to the point where they could not take care of themselves.

What does this mean? This shows that under the cruel reality, the so-called “white left” values, which were popular in the past, have begun to flicker and move.

Beixi’s death is not so much a willful act of emperor Pu Da Di as a double play between Europe and Russia.

In fact, Europe can’t afford to hurt. How much natural gas can people use for heating? The bulk of gas consumption is in industry, especially in heavy chemical industry. It is easy to stop production but difficult to restart.

Energy is soaring, and factories are losing money every day they open. There is no alternative but to close down in large numbers, and then there is a large wave of unemployment.

Recently, the news that former US President Chuan Bao was robbed has been exposed one by one. It is said that a large number of confidential documents are the personal privacy of European leaders.

Think about it. As long as European politicians who dare to oppose the US baton dare to come out, the large number of scandals held by the US intelligence agencies will make them unable to stand in the political arena.

We are not saints. How do we choose between our own interests and national interests? Most people will choose to keep their dogs alive.

Although pudati reaped the benefits of price increases in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he was also worried about the losses to Russia after the new energy supply chain was established.

Moreover, war has never been an end, and there is no way to play only with discord. The problems exposed by the Russian army in the Russian Ukrainian conflict are all there. Now even a group of younger brothers under their command are beginning to show a bit of estrangement.

To put it bluntly, it’s all about interest entanglement. If you still exist in the terrible torrent of steel like the Soviet Red Army in those days, of course no one dares to make irresponsible remarks, but you have shown fatigue, so don’t blame your brothers for thinking too much.

Russia and the European Union both need a truce, but both need a reasonable level.

There is no way for individual politicians in the EU to resist the United States, unless there is a surging public opinion in Europe, and everyone forces their own governments to stop this stupid war so that the people can live.

There is a saying that the law is not responsible to the public. An elected government must be responsible for public opinion, and the United States has no way to enforce it.

Once the public opinion in Europe turns, Ukraine will not be able to support it. So many Ukrainian refugees are driven back. Everyone has to live. How can you live in a war?

I also predicted in other articles before that before winter, Russia and Europe will find an excuse to reconcile, and even beixi-2 may be opened at one time.

If the bitter meat scheme is to work, it will really lead to a period of bitter life, so bitter that the public will think that they can’t live any longer, forcing public opinion to collectively turn.

In the past six months, although Europe has also experienced a lot of torture, beixi-1 still insists on gas transmission, and some expectations have not stopped.

That’s the way people are. If they haven’t been cornered, they always feel they can carry it.

However, public opinion in Europe has already begun to turn. From supporting Ukrainian refugees with open arms, to now the right wing has begun to rush people. It is not yet time for hunger and cold. Sweden’s virgin of environmental protection has been accused of supporting Russia.

Copenhagen has taken the lead in opposing carbon neutrality.

In fact, Bai Zuo’s values have been secretly broken and completely changed. All we need is a more cruel excuse to say that it is the past.

At the critical moment, beixi-1 announced that it was shut down, and did not give a date for resuming ventilation.

Now it depends on how many days ordinary people can carry it. So-called firewood picking, can enterprises do the same?

However, even if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be suspended, the trust between them has been completely destroyed, the unity within Europe has ceased to exist, and the future of the euro is still not optimistic.

Of course, the short-term will be good for energy prices. In the medium and long-term, it may face reversals at any time. It’s better to be cautious!

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