With dreams, everything is possible

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With dreams, everything is possible

Inspirational words

Give your dreams to yourself. Don’t let others steal your white dreams.


In Hedong,


In Hexi, everything is possible as long as you have your own dream.



At the beginning of the th century, a well-known rich businessman lived in a remote town in the United States. The rich businessman had


My son’s name is Berger. One day after dinner, Berger enjoyed the beautiful moonlight in late autumn. Suddenly, he saw a young man of his age standing under the street lamp outside the window. The young man was wearing a shabby coat, and his thin body looked very weak. Berger went downstairs and asked the young man why he had stood there for a long time. The young man said to him with melancholy:

I have a dream that I can own a quiet apartment and stand in front of the window to enjoy the beautiful moonlight after dinner. However, these are too far away for me.

Berger said:

So please tell me, what is your nearest dream?

”& ldquo;

I think it’s just to be able to sleep comfortably in a spacious bed.

Berger patted him on the shoulder and said:

My friend, I can make your dream come true tonight.

So Berger led him into the magnificent apartment, took him to his room, pointed to the luxurious soft bed and said:

This is my bedroom. Sleep here, and make sure it’s as comfortable as heaven.

The next morning, Berger got up early. He gently pushed open the door of his bedroom, only to find that everything on the bed was in order, and it was clear that no one had slept. Berger went into the garden doubtfully. He found the young man lying on a bench in the garden, sleeping sweetly.

Berger woke him up and asked in puzzlement:

Why don’t you sleep here?

The young man smiled and said: it’s enough for me. Thank you

…& hellip;& ldquo;

With that, the young man walked away without looking back.



One day, years later, Berger suddenly received a beautiful invitation from a man who claimed to be him

“ thirty

Friends years ago

The man of invited him to a celebration of the completion of a lake resort.

There, he not only experienced the elegant architecture, but also met many celebrities. Then he saw the manor owner who spoke impromptu.


Today, I would like to thank the first person who helped me on my way to success. He’s me


My friend Berger years ago

…& hellip;& rdquo;

With that, Yi went straight to Berger and hugged him tightly in the applause of the crowd. At this time, Berger suddenly realized that the famous steel tycoon Turner was


The poor young man years ago. At the reception, Turner said to Berger:

When you brought me into the bedroom, I couldn’t believe my dream was in front of me. At that moment, I suddenly realized that the bed did not belong to me, and the dream was short. I should stay away from it. I want to give my dream to myself and find the bed that really belongs to me! Now, I finally found it.

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