With Feng Xing (spicy eyes) Yoko, she was replaced by Zhong Lili, who once played the role of Wang Yidi

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Originally, the second girl of Fengxing was the actress Kimi Yoko, but recently she was repeatedly exposed with negative news, so she was also boycotted by many netizens. She changed her role with Feng Xing’s spicy Yoko into Zhong Lili, who previously played the role of Wang Yidi in xiaohuanxi. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

With Feng Xing, spicy Yoko was replaced by Zhong Lili

When the news came out that Yoko and Phoeni had changed roles, everyone was curious who would take over her role. In the past two days, it suddenly emerged that Zhong Chuxi took over the role, but in fact it was not. Zhong Lili, the actress of Huayi, took over the role of hot potato. Not to mention the appearance of Zhong Lili, she is of the same type as Zhong Chuxi. I don’t know if someone has made a mistake about them, so I mistakenly believe that it is Zhong Chuxi who plays the second girl with Feng Xing.

Zhong Lili was born in 2000. She is only 22 years old. She is from Xinjiang. She is still a student of the performance Department of Beidian. Many people know Zhong Lili through xiaohuanxi. In the play, she plays Wang Yidi, the school flower. In the play, everyone calls her Pipa master. In fact, xiaohuanxi is the first play that Zhong Lili took on. I didn’t expect that this play would be so popular. Therefore, Zhong Lili is lucky to have an effective acting. After that, Zhong Lili starred in Luding Ji. She fell in love with special forces and Xiaomin’s family, so she didn’t want to fall in love with her boss.

Zhong Lili once played the role of little joy Wang Yidi

Zhong Lili’s current resources are also very good, and she can get some female second plays. She is still very low-key, but Zhong Lili also has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is Xia Zhiguang, a member of r1se. Many people in this group have collapsed their houses. Although Xia Zhiguang has also been exposed to be in love with Zhong Lili, Xia Zhiguang’s response is really generous and responsible. Zhong Lili and Xia Zhiguang have always had stable contacts, and they also hope that the two colleagues with stable feelings can shine in their respective careers.

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