With Feng Xing, spicy Yoko plays the first beauty in the world of heaven and Zhao Liying plays a rival in love

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This year, Ramu Yoko may have a bit of a setback. First, the TV series I starred in, my name is liujinfeng, was boycotted by everyone because of clothing, and then many netizens roast because of my speech in Taohuawu 2, 50 kilometers away. Recently, the company was scolded by netizens for selling the gift given by Yin Haoyu. She plays the No. 1 beauty in the world with Feng Xing, and also plays a romantic rival with Zhao Liying in the play. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yoko spicy plays the first beauty in heaven

Recently, many netizens on the Internet are resisting spicy Yoko. What happened recently in spicy Yoko really makes people dislike her. Netizens found that Ramu Yoko is currently filming a TV series with Zhao Liying and Lin Xinxin. Some netizens also said that the role played by Ramu Yoko in the play is the first beauty in the world, and her relationship with Zhao Liying is still a love enemy.

Ramu Yoko’s appearance really does not conform to the traditional aesthetics of the Chinese people. Before these negative news, you may still think that Ramu Yoko is a very humorous and cute person. But now, everyone thinks that Yoko Ramirez is a bad actress with poor personality and bad looks, and he doesn’t want to watch Yoko Ramirez’s plays at all.

Spicy Yoko and Zhao Liying play rival lovers

As a result, I didn’t expect that the role of Ramu Yoko in the relationship with Feng turned out to be like this. Netizen roast said that no matter how she dressed up in this play, Ramu Yoko couldn’t be the first beauty in the world. Even many netizens began to roast about the capital behind spicy Yoko, believing that these capital holds spicy Yoko for ulterior motives. Spicy Yoko’s appearance simply does not represent Chinese beauties, and those capital should not attempt to change the aesthetics of Chinese people. It is estimated that when it is broadcast with Fengxing, the role of spicy Yoko will definitely be resisted by netizens.

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