With the third wave of attack from Russia, Ukraine will become an inland agricultural country and completely lose the opportunity to become a powerful country!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

The two things that the author said earlier have now been generally verified!

First, Poland is seeking the territory of USSI

At the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the author has repeatedly said that the crisis in Ukraine is not just the loss of territory in eastern Ukraine. Once the situation in Ukraine is unfavorable, Poland is likely to eat part of the territory in western Ukraine.

On June 3, President Lukashenko of Belarus said that Poland was seeking to occupy parts of Ukraine. This to some extent verifies the author’s earlier statement.

However, since Belarus is in line with Russia, its statement must be to Russia. Therefore, Lukashenko’s statement can only be heard for the time being and needs to be further verified.

Second, Ukraine will become a landlocked agricultural country and completely lose the opportunity to become a powerful country

The loss to Ukraine is too great.

Thus, the entire black sea route of “Odessa Nikolayev Kherson + Crimea Mariupol Donbas Kharkov” will fall into the hands of Russia.


? drawing of Ukrainian states: flower planting City

The direct consequences are as follows:

1. Russia has completely opened the land corridor of “Azov Sea Black Sea” and the land corridor between Crimea and Russia;

2. The important industrial town and military enterprises in eastern Ukraine will be fully pocketed by Russia;

For example, Russia now has no large-scale ship manufacturing capacity. Once Wudong is included in the bag, it can obtain such large-scale ship manufacturing plants as Nikolayev shipyard (also known as Black Sea Shipyard), which can manufacture aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and other types of ships. Admiral Kuznetsov, the largest 67000 ton aircraft carrier of the Russian navy, and the Varyag, the predecessor of the Liaoning, were built here.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Russia, which currently has no large-scale ship manufacturing capacity, will reappear new aircraft carriers, new cruise ships and 10000 ton large-scale ships in the future.

If Russia is willing, it is not impossible to go north from Kherson and directly take zaporoze and put masic in its pocket.

Therefore, with the above two points alone, Russia can be said to have a bumper harvest.

Here, does it also indirectly confirm a guess of the author in the past,

That is, Russia’s fight against Ukraine is probably not NATO’s eastward expansion, but the opportunity to expand its territory, eat the important industrial town of eastern Ukraine and further lay the foundation for its rise by taking advantage of the main force of the United States moving eastward to India and the Pacific and being unable to look westward. The so-called eastward expansion of NATO is just an excuse for Russia to become famous.

In addition, Russia’s capture of the above-mentioned zones can push the front line directly to Romania’s door and directly to the NATO front line, which will also benefit geographically.

But for Ukraine, the losses are huge.

3. Ukraine’s access to the sea will be completely blocked and will become an inland agricultural country.

The main industries of Ukraine are concentrated in eastern Ukraine,

Wudong was taken away, and the sea port of the black sea was gone,

Ukraine has become a completely landlocked agricultural country.

4. Ukraine will completely lose the opportunity to become a powerful country.

Once it becomes an inland agricultural country, it is difficult to become a powerful country.

The key is that once Ukraine loses its access to the sea, it will completely lose the possibility of becoming a big power. Basically, it has never seen any landlocked country become a big power. Many wars in history have been fought for access to the sea.

In fact, the author has said this many times before. It is estimated that Russia is likely not limited to the Donbas region, but to completely eat the whole Wudong, that is, to win the Wudong heavy industrial zone, which is too important for Russia. In order to completely block Ukraine’s access to the sea, let a weak Ukraine honestly become Russia’s buffer zone.

I didn’t expect that Russia is really doing it without a stop.

At present, Ukraine is afraid that it is not just east Ukraine that needs to be worried, but that Poland is leering at west Ukraine. Poland recently stopped supplying fuel to Ukraine, which may not be putting pressure on Ukraine.

According to some media reports, Zelensky and Poland even worked out a plan to establish a “Polish Ukrainian United Nations”.

In these situations, Ukraine is faced with being carved up. Russia eats Ukraine’s East and Poland takes Ukraine’s West. In the end, Ukraine only has a small piece of Ukraine and China; The most important thing is that Ukraine no longer exists.

From the Soviet era to the present, he has been obsessed with the West for decades. He has not woken up until the war is going on. He still misses joining NATO and the European Union. From a nuclear power that can build aircraft carriers and has a huge strategic bomber group (with more than a thousand nuclear weapons), it is really sad to finally mix into this situation!

Once Russia has made smooth progress in the west, reaped great benefits, and even laid the foundation for its re emergence, this should be something the United States does not want to see. The United States may return to Europe more of its energy that was originally focused on the Asia Pacific. In the past two days, the official website of the US State Department added back the paragraph “not supporting Taiwan independence” that had been removed. I don’t know if it is related to this, and we will continue to observe it!

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