Without Yue Fei, the northern expedition of the Southern Song Dynasty became a farce

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The first part: Zhao Min’s spiritual totem is Yue Fei, who began the Longxing Northern Expedition one year after he became king;

The second part: How did the good situation lead to the defeat of Fuli, and how was it killed by the Southern Song court;

The third part: Zhao Min has one idea a day, and the main war faction and the peace faction are turning around;

Part 4: the front line has gone crazy for fighting and peace

The fifth part: the northern expedition in Longxing ended hastily and became a joke. Zhao Min’s expectations were still disappointed

The sixth part: from the Kaixi northern expedition to the Duanping entry into Luoyang, the northern expedition was more and more strident;

The seventh part: there was no shortage of famous generals in the Southern Song Dynasty, but there were no emperors who slept on the brushwood and tasted the gall;

Part VIII: why Yue Fei is an insurmountable peak;


In 1162 A.D., Zhao Gou, the 55 year old Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty, gave up his throne to Zhao Min, the 35 year old emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty, to become emperor himself.

In history, the emperor’s career was almost always to the death, and no one was willing to be a “retired veteran cadre.”.

Not to mention Zhao Gou, who is extremely suspicious, and Zhao Min is only his adopted son

However, Zhao Gou was very confident about his adopted son.

After the inauguration ceremony, it began to rain. Zhao Gou wanted to return to his Deshou palace. After getting out of the sedan chair, he asked Zhao Min to “get busy with his own work.” but Zhao Min left all his work and stood beside the small sedan chair, holding the sedan chair with both hands. Regardless of the wind and rain, he trotted all the way and followed the sedan chair to take Zhao Gou home.

From the imperial palace to the Deshou palace, there is a big circle. The road is wet and slippery. When Zhao Gou came out of the sedan chair, he found Zhao Min still running beside him, panting, his forehead covered with sweat, and his muddy robe dripping continuously

Zhao Gou was moved to tears. It’s not so good to kiss his son. He held Zhao Min’s hand tightly and said repeatedly: “I didn’t choose the wrong successor. The country has people!”!

Most emperors and princes have the most intense competitive relationship, and the situation is the same as fire and water. The word “filial piety” written by Zhao Min, the emperor of song Xiaozong, really deserves its name and has reached the peak of the royal family in the past dynasties.

In order to worry that Zhao Gou would be neglected if he thought he had abdicated, Zhao Min led his ministers to the Deshou palace every five days. After several months, Zhao Gou could not bear it. He said that I wanted to be quiet and quiet. You should not come too often. At best, it was changed to four times a month.

However, Zhao Min still went to report to Zhao Gou every few days. He required the emperor’s food, drink and living arrangements to be meticulous. Zhao Min was a relatively frugal person, but he was extremely extravagant to Zhao Gou. His monthly salary reached 40000 yuan. What is this concept? 50 times that of the Grand Master

It can be said that the life of the emperor is much better than that of the emperor.

Zhao Min, Emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty, has always been grateful. One of the main reasons is that the throne was originally unable to compete with him. As the seventh grandson of Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, it is too far away… Although a large part of the reason is that most of the clans of the Song Dynasty were abducted by the Jin people, and Zhao Gou was unable to bear children.

Many emperors don’t have such gratitude, but if you think Zhao Min is acting and Zhao Gou is still commanding remotely, that’s not true.

But every time Zhao Min went to ask for his good, Zhao Gou started his own thoughts:

Son, there’s nothing wrong with what you do. Just don’t think about the northern expedition. Keep a good watch on this half of the territory. We can’t finish this family business for several generations

But in the second month after he ascended the throne, song Xiaozong began to do what he wanted to do most, pushing Zhao Gou’s grand plan to the skies.

This is because Zhao Gou is Zhao Min’s father and mother, more close than his father, but Li Shimin is his idol, and Yue Fei is his spiritual totem.

First, a written order was issued to summon Zhang Jun, a Veteran General of the main war faction, to the court to discuss the restoration of rivers and mountains. Starting from Zhang Jun, the main war faction relegated in Zhao Gou’s period was recalled to the court one by one.

The second thing is to issue an edict to rehabilitate the famous general Yue Fei’s unjust imprisonment, recover his original official, and pardon his exiled family members.

Everyone knows that Zhao Min is going to the Northern Expedition

In May 1163, about a year after he took the throne, Zhao Min could not restrain his ambition and went to war undeclared. He appointed Zhang Jun as the commander-in-chief of the northern expedition to launch the Longxing northern expedition. Just after the battle, the state of Jin was caught off guard. 80000 song troops recovered Lingbi, Hongxian and Suzhou within one month to deter the Central Plains.

The first battle was successful. At this time, Zhao Min must have thought of Yue Fei’s Northern Expedition 24 years ago. He was invincible all the way. He led the army and Jinren, who were good at cavalry, to fight hard steel on the plain. He won five consecutive victories without losing, and finally surrounded Kaifeng on six sides.

Zhao Min seems to have heard Yue Fei say again: go straight to the Yellow Dragon and have a good drink with you!

Unfortunately, in the whole history of China, there is only one Yue Fei, and no one can surpass Yue Fei.

If Yue Fei could score 100 points, Zhang Jun, commander in chief of the Longxing Northern Expedition, could not score 20 points.

The song army was divided into two routes, led by Li Xianzhong and Shao Hongyuan.

Li Xianzong is a native of Western Shaanxi. He has outstanding ability and rich military experience. His family was almost slaughtered by the Jin people. He has a mortal hatred against the Jin State. At the beginning of the northern expedition, he fought like chicken blood and quickly completed his task. He won Lingbi in two days. He originally wanted to continue his northward March. It seems that Shao Hongyuan of the left army has not made any progress in Hong County

After waiting for five days, nothing happened. After waiting for 12 days, I still couldn’t get it.

Li Xianzong was worried. He said that I would help you. He sent Lingbi’s surrender troops to Hong county to persuade them to surrender. The surrender troops ran to the wall of Hong county and shouted: “brothers, you should surrender. General Li’s fight was very hard. We were beaten down in two days. If you don’t surrender now, General Li will still fail to win after two years.”

There are still more than 100000 troops behind General Li. What are you doing? Why bother?

Let’s not say that. The guards of Hong County opened the gate and surrendered as soon as they heard this.

Li Xianzong was elated and said, “Shao Hongyuan, you owe me a big favor…”

However, at this time, Shao Hongyuan even had the heart to kill Li Xianzong. You think, he attacked Hongxian County for more than ten days, but Li Xianzong attacked Lingbi in three days. It was originally very stressful. This is not to mention that Li Xianzong was bloodless. He took Hongxian County down in a few words.

What’s more, those who shouted dropped their troops and kept saying General Li.

That is to say, after 12 days of self-help, Li Xianzong did it without a fart. What authority can he have in the future?

Shao Hongyuan is not only not grateful to Li Xianzhong, but also full of opinions. Aren’t you here to take my credit? I could have fought it in 13 days. You didn’t come late or early, but you came in 12 days. What’s your worry?

Hong county and Lingbi were both captured. Zhao Min, Long Yan and Da Yue planned to merge the two armies and attack Suzhou together.

But when Li Xianzong arrived at the foot of Suzhou City, he found that Shao Hongjie had not been seen

Shao Hongjie said you can’t do it very well? Go and play by yourself.

Li Xianzong said you think I can’t do it? Without waiting for Shao Hongjie’s troops, they attacked directly. In six days, they captured Suzhou. As soon as they were killed in the city, Shao Hongyuan’s troops came over and said, “brother, are you unable to fight?”? Let me help you

Li Xianzong was shocked when he saw such obvious efforts to win credit.

Zhao Min was waiting to read the battle report on the front line every day, but the generals saw that there was no such serious contradiction. He had no feeling at all. Would he not fight Suzhou anyway? What’s wrong with your quarreling.

If you play well, you will be rewarded. I won’t forget your contribution

Now, Li Xianzong quit. I beat down the three positions of NIMA. He didn’t do anything. You let me share the credit with him. Is there a stupid Emperor like you?

This is not to mention. When Suzhou was captured, a command meeting was held. Shao Hongyuan said that the soldiers risked their lives to kill Suzhou. Now we should open the warehouse in Suzhou and share the money and grain

Li Xianzong was dumbfounded and said what kind of truth this is. Has the court agreed? What’s more, NIMA, this Suzhou is completely mine. What’s the matter with you? Now you are singing a high-profile and being a good man to buy people’s hearts?

Li Xianzong disagreed, but Shao Hongyuan got the point. He said everywhere in the army that everyone would fight with their lives. I said to reward everyone, but Li Xianzong did not agree.

As soon as they came and went, the whole army began to complain to Li Xianzong. They felt that Shao Hongyuan “knew the general principle” and was willing to “share weal and woe” with his soldiers

Later, Zhao Min promoted Li Xianzhong as the envoy to Huainan, Jingdong and Hebei, and Shao Hongyuan as the Deputy envoy. At that time, both of them did not want to do it. Li Xianzong was 100 times unwilling, and Shao Hongyuan did not want to do it. He ran to Zhang Jun, the commander in chief, and made a small report, saying that Li Xianzong had robbed himself of his credit, and he was absolutely not Li Xianzong’s deputy.

Zhang Jun said: peace is the most important thing. Don’t be unhappy about this. If you don’t want to listen to him, don’t listen. In the future, if you beat you, he will beat him. Suzhou will give you half of the reward

Why else can’t Zhang Jun score 20 points? Clear rewards and punishments are the primary conditions for leading soldiers to fight. Zhang Jun even dared to be kind.

At this time, where does Li Xianzong still have the initiative… Who else has the mind?

The Southern Song Dynasty was caught unprepared when it hit the Jin Dynasty. When the state of Jin responded, the army quickly began a counterattack.

At the beginning, there were only 10000 vanguard troops. Li Xianzong led the troops to fight and win again. Then the main force of the 100000 gold army arrived. Li Xianzong only had more than 40000 people and could not win. But what about Shao Hongyuan at this time?

Shao Hongyuan led 30000 troops to watch the scene. When he received Li Xianzong’s request for help, the messenger ran to the front of the line and shouted:

On this hot day, isn’t it good to lie in the military tent to cool off? Why should we fight? Isn’t it a pity to have nothing to do?

Originally, Li Xianzhong’s Department was still working hard to support it. Once this sentence was shouted out, the whole army’s morale collapsed! No one wants to work hard anymore… Shao Hongyuan helped Jin Ren a lot.

Li Xianzhong was defeated all the way, but he still fought while retreating. He fought alone and even killed the deputy commander of the Jin army in Henan. However, the general situation is gone, and he sighed: God does not want to level the Central Plains? Why bother to obstruct this!

The song army retreated in haste, and Shao Hongyuan’s army failed. Nearly half of the 80000 people of the whole army were lost. The song army barely got a foothold until it retreated to the Huaihe River. This is called the defeat of Fu Li.

Zhao Min could hardly believe his ears when he heard the news of Fu Li’s defeat.

Can this still fail? Are you kidding me or are you taking the wrong script?

I am not song Gaozong. I fully support the main war faction. Can I fail? There’s no reason

Zhao Min began to doubt life for the first time. Was it right that my father told me not to go on the northern expedition? Is it my fault?

At this time, Zhao Gou couldn’t help it any more. When Zhao Min wanted to restore Yue Fei’s reputation, Zhao Gou was already unhappy. But at least Qin Hui was the back of the pot, and he had just given up the position of emperor. It was really hard to say too much. Until the Northern Expedition, Zhao Gou never said anything.

Now that’s different.

If you had listened to me earlier, how could you have fallen so far?

In the face of Zhao’s broken thoughts, this time, Zhao Min has no confidence!

The moderates in the Imperial Court went to Zhao Gede’s residence after work to roast: the emperor is still too young. He is playing with national affairs. The Jin army will continue to attack. Hey, what should we do? If the emperor is still in office, it will never be like this

When these comments reached Zhao Min’s ears, Zhao Min became more and more nervous and less confident… He said that he would listen to you and make peace talks.

Finally, Zhao Min no longer had the confidence to adhere to his own ideas, and invited Tang situi, the pro peace faction he had driven away, back to preside over the overall situation and serve as the left minister.

Zhang Tao, Xin Ciying and Wang Shipeng, the ministers of the main war faction who had just been invited back by themselves, were once again packed and driven away.

Zhang Jun was demoted to the post of Jianghuai Xuanfu envoy, and he was the commander of the two Huai defense lines to resist the southward movement of the Jin army. Li Xianzhong and Shao Hongyuan were demoted. Li Xianzhong was demoted to the post of deputy envoy of Guozhou regiment training, and left the front line.

Li Xianzhong was so angry that he didn’t know if he had any regards for Zhao min. it’s too hard for NIMA to distinguish between reward and punishment.

The Longxing northern expedition has nothing to do with Li Xianzhong, but Zhao Min’s nightmare has just begun. Because the Jin army was forced into the Yellow River, the moderates thought that the Jin people were provoked by the emperor, and you had to fill in the hole yourself.

In fact, the moderates who had just met the court were all happy:

I told you not to go on the northern expedition, but you didn’t listen to me. As soon as you ascended the throne, you drove us out. What do I think you should do with this mess?

What else can we do? Zhao Min’s morale collapsed, and the pro peace faction went to the camp of the Jin army for peace talks.

In fact, the state of Jin really did not want to fight at this time, because they had just experienced civil unrest and the political situation was unstable. The current Emperor Yan Yong had just ascended the throne. He knew that development was the last word. He believed that the first step was to consolidate the internal affairs of the state of Jin, and he was not willing to have too much entanglement with the Song Dynasty.

But after this, Yan Yong was appraised as the leader of the Jin Dynasty. Although he thought so in his heart, he would not reveal it, because he wanted to promote peace through war, and assumed a posture of continuing to move south

Wanyan Yong offered very high conditions:

Didn’t you recover many troops from the kingdom of Jin? I will punish the “traitors” severely;

In the future, we were uncles and nephews. When the Song Dynasty returned the four occupied states of Hai, Si, Tang and Deng, didn’t you often say that you were in financial difficulties and didn’t pay? All the money we owe us for so many years has been paid back

There is no room for bargaining on these terms.

Now Zhao Min was in a dilemma. He could not accept the first one alone.

Because he wanted to carry out the northern expedition, many officials and soldiers of the state of Jin gave up their secrets and joined the great song dynasty. Zhao Min praised them and now he wants to return them to the state of Jin. That is to push them to die.

This is not only a crazy slap on one’s mouth, telling the world that one has betrayed one’s faithfulness, but also that in the future, the road of the northern expedition will be cut off, because in the future, the Han people in the kingdom of Jin will surely fight to the death

The negotiations are still in a tug of war, but to Zhao Min’s surprise, after two months, Lu Zhongxian, the advocate of peace who presided over the negotiations, told the Jin people without authorization that you should not worry. The emperor will certainly agree to your request in the end. Let alone anything else, the four states of Hai, Si, Tang and Deng will surely belong to you.

After the news leaked, Zhao Min was so angry that he trembled: do you still think I am the emperor?

Seeing that the emperor was in a state of collapse every day, Zhang Jun and other main fighters began to communicate with Zhao Min confidently.

Your majesty, victory and defeat are common affairs of the soldiers. There is no reason why we should attack them in the first battle. It’s not a defeat of Fu Li. What’s the big deal? Why can’t we win Jinren? We have fought well in the first three battles. Don’t doubt yourself. We will definitely win the northern expedition.

Zhao Min listened to the words of the main war faction very well. Yes, he was defeated once. Why can he say that he can’t win?

Zhao Min resumed the post of Zhang Jun’s right minister

In the following few months, Emperor Zhao Min, the right minister Zhang Jun and the Supreme Court Zhao Gou, as well as the left Minister Tang Si Tui, the two factions represented by the right minister Zhang Jun and the left Minister Tang Si Tui, began to fight endlessly every day when they went to work

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he still had a chance to win the Jin people. He recalled the Minister of the main war faction and ordered Zhang Jun to patrol the Huaihe River and Huaihe River, to make full preparations for the war, and to fight against the Jin army.

However, we can see clearly the strength level of Zhang Jun in the defeat of Fuli. If he can win, he will be really damned. He has been defeated by the Jin army for several times and has not taken any advantage… Seeing the battle situation on the front line, Zhao Min is not good.

Soon, the main battle faction could not win, because no matter what, the foundation of the entire team in the Southern Song Dynasty was built by Zhao Gou. Moreover, Zhao Min was still a filial son after all, and the northern expedition had not yet produced a name.

I really can’t explain to my father when I fight like this

Tang situi denounced Zhang jundao: the name is garrison, but it is not necessary to guard. The name is governing troops, and soldiers are not necessarily skilled.

Zhao Gou said sarcastically to Zhao Min: do you still expect Zhang Jun to make the northern expedition? It’s better to expect the old sow to climb the tree. She’s just a villain who takes the authority of the imperial court as a favor

In fact, although most of the moderates are not good people, there is some truth in what Zhang Jun said. It’s not that we can’t go on the northern expedition, but if Zhang Jun is allowed to go on the northern expedition, there is really no hope

A few months later, Zhao Min, who could not see any hope and had no reason to speak, dismissed Zhang Jun’s position. Zhang Jun left Lin’an sadly. He was angry and anxious on the road, and he died of depression

After another two months, Zhao Min thought again and again, and completely fell in favor of the pro peace camp. He decided to agree to the conditions of Jin Ren to cede the land first, and ordered Yu Yunwen, the front-line garrison, to give up the Tang and Deng States and prepare to cede the land first.

Yu Yunwen was a staunch advocate of war and a legendary figure with strong ability. Three years ago, Wan Yan Liang led a large army to invade the South and prepare to annihilate the Southern Song Dynasty at one stroke. The song army fell all the way without fighting and was swept by the wind. They all felt that they could not win the war.

At the critical juncture, Yu Yunwen, as a civil servant, was sent to the front line to reward his teachers. He was originally a civil servant, and the front-line defense was nothing to do with him. As a result, Yu Yunwen staged an epic scene on the quarry front line, uniting the defeated soldiers with his excellent organizational ability. He defeated the 150000 Jin army with an army of 18000, and completely defeated the whole plan of the Jin army to invade the south.

Therefore, when Yu Yunwen received the order to give up, he was so angry that he cursed his mother, saying that we could not keep it and refused to carry out the order.

Later, Yu Yunwen was forcibly removed from his post and transferred to the front line. The commander was replaced by Tang situi, who knew nothing about military affairs. This clearly showed that he did not want to fight well.

As soon as the Jin army saw the opportunity, it immediately sent its troops south. The song army was defeated like a mountain. There was no effective defense at all. It was easily broken through the two Huai River defense line. Chuzhou, Haozhou and Chuzhou were successively defeated

At this time, Tang situi said that it was not enough for us to give up the Huaihe River, but the whole north of the Yangtze River.

Zhao Min was dumbfounded when he heard this. Tang situi made it clear that he was fooling. The people of Jin would not give up until the north of the Yangtze River was abandoned. He angrily denounced the pro peace faction in the court: some people would be killed by the country, but they would not yield.

Zhao Min once again decided to fight against Jin and drove Tang Si away. He invited Chen Bokang and other once again, the main war faction who had been driven away three months ago, back and appointed Zuo Xiang to take charge of the overall situation.

At this time, it was less than a year since the northern expedition in Longxing. The main war faction and the main peace faction had changed for three rounds. The generals below were not fools. They said in their hearts, what did you do? You didn’t think well, and you wanted me to die? Why

Are you kidding us?

Leaders change every three to five times. Who will give you a good fight.

Under the leadership of the main battle faction, the song army began to attack again, but it was not the same thing at all. It could not win and had no intention to fight.

Finally, Zhao Min had no choice but to send envoys to negotiate peace with him again. After all, he did not want to force the Southern Song Dynasty too hard. After all, he experienced a big defeat in quarrying three years ago. At this critical juncture, he still had to consolidate his own internal affairs.

At the end of the second year of Longxing, the song and Jin Dynasties reached a peace agreement, known as the “Longxing peace agreement”. The Southern Song Dynasty signed the following terms:

In the song and Jin Dynasties, it was the country of uncles and nephews;

The year-old tribute was changed to the year-old coin, and the silver and silk were 200000 pieces each;

The Southern Song Dynasty gave up the six states of Hai, Si, Tang, Deng, Shang and Qin, and the boundary between the two sides was restored to the original state during the Shaoxing peace talks;

The two sides exchanged prisoners of war, and the defectors were not among them.

In this battle, the Southern Song Dynasty, as a whole, won face, and did not need to submit to the state of Jin in the future. Instead, it was only an uncle nephew relationship, so the year-old tribute was also changed into year-old coins, but many of the coins were lost. After the stone mining battle of Yu Yunwen, all six states including Hai and Si were recovered and returned to the gold, losing a large area of land

The Longxing Northern Expedition, which Zhao Min had high hopes for, eventually became a joke.

After the Longxing Northern Expedition, Zhao Min’s confidence was greatly hit, and he began to fully develop internal affairs. He was in office for 27 years, and his political achievements were commendable. The economy of the Southern Song Dynasty reached a historical peak.

However, for more than 20 years, Zhao Min was not reconciled to his military defeat. After the Longxing Northern Expedition, he placed great hopes on Yu Yunwen.

You may ask, at the beginning of the Longxing Northern Expedition, why did Zhao Min not let Yu Yunwen, who had a successful case, be commander in chief?

Although Yu Yunwen was a staunch advocate of war and had accumulated rich combat experience at this time, he clearly knew that the great stone mining victory he led was indeed a fluke. The main reason was the unstable political situation in the state of Jin, which gave him the greatest opportunity.

Yu Yunwen thought: Your Majesty, are you kidding me? You’re just going to the northern expedition. We haven’t prepared for anything. At present, the troops are redundant and the training is in a mess. You should give me at least 10 years.

Zhao Min was very unhappy. In the past 10 years, the cauliflower has been cold, but Zhang Jun did not think so. Zhang Jun said that he should not be counselled, but should directly steel

Five years later, Zhao Min appointed Yu Yunwen as the top military officer. In 1172, he joined the Sichuan Xuanfu envoy. Zhao Min and Yu Yunwen had a secret talk and asked Yu Yunwen to prepare for military affairs in Sichuan. Ten years later, he divided the Jianghuai and Sichuan Shaanxi armies into two routes, encircling Bianliang and eliminating the national humiliation.

Yu Yunwen said, “Your Majesty, have you thought it over? Don’t let me send troops. You’ll be hesitant. Don’t change eight times a day like the Longxing northern expedition. I can’t stand it.”.

Zhao Min said that we have made an eight-year agreement. If you send troops and I still hesitate, I will fail you; If I have acted and you are still hesitating, you have taken responsibility for me.

From that moment on, Zhao Min, 45, insisted on riding and archery, thinking about the next northern expedition. He urged Yu Yunwen several times whether he was ready. Unfortunately, only two years later, Yu Yunwen, 64, died of illness due to overwork.

Zhao Min, who heard the news, wept and knew that there was no possibility of the northern expedition in his life.

Strictly speaking, the Longxing northern expedition was the last campaign launched by the Southern Song Dynasty to recover the Central Plains. Song Xiaozong was the only emperor who had the ideal to think of a bloody national shame, but it still made the court a battlefield for the struggle between the main warring factions and the main peace factions. After song Xiaozong, war or peace never became a firm national policy of the Southern Song Dynasty, but a tool for the struggle between the two factions.

The national policy of the Southern Song Dynasty changed from left to right for a while

After 40 years, Han Youzhou “Tu ? In order to consolidate his power, Han Youzhou rashly launched the Kaixi northern expedition to prepare to destroy his political opponents after winning the victory.

At that time, it seemed that there was indeed an opportunity. Jin Zhujing indulged in wine and lust, the government was deserted, internal strife broke out repeatedly, and the northern tribes repeatedly invaded the Jin Dynasty border. During the years of war, the soldiers were exhausted, and there was no money in the Treasury.

However, the Jin Dynasty was rotten, and the Song Dynasty was even worse. To put it simply, the equipment, war horses, and equipment were completely unprepared. In historical records, many song armies could not even get their armor together, and the Longxing northern expedition was almost repeated.

At the beginning, the Jin army was caught off guard. After the song army captured several counties such as Lingbi, it marched into Suzhou city. The Jin army was already in chaos. The peasant army around Suzhou, also known as the loyalty army, also believed that the Song Dynasty was a positive one, and began to assist the song army in attacking the city wall of Suzhou.

But Song Jun was in a panic when he saw it. If he was beaten down by the rebel army, he wouldn’t be able to get credit for it?

Unexpectedly, they didn’t agree with each other and started shooting down the rebel army on the city wall. The rebel army thought that the song army was wrong and shouted:

It’s a family, Jules.

Song Junxin said: we are fighting you.

I’m not soft at all, and then I put an arrow

The song army’s Sao operation directly forced the rebel army to join the Jin army to defend the city. Once the attack was carried out, the siege was delayed. The loyal and righteous army was full of anger, and was eager to teach the soldiers how to be brave. The song army could not fight down, so it had to camp on the spot.

However, Guo Zhuo, the leader of the army, actually stationed his camp in a low-lying place. It was the rainy season at that time. The heavy rain overnight caused the army’s tent to accumulate water for several feet. The Jin army lost no time in attacking and burning the food and salaries of the song army. After ten days of heavy rain and hunger, the song army collapsed without fighting. The Jin army chased the song army to Jixian County and surrounded it.

The Jin army took this opportunity to launch a counterattack, and the song army lost all hearts in the Central Plains and turned from attack to defense. Soon, Zhenzhou and Yangzhou were successively occupied by the Jin army, and the important town of monk and the gateway of Sichuan were also occupied by the Jin army.

The situation is reversed, and Han Yuzhou is in a panic. He wants to recover the defeat in the Sichuan battlefield through Wu Xi. However, it happens that it rains at night, and Wu Xi has already been secretly trained in gold soldiers in Sichuan to rebel and become the king

The northern expedition took half of the life of the Southern Song Dynasty. Han Shuzhou was completely hopeless. He began to find someone to negotiate with the state of Jin. This time, the lion of the state of Jin opened his mouth, asking not only for land and money, but also for the head of Han Shuzhou.

Han Youzhou saw that there was nothing he could do, so he had to bear it. However, the moderates in the imperial court had long harbored a grudge against Han Youzhou and were ready to move. After hearing the conditions of the Jin people, they soon launched a coup, killed Han Youzhou, and began a more humiliating quest for peace.

And Han Youzhou’s head became the name given by the pro peace faction to Jin

After this time, Xin Qiji completely gave up, knowing that he would never see the return of the Central Plains in his lifetime, and wrote:

In Yuanjia, Cao Cao was granted the title of wolf juxu and won the hasty northern Gu.

In the 43rd year, it was still remembered in the hope, and the beacon was Yangzhou road.

But looking back, under the Buddha and cat temple, there is a drum of the divine crow society.

Who can ask: is Lian Po old enough to eat?

Lu you soon died in despair and wrote:

The dead yuan knew that the past was empty, but sadly he could not see Kyushu Tong.

Duanping’s entry into Luoyang 30 years later was the last Northern Expedition of the Southern Song Dynasty.

It was also the result of the struggle between Qiao Xingjian, a member of the power minister Shi Miyuan’s party, and the brothers Jian, Zhao fan and Zhao Kui of the other party. It was also the result of song LiZong’s desire to thoroughly clean up the Shi party after he took office.

Zhao fan, as the representative of the main war faction, firmly believed that Mongolia had just destroyed the Jin state at this time, and its foothold was not stable. At this time, the northern expedition could calm the Central Plains, hold the Yellow River, occupy Tongguan, and recover the three capitals.

The pro peace faction represented by Zheng Qingzhi thinks that we cannot even win the kingdom of Jin and still want to fight against Mongolia, which is as powerful as a tiger and a wolf. Are you kidding? Who gave you the courage?

Song LiZong was just about to establish his own authority and conduct himself in a comprehensive way. He immediately said:

That’s the courage I gave them!

In the end, the army of the great Song Dynasty started the northern expedition with only 60000 people, not to mention the establishment of Mongolia at that time. The army of the Song Dynasty went all the way north without any defense. It didn’t even meet any decent resistance. Two months later, it directly captured Luoyang.

However, the song army marched in a hurry and knew nothing about the state of the front line. It was only when they arrived in Luoyang that they knew that after the Mengjin war, this millennium old city had long been a ruin, and it was impossible to recuperate and supply. After the “great victory”, they ran out of food and even had no food

One month later, when song LiZong and the main war faction were still immersed in the joy of recovering the three capitals, the Mongolian army had already paid a return visit. The song army was not an opponent at all. There were 60000 troops, with more than half of the casualties

Song LiZong was stunned and could not commit the following crimes and admit:

The soldiers and the people died and fought, the household registration was trapped and displaced, the rooms were scattered in the village, and the arms were facing each other.

After Duanping entered Luoyang, Meng Gong was robbed of military power, Yu Yu was forced to die, Liu Zheng surrendered to Mongolia… The Southern Song Dynasty dared not mention the Northern Expedition any more… One year later, the Song Mongolian war broke out.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with the northern expedition. After Yue Fei, there were a large number of outstanding generals in the Southern Song Dynasty, such as Yu Yunwen, Li Xianzong, Meng Gong and Wang Jian

These generals of the Southern Song Dynasty can all take charge of their own affairs, but it is useless to have generals alone… Any emperor in the Southern Song Dynasty who has the same firm will as Gou Jian, can unify the consensus, can endure hardships for 10 years, or even 5 years, is very likely to win the Central Plains and recover the rivers and mountains during the northern expedition.

However, their thinking was too simple and they were too eager for quick success. In the end, they used the northern expedition as a tool for eliminating party struggles. They thought that the whole Central Plains could be easily obtained as long as they gave their own orders.

Unfortunately, there was no Yue Fei in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Throughout the history of China, emperors have emerged one after another, but Yue Fei is only one.

We often say that we should not test human nature, because there is only one person in Chinese history who can be tested, that is Yue Fei.

In the Song Dynasty, the commodity economy was developed, but the number of troops was large and the number of redundant soldiers was serious. The court could not support them. It had to allow the army to do business on its own, which was called Huiyi. This is not an implicit rule, it is a Ming rule.

As a result, we can imagine that the military has become a tool for many generals to make money without corruption. The result is that the military “takes advantage of the power of the imperial court to fight for the benefit of the market, injure the public, and lose the national system.” the military has become a commercial team, and the atmosphere of corruption has become a common practice. The generals are busy making money and neglect normal training.

This was the direct cause of the collapse of the Northern Song Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, the number of troops reached an astonishing 1.2 million. The imperial court left it to the generals to save time. The generals developed the army into a handicraft team and a private company to sell goods.

According to the history of the Song Dynasty (420 – 479), once he arrived at the military gate, he only took the skill of serving the people of Fanzhi as his profession. In each battalion, the number of miscellaneous colors accounted for more than ten, three or four, and he no longer taught martial arts.

Soldiers are often transferred away in large numbers to engage in long-distance trafficking such as gangyun, or directly learn various crafts to become craftsmen. “Most of the camps are skilled craftsmen,” and “all private construction, brick and mortar, and so on, go out of the barracks.”.

The army can’t survive without doing business. “Although there are many military brigades in Zhuzhou, there are few training facilities. During this period, there are craftsmen, musicians, embroiderers, calligraphers, painters, and craftsmen. Most of them are commanders and subordinate officials.”. The soldiers of the great song dynasty did not practice swords and guns or learn martial arts, but they became all kinds of craftsmen, construction teams and transportation teams. Officials and generals at all levels have made a lot of money, but the combat effectiveness of the army is extremely low

Can this army fight?

So, what about Yue Fei?

Do you want to stay away from business?

How can we support the army without doing business? The military pay of the imperial court is not enough. Do we have to brainwash them?

How did Yue Fei build the most powerful army in history, and how could he still freeze to death without demolishing houses and starve to death without plundering?

Few people know that he is not only an outstanding general, but also the most business minded businessman. However, the money he earns has never been used for himself.

Yue Fei appointed a Hui Yi official named Li Qi. According to historical records, he “had a plan and was able to mediate wealth and taxes. He only wore cloth clothes and straw sandals and walked in the rain. There were many soldiers who helped him.”

Li Qi took charge of the wine storehouse, code storehouse, camp field and room money of the Yue family army in Ezhou and Xiangyang. The Yuejia army industry he managed had 14 treasuries. “The annual interest income was more than 1.165 million yuan, and the rice in the field was more than 180000 yuan.” in addition to this case, there were also more than 415000 yuan of sporadic income in the dianku, Fangqian, Yingtian miscellaneous collection in Ezhou, and the wine storehouse, Fangqian, and Bo Yi Chang in Xiangyang Prefecture. Yue Fei himself purchased a large amount of real estate in Lushan, some of which were leased to farmers for cultivation, and some were rented as shops. Because a large number of people moved south, Yue Fei’s shops “increased in rent day by day”

It can be said that Yue Fei has another identity. He is the richest top-level entrepreneur in the Song Dynasty. However, in 1142, the great hero was framed and wrongly killed by Zhao Gou. Zhao Gou immediately ordered a house search. He thought that he could make a lot of money this time. He said excitedly to Qin Hui:

It is said that there are 20 million pieces of money in the flying army,… Even if you can’t get all of them, if you get half of them, you will get a lot. In addition to his contributions to the army, he also has a small income of several million.

However, to his disappointment, what he copied was not as small as he imagined.

“Yue Shaobao died in prison, and his family, only a few gold and jade rhinoceros belts, and a few locks, armor, and handrails, southern barbarian bronze crossbows, swords, bows, swords, saddles, and bridles, more than 3000 pieces of cloth and silk, more than 5000 pieces of millet and wheat, more than 100000 yuan of money, and thousands of books…”

In view of the above, Yue Fei has a clear death order, all of which are used as military funds.

Yue Fei was the richest man in the Song Dynasty. Not only that, his meritorious deeds can shine with the sun and the moon. But according to the records of song history, what kind of life did he live

The whole family wore coarse cloth clothes, and the wife once wore a silk dress. Yue Fei said: “the kidnapped empress and other princesses live a hard life in the north. Since you share weal and woe with me, you should not wear such good clothes.”. Since then, his wife has never had any silk.

Yue Fei’s daily food is still wheat flour and spinach. If he uses meat food, it is only one flavor, and he often eats with the lowest rank soldiers. Even if they have dinner with their subordinates, it is usually just a regular meal, plus pork.

Every time he leaves the army, the soldiers sleep in the open, and Yue Fei sleeps in the open. Gao Zong had planned to build a high-class residence for Yue Fei in Hangzhou. Yue Fei quoted the story of Huo Qubing, a famous general in the Western Han Dynasty, and thanked him by saying: “the northern captives have not been destroyed. Why do you think of your home?”?

Yue Fei never takes concubines, nor does he want female envoys to serve him. Wu Ying once spent two thousand yuan to buy a girl for Yue Fei. Yue Fei didn’t want to lose face with Wu Li. He said to the girl: my people wear cloth clothes and eat ordinary meals. If the lady can share the joys and hardships, please stay. Otherwise, I dare not stay.

The girl just giggled behind the screen. Yue Fei then solemnly said: in this case, you can not stay.

So he returned the girl and her dowry. Yue Fei said to Wu Ying: now that the national humiliation has not been cleared, is it the time when the great general is happy?

Zhao Gou once said that Wen Fei had 20 million yuan in the army. He was right. According to the records before and after the Song Dynasty, Yue Fei indeed accumulated 20 million yuan for the great cause of the northern expedition. What Zhao Gou didn’t know was that Yue Fei didn’t get any money and spent all of it on military funds.

Yue Fei is a nurse’s pawn. When he went out to the garrison or the war, he ordered his wife to visit the families of the soldiers and soldiers, to ask for warmth and comfort, and to give money and silk; During the battle, the injured and the injured were personally comforted and even dispensed medicine; For those who died in the war, they should pay special attention to their families and raise their orphans

In the face of the temptation of wealth and power, Yue Fei insisted on his loyalty to serve the country, with clear rewards and punishments, and strict orders. Only then did he create a hundred battle division that made the Jin State afraid.

With such a general, who wouldn’t be willing to serve the country in a desperate battle?

It is easy to shake the mountain, but difficult to shake the army of Yue family!

Yue Fei, in the ancient history of China, is an insurmountable peak of human nature. Chairman Mao said of him:

Yue Fei shed blood, which permeated into our nation and passed down from generation to generation.

There are many reasons why the three northern expeditions after Yue Fei ended in a mess. To put it simply, there is only one point:

In the Song Dynasty, there was no Yue Fei.

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