Wooden hut and hermit!

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Author: Lu Kewen Source: official account: Lu Kewen Studio has been authorized to reprint


During the Spring Festival, I went to Lugu Lake and saw a strange house in the local area. After seeing it, I was very touched.

It was a house built of wood and bark, without bricks or tiles.

This kind of house is not good at cold and heat resistance. It is easy to leak rain and wind. It is also troublesome to repair and maintain. More importantly, it is built by the local homeowner himself.


The one on the left is the most primitive house before Lugu Lake

In “Hidden in Dust and Smoke”, the hero also builds his own house and does it all by himself. But this is more troublesome. There are no modern materials, no drawings, no tools, and the construction is very slow. After the construction, the living conditions are not very good.

The locals told me that this is their most primitive house. Before modern society, most of them have lived in such houses for generations.

I asked them why they didn’t use bricks and tiles? There were bricks and tiles in ancient China.

They said that in the past, Lugu Lake was isolated from the world and there was no brick and tile factory nearby. It was also very inconvenient to buy it.

How inconvenient is it? A local young man told me that it only takes 3.5 hours to drive from Lugu Lake to Lijiang, but they used to walk for two days and one night before the road was open.

It takes four or five days to go back and forth.

Local people going to Lijiang is as troublesome as a Shaoyang person going to New York.

The surrounding area of Lugu Lake is surrounded by endless undulating mountains. It is impossible to purchase materials at all. Finally, we can only use local materials to cut trees and build houses on the mountains.

Through this cabin, we can see that when a place is isolated from the rest of the world, it cannot obtain the corresponding resources from the complex and huge social composition, which will form a relatively backward social outlook. Only by actively participating in the division of labor in the whole society, can it obtain the feedback of other resources from the division of labor in the society, and thus progress with the overall civilization.

The composition of today’s world is extremely complex. Every thing we use commonly, such as mobile phones, computers, cars, even glasses, water glasses, paper towels, etc., has to go through tens of thousands of professionals and hundreds of thousands of processes before it can be produced with various materials.

If they do not participate in the social division of labor, they will be eliminated by the society. If they do not communicate with the outside world, it will be good. Once they are compared with the outside world, they will have a strong sense of civilization frustration. Therefore, when some small countries are unable to connect with the outside modern resources, in order to prevent the outflow of population, they can only choose to close the country.


On the Zhongnan Mountain in the southern suburb of Xi’an, a group of hermits live all year round.

It is said that this group of people work at sunrise, rest at sunset, rise at cockcrow, return at sunset, drink tea, read, watch stars and meditate, and feel free.

Life seems to be very free and easy. “We have obtained spiritual freedom and physical liberation”.

Those who are busy paying off their home loans and car loans will never enjoy the spiritual realm.

There are about 55000 registered practitioners in Zhongnan Mountain, and another estimate is that there are only about 5000, scattered in the beautiful mountains.

But most of them are just ordinary people who have failed to start a business, suffered from emotional frustration, turned against their families, and abandoned their lives. They want to come to the mountain forest to cultivate themselves, or breathe fresh air, and by the way, see if they can purify their hearts.

I went to the deserted forest and found a thatched hut to live in seclusion. There was no electricity, no water, no internet. I was cold at night. I said I came to practice Buddhism. In fact, I was busy collecting firewood all day.

If we can find a house with electricity, water and internet, it is actually to sit in front of the house and shake our legs and brush Tiktok.

If you want to survive in the mountains and forests, you must have a means of survival. You must at least be able to farm? Can you at least use a hoe? At least fertilize? You can’t do this. Do you want to starve yourself to death? You can’t live. How do you study the Chongxu Sutra and Prajnaparami Heart Sutra?

You said you still have some spare money. You plan to go down the mountain to buy some supplies, store some food for a while, and then leave after spending the money. So are you here to practice? Or are you on vacation?

I read the record of a young woman who found a village on the Zhongnan Mountain and planned to live in seclusion away from the city. As a result, she stayed in seclusion with various mosquito bites and chilly weather. Originally, she thought it was a seclusion life of keeping a dog to read, basking in the sun and drinking tea. She was busy repairing the doors and windows of the house every day. She couldn’t light the firewood for half a day when cooking. She broke her leg when buying a bottle of oil and a bag of salt, and quarreled with her neighbors over trifles, The girl was tortured to death.

The most difficult thing is that there is only a steep mountain path up the mountain, and local villagers block the intersection to prevent others from coming in. They must obtain their permission to send water and vegetables, and then sell them to others at a high price.

After half a month of living in seclusion, the girl ran down the mountain like a fugitive and went back to Shanghai to continue working as an office white-collar.

I originally wanted to escape from the Jianghu, but as a result, where there are people, there is an economic chain, and where there are people, there is a Jianghu. It is better to return to the big Jianghu in Shanghai than to guard the small Jianghu in the small village of Zhongnan Mountain.

Rent a house depends on whether there is a snack bar downstairs. It is not far from the vegetable market and the subway entrance. Why do you think that you will live better if you go to Zhongnan Mountain and buy a bag of salt?

Even the real hermit in Zhongnan Mountain often needs to be supported by others. He can only earn some time to read and meditate by farming. The harvest in the field is not good, and he has to be hungry. What is “go home with the clouds, watch the stars and meditate”? In essence, he is a deep mountain farmer who is half farming and half reading. But compared with other farmers, he can wear a decent Taoist robe, play a few tricks, make tea, and play Go, They will pose in a meditative manner.

If you refuse to participate in the social division of labor, you will not get any social resources, and there will be no cash flow and modern daily necessities. If you really want to live in seclusion, you must start from the early ecology of human civilization, from the slash and burn of agricultural civilization, and work hard to survive in the mountains.

I don’t believe that a man can’t eat enough. He can refine what internal elixir and ponder what holy philosophy.

Without material civilization, where can spiritual civilization come from?


The best way to live in seclusion is to seriously participate in the urban division of labor, integrate yourself into the system of modern civilization, and become an unknown producer and consumer.

Human beings invented the city in order to live better and solve the pain of life, and let everyone take charge of different types of work, so that they can obtain high-quality products and lifestyle, instead of having to finish all the work under the condition of extremely limited materials, like people in Lugu Lake in the past, and finally make a thing out of the times.

This is why small things are hidden in the wild and big things are hidden in the market.

Scholars usually portray some unrealistic things as particularly romantic.

For example, there is a well-known poem called “Facing the sea, spring flowers bloom”.

I have lived in a coastal city for a long time, and I know what it is like to live in the seaside. In fact, the seaside is exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays are strong, the sea breeze is humid and salty, and there is a certain degree of corrosivity. People who often live in the seaside are usually sunburnt, dry and cracked, and also prone to rheumatism. Even buildings are often corroded by the sea breeze, and the outer wall peels off. The seaside is not suitable for long-term residents.

I once had a deep chloasma on my forehead one day because I had been sunburned for too long at the seaside, which was directly disfigured that day. The spot gradually disappeared after a month, which made me afraid to go to the seaside for several years.

No matter which country I travel to the seaside, I usually sleep in the daytime and play with my mobile phone. I dare not go out of the door to avoid the sun. I only dare to go to the beach in the evening.

Facing the sea and blooming in spring, that is the romantic imagination of tourists who spend only a few hours at the seaside in the evening.

Cutting firewood and feeding horses care about vegetables, which is even more ridiculous. Horses are valuable means of production, and they are not what you want. Cutting firewood and planting vegetables are very hard. Just carrying the dung spoon to fertilize, the posture and smell will scare all the poets away.

To make rural life pastoral and physical labor romantic are people who have not experienced rural life and physical labor in depth. The intentional beautification of the world is another form of moaning without illness.

In the same sentence, what is spiritual civilization without material civilization?


Over the years, we often hear a word, lying flat.

There is no lying flat in the world.

When you live in the world, you need money for almost everything except breathing.

If you want to make money, you must have economic sources and participate in social division of labor.

If you want to escape the social division of labor, you will be abandoned by the society. You have to go up to the mountains to be a farmer who works hard. You can put a book of poetry on the cultivated land and tell others that you are actually living in seclusion, but everyone can see that you are escaping from reality.

Participating in social division of labor is bitter, but not participating in social division of labor is even more bitter.

As long as you participate in the social division of labor, you will inevitably participate in the market competition. How can you lie flat in the competition? As soon as you lie flat, your opponent will run over you every minute.

Moreover, free competition is a means of mutual promotion and progress. People who live under the pressure of competition usually grow faster than those who are idle and comfortable.

To be a man is to sail against the current. If you do not advance, you will retreat. It is painful to advance and retreat. It is better to go ahead.

Life is nothing but chicken feathers. What we need to do is to face it calmly, solve problems when they occur, anchor our emotions calmly, and not be elated by the success of things, and not be defeated by the failure of things.

Always be an optimistic rationalist, actively face life, do not self-pity, do not blame others, do not complain about the environment, and only want to solve the immediate problems.

Life and death are indifferent. If you don’t accept it, do it.


When I was at Lugu Lake, I also met a young man who was rocking a boat.

My younger brother is 29 years old and a native Mosuo. I asked him if there is any walking marriage in the area. He said that most young people don’t walk away and fall in love and marry themselves as outside.

At present, he earns money from tourism. He earns about 100000 yuan a year. He has a son and a daughter. He is at the age of primary school.

According to the truth, Lugu Lake is extremely beautiful, and its production and life are also self-sufficient. Now its income is not low, which should be the appearance of the Peach Blossom Land in books.

Is there anything more romantic in the world?

But my brother doesn’t feel happy. He is still suffering.

He said that when the child was old enough to go to school, he was trying to get the child to study in Lijiang. The educational environment was too poor and the medical treatment was not good. He must find ways to buy a house in Lijiang.

I was shocked by his answer, and then laughed out helplessly.

It turns out that no matter whether you go to Zhongnan Mountain or Lugu Lake, in the end, you are still worried about education, medical care and housing. People can’t escape the economic law. Since you have to face it sooner or later, don’t escape, don’t lie flat, and try to overcome it sooner.

Birth is not practice, but entry is practice.

Actively participating in the social division of labor and actively facing the difficulties of life is the greatest practice in life. There is more profound philosophy of life than reading a few verses of scriptures or poems.

After all, there is only one kind of heroism in this world, that is, after recognizing the truth, still love life.

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