Wow, haw, wow, 16-year-old newcomer Zhu Zihao made his debut in the morning and collapsed in the afternoon

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Wow, haw, as the representative of the company, the introduction of new artists naturally attracts people’s attention. Today, haw haw posted the photos of nine newly signed idol posters, namely Chen junxu, Dai Xiang, Liu Junxi, Tian Jie, ye Jingji, Tai Yanzhi, Yuanye, Zhang Ruixi and Zhu Zihao. Whoa, whoa, 16-year-old newcomer Zhu Zihao has just started his career, and he quickly collapsed. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wow, haw, wow, 16-year-old newcomer Zhu Zihao

Wah haw Wah announced the nine newcomers in the morning. It seems that Wah haw Wah wants to build a new men’s team, so the members are very young. Unexpectedly, Zhu Zihao, one of the members, was quickly hammered by netizens. To my surprise, Zhu Zihao just made his debut in the morning and collapsed in the afternoon.

According to the netizen’s disclosure, Zhu Zihao is a famous Playboy in the school. When Zhu Zihao took the middle school entrance examination, the total score was only 66 points. This score was really funny. It was just like a learning slag. Netizens also revealed that although Zhu Zihao is only 16 years old, he has had many girlfriends and even cheated. Subsequently, a netizen who claimed to be Zhu Zihao’s friend sent an article. Zhu Zihao has never left anyone behind, but others have left him behind. Zhu Zihao’s friend’s post is also very confusing, which indirectly hammers the fact that Zhu Zihao has had many girlfriends.

Zhu Zihao made his debut in the morning and collapsed in the afternoon

The netizens teased Zhu Zihao about the speed of his house collapse, which also broke a new record in the entertainment circle. Zhu Zihao should have taken the one-day game experience card in the entertainment circle. The follow-up whooping is sure to hide Zhu Zihao. Zhu Zihao’s debut collapsed, but fortunately no one was injured. Many netizens also shout and shout and shout about long Danni, hoping that they will still play a back tone when selecting people in the future, and not sign with the company for anything wrong.

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